Dan Moveset and Attributes



Discuss the character’s entire moveset here, including normal moves, special moves, super moves, and all the other miscellaneous stuff like focus attacks, ex moves, jumps, and throws.

Also list attributes such as dizzy count, lifebar points, character size and special hitbox properties.

Once a full movelist including frame data has been provided for the character, this post will be edited to include all of it, with proper credit to the guy who copied all that stuff from the Japanese guide or whatever.

I’ll update this post as all the info comes in so no one has to scan thru xx amount of pages for info.

Stamina/Stun (asianxcore)


Standing Normals (Dmg/Stun courtesy of Tolore)
c.LP - 25 Damage/50 Stun
f.LP - 25 Damage/50 Stun
-Far LP is linkable.
c.LK - 25 Damage/50 Stun
-Close is a knee to the stomache.
f.LK - 35 Damage/50 Stun
-Far LK looks like Sagats far LK.
c.MP - 65 Damage/100 Stun
-Quick punch to the stomache. Cancelable and linkable.
f.MP - 70 Damage/100 Stun
-Straight punch, fast, good poke. Super cancelable.
c.MK - 70(40+30) Damage/100(50+50) Stun
f.MK - 70 Damage/100 Stun
-Good poke. Looks like Ryo’s standing B. Longest ranged normal move.
**c.HP **- 95 Damage/200 Stun
f.HP - 110 Damage/200 Stun
**c.HK **- 100 Damage/200 Stun
f.HK - 110 Damage/200 Stun
-Less range than MK, slower. It’s like a faster version of Takumas standing D.

Crouching Normals
cr.LP - 25 Damage/50 Stun
cr.LK - 20 Damage/50 Stun
cr.MP - 70 Damage/100 Stun
-Similar to Ryu’s. Slower.
cr.MK - 65 Damage/100 Stun
-Good range, similiar to other shotos.
**cr.HP **- 100 Damage/200 Stun
-Uppercut move. Slow
cr.HK - 90 Damage/150 Stun
-Standard shoto sweep.

Jumping Normals
j.LP - 45 Damage/50 Stun
j.LK - 40 Damage/50 Stun
-Dan’s best air-to-air attack.
j.MP - 75 Damage/100 Stun
j.MK -70 Damage/ 100 Stun
-Dan’s best cross-up move.
j.MK (straight up) - 75 Damage/100 Stun
j.HP - 95 Damage/200 Stun
-Looks very similar to Ryo’s jumping C.
j.HP (straight up) - 100 Damage/200 Stun
j.FK - 100 Damage/200 Stun
-Best air-to-ground move and combo starter. Loses to anti-airs. Can cross-up.

LP+LK - 130 Damage
:l:+LP+LK - 120 Damage

Focus Attack
-Fast, decent distance.

Special Moves
-Gadouken (Fireball): QCF+P - 70 Damage/100 Stun (all)
One Hit Fireball, short range. Range depends on strength of punch used. They “pop” opponent projectiles.

-Koryuken (Dragon Punch): DP+P
110(LP),120(MP),130(HP) Damage/200 Stun(all)
One hit dragon punch. Seems to have good horizontal range. Height of Koryuken depends on strength of punch used. Fierce travels the highest.

-Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks/Tiger Knees) Armor Breaking: QCB+K
LK - 90 Damage/100 Stun
MK - 100(50+50) Damage/150(100+50) Stun
HK - 150(50x3) Damage/200(100+50+50) Stun
One to three hit flying kick. LK safe on block.

-Kuchu Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks/Tiger Knees): In Air: QCB+K
LK - 90 Damage/100 Stun
MK - 100(50+50) Damage/200(100+100) Stun
HK - 150(50X3) Damage/300(100+100+100) Stun
One to three hit kick in air. LK gives Dan an extra “hop” and some more range. LK beats a ton of moves. MK and HK act a little wierder. They dont “hop” like the LK version, they just make dan moves a little further.

EX Moves
-Gadouken (Fireball): QCF+2P - 110(50+60) Damage/100(50+50) Stun
Two-hit fireball that travels most of the screen, doesn’t knock down. Can combo a Lvl 2 FA after in the corner.

-Koryuken (Dragon Punch): DP+2P - 130(60+70) Damage/200(100+100) Stun
Two-hit dragon punch. Great priority.

-Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks/Tiger Knees) Armor Breaking: QCB+2K
120(40x3) Damage/200 (100+50+50) Stun
Three-hit kick. Different from regular Dankukyaku. Beats a lot of pokes. Doesn’t travel through fireballs. Safe on block.

-Kuchu Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks/Tiger Knees): In Air: QCB+2K
150(50X3) Damage/300(100+100+100) Stun
Super Armor. Dan does his QCB+KK motion in the air. he does it stationary, he wont move forward at all. Because of the super armor properites, this move is amazing for air-to-air or beating single hit anti-airs.

Super and Ultra Moves
-Hissho Buraiken (Super) Armor Breaking: QCFx2+P - 380 Damage
Dan does a series of punches and kicks that ends in a Koryuken. Very little forward movement, doesn’t appear to suck in the opponent. In the corner it does 19 hits.

-Legendary Taunt (Super Taunt): QCFx2+HP+HK - 0 Damage
Cancelable into Ultra.

-Shissho Buraiken (Ultra): QCFx2+3P - 329 Damage(Min)/465 Damage(Max)
Ranbu style super where Dan launches himself into the opponent. If it connects he does a series of punches and kicks that ends in a Koryuken. Terrific priority, beats out a lot moves, and travels through fireballs. Can be stuffed if Dan is hit in the head on startup.
If it’s blocked or misses, Dan is left wide open to anything, even a Lvl 2 FA.
It travels about half screen. It doesnt armor break, so if you do it into a FA you will get hit by it.


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Info on Gaduken is partially incorrect; the strength of the punch button determines the distance his Gaduken will travel, watch the vid posted in the Dan combos thread and you’ll see what I mean.
Also Taunt Super can be canceled into Ultra.


I was watching the Dan Challenge Mode video, and one of his normals (i think its s.HP) looks very similar to Ryo’s overhead F+A chop. Does anyone know yet if this is an overhead?


Good work so far mate, oh and here’s Dan’s Ultra in GIF form ;)-


EX Dan Kick is definitely safe on block. Does good damage and will probably be a combo ender.


Is Dan Tourney Worthy?

Is Dan Tourney Worthy?

There is SF4 Tourney this Friday i use Dan, Gen, Ken (so bored of seeing Ken, Ryu and Akuma) and the Zangitan.

Is Dan on there level?


The question is, are YOU on their level?

Answer that question, then you will find your answer my son. :china:


Lol, very true.

The thing is i can beat experienced players with Zangeif on arcade (and I’m a pad player), but the problem with Dan in past games is no matter how good you are with him you just can’t win…because its Dan.

Has that changed? Can a amazing Dan player beat a amazing Akuma player?


If you know what you are doing, Victory is possible, but when do you win, WIN WITH STYLE; because that is the way of Saikyo.


Whoever said Dan Kick seemed to have good priority was so right. I just got back from a length playsession and j.lk Dan Kick stuffed every. single. lariat that the gief I played against threw out. In general I can’t remember him doing anything worse then trading with knee air-to-air, and knee knocks down, so needless to say I was whoring this crap out, haha.


Jumping up fierce (not jumping forward or backward) looks to be a very similar animation as Sakura’s jumping fierce.


Dan Knee does have good priority. It seems to trade with Flash Kick everytime, occasionally even winning out. True shoto DPs beat it regularly tho. Also, its hitbox is kinda screwy. If Dan goes behind the opp (which happens a bit too regularly), he loses all match momentum. And he recovers slow enough that he’ll have to deal with a throw attempt at the very least.

EX koryu does less damage than FP koryu. It’s nice for the handful of juggles that he has, but the EX koryu damage in that juggle is very meh since it’ll only hit once. koryu xx FADC f,f xx EX koryu is a waste of meter.

s.MP seems like a really nice poke.


I’m not a pro, not a tourney player, nothing but a fighting game enthusiast who wants a decent Dan.

That out of the way, my impressions having tried him today:

  • EX Danku is awesome sauce. Given his low damage EX Koryu and the limited, situational practicality of the EX Gadou and his Super(s), EX Danku seems like the best thing to burn Super meter on.

  • Ultra has that head vulnerability, but even with an incoming attack to the noggin I went through a lot of stuff with it. However, I’m certain that if I walked Dan’s head into a hitbox, it would’ve been stuffed.

  • Regular Gadouken is terrible. I wish they’d give it some special property (like starts slow and accelerates or something) or, even better, just remove it altogether. I’d prefer a HCB+P command grab as a replacement, or something useful.

  • Jump taunt right off the ground makes him sail and got laughs amongst my co-workers. :bgrin:

  • LK Danku, ground or air, rocks.

  • Speaking of which, I wish he retained his midair Danku from other games (the way it alters his jump angle here is very strange to me). However, it juggles unlike in CvS2, so maybe I shouldn’t both ask for and eat