Dan is the best shoto!

Dont underestimate Dan!!..


RESPECT DAN!!!:pray:

We already know you’re an idiot, you dont have to clarify it.

bitch respect dan like you respect your moma:pray:

wow. Do you really want to get into a debate about how you’re just wrong on all of those counts above, and even if any of those said points were correct they do nothing to prove that Dan is the best shoto?
What’s next, nuki should drop Akuma and pick up Dan?

ok, maybe not the best shoto, actually…theres no best shoto, but hes waaaaay better then most people think.

he just has a way more difrent playstyle then all the other shotos, and can be very effective if you learn his playstyle, mostly since people doesnt know much about dan.

nuki droping gouki for dan would be the best choice he ever made in his life…

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I’m not the one with less reputation than anyone else on SRK. And don’t tell me that there isn’t a reason that everyone negs you.

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bodler everyone’s point here is you really shouldn’t create threads like this without contributing at least strong useful tactics or strats (yeah its Dan but whatever).
Otherwise the entire purpose is reduced to little more than a waste of time and bait for flame wars.

i understand…but some of the points i said about Dan are true, if you remove the stupidness of the way i put it and take the true essense of it, ok im gonna say what i men in a boring way.

1.his main poking, ( lp lp lk fireball ) i think is one of the best in the game if u discard running, and out of this poking hits you can easily trown in his fireball at the end, because of the time and range the low kick at the end gives you.

  1. his d, db lk can catch people of guard if apploed well ( when jumping )

  2. you can do some good mixumps with jump low kick, like jump lk – medium down back he will go behind the oponent, if u use the low version its for combo, if u do high version its like a run away tactic.

  3. he can hop, now dont tell me thats not important, at least thats a + 1 for him againts the other shotos.

  4. his jumping low kick with keep people away and will work alot of times just like ryos jumping low kick, good for corner if you dont wanna do the flying thing.

  5. i know thats a dumb one for you guys, but whenever you wanna run away, you can always foward jump down back and he will go the other side full screen.

There…any comments?

I hope he’s better at baiting super than flame wars^^ In that case bodler is a very good player^^

Except his fun level 2 cancels his ground game isn’t that fantastic. Rc doesn’t help very much. Feel free to post some strat or matchup stuff if you really think dan is good^^

Edit: Ooops you posted as i was writting my post^^ Nice timing!

I tested in C-Groove as you once said in another thread N-feels weird, C-Feels more natural.
(IMO, just as some idiots call Orange the next Black, I call N the (once and) next C)

Negative ghost rider.
I’m able to punish this string pretty hard blocked.
Considering tht it has to be done point blank and that Dan’s options for getting in are pitifully limited, this isn’t going to happen, at least easily. He’ll die just trying to get in. It’s even worse in the corner; I can punish this hit or blocked in the corner.
At least when it hits the window for punishment is of course much smaller.

I’ll give you this: it’ll only be good to go vs people who don’t know shit about that string. People who do will fry you.

If you’ve got to be that close for his b&b’s, and you’re restricted to using b&b’s that punish people who whiff shit or loose their trip guard or whatever d.MK xx qcb+MK is much better IMO and it knocks down.
d.MP is faster, and you can actually (surprise, surprise) link this off d.lp but the link’s so damn tight that you’ll likely botch it plenty in a match. You may as well just use d.MP xx qcb+MK otherwise, but the problem with this b&b is that it’s not safe period if blocked so its restricted to close range punishment which will be hard to manage without good crossups and getting them to reversal dragon.

Even then they won’t fall for this pitiful damage reversal b&b but maybe once.

Since it’s only use offensively comes from either jumping in, so its heavily telegraphed in that regard, or RC’d, in which case it’s hardly even safe if blocked close in if you botch it as you want to RC through moves. Maybe you can get away with RC’ing the MK version for a quick invulnerable “blanka-wannabe” style RC Hop, but it still sucks.
Spaced properly, the only 2 times that qcb+K is “unpunishable” during the jump ins is after a few back dashes, jump in, and do a really late qcb+MK so that the tip of the foot at second kick hits your opponent.
Try as I might I couldn’t hit back with any reversal attempt, so the frame advantage is good.
The other time is when you get really close and go for a qcb+lk to “surprise” your opponent. It has high priority so it should work right?
Well… since you got to get in that close to do this, you won’t ever make it that close with a slow ass jump in from Dan without getting anti-air’d or evaded somehow and punished.
Even if you land this stupid shit even once on a remotely capable player, they won’t fall for it twice.

You’re kidding me right?
Hell No.
Ok, I already talked about Dan’s jump ins.
They suck.
Let’s say you land jump in short, cancel that to qcb + Lk, that shit doesn’t combo.
It just looks neat. That’s it.
I won’t even touch the second one as you’ve described it here, but I will admit I do like jumping forward point blank with jumping short kick xx qcb + MK for the purpose of runaway like you mentioned, but why the fuck would you do that if you’re in that close?

It’ll take you forever to get that close again and you throw it away?
Perhaps Dan’s role here is just run away to the best of your ability, taunting as you go, using the taunts n clock to piss your opponent off so they fuck up and you nail them with your super. 1337!!!

Not going to happen.

His hop sucks. It’s slow as fuck, it can only be safely setup from a sweep (the sweep maybe setup from pretending you’re going for that “unsafe” b&b you listed above), and it takes 2 of them to corpse hop.
I do like how ambiguous it looks after you land a deep jump in qcb + lk, then dash forward 3 times; the 3rd dash is really ambiguous.
However, you’ll never land the fucking qcb + lk in the first place after a jump in against a good player, period.

It wouldn’t keep me away.
If you’re trapped in the corner like that I’d probably go for RC tigerkneed qcb + lks instead. Quick, “safe,” get meter from it, and it knocks down and you recover fast enough maybe, MAYBE, for a dash then another corpse dash.

This is perhaps the only thing he has that’s nearly as good as what the shotos have, unfortunately they can use theirs in combos and Dan can’t.

Dan sucks.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with Dan in CvS2. He really lacks much:

Out of his s.Forward there’s nothing as reliable in terms of cancel-ability and recovery. His s.Roundhouse is slow and has a bad recovery-many other normals of Dan as well.

His Gadouken might be considered an “invulnerable” poke as it is a projectile but you can achieve the same “invulnerability” with more efficiency with other characters just by roll-cancelling. His Gale Kick is his most important special attack but he can no longer link into other attacks from it. And don’t rely on his Koryuken.

His Supers are really bad. They simply lack range. If you want to master him in CvS2, then use him in A-Groove, P-Groove or any other Groove that makes up for his deficits by your capabilities.

His SFA3 version is alot better, thanks to V-ISM, the juggle mechanics and his “Shield” that can prevent unblockables. SFA3 Dan feels more comfortable, too, and less “Dan”.

hey hey hey. everyone calm down. are we going to get into argument over dan? i mean every character has there plus and negative. i personally use dan too. he’s good when playing against people who dont normally play against him, and jumping with a db lk when someone throws a fire ball or something (ryu,ken, akuma) and his flashing uppercut is great when it comes out but dan has a lot more weak points then positive. so technically he a pro character cause you have to be extreamlly good to pull off his attacks on some one. but if you cant do shit he’s just a joke character. like i said not hating on dan. i use him in my line up everytime. people do say i have a mean dan however lot of open spots with him. he is a great poking character.and when people roll in or your close a standing mk would push them back to where they were. but hey no need to start calling people names or telling someone that there mom needs to blow there head off. cause hey…there are some people the world who’s mom did blow there head off. not funny now huh? hahah no it still is hahah. but nevermind that. why cant we just…get along?..

pics, or it never happened.

Alright, Dan has many disadvantages.
Little combo-ability, not many high-priority moves, slow moves with slow recovery and pretty useless special moves, especially the Gadouken. But there’s something to real good Dan players that might make up a bit for these disadvantages: mindgames.

Many low-tier top players rely on mindgames. Top-tier characters are rarely played this way, they’re more played savely and straight-forward, relying on their zoning abilities.
Being successful at mindgames is very difficult to achieve, though. You have to take high risks with o-kaaay reward and you have to be able to hit-confirm off a single hit very often. Difficult, but possible.

How does this help people?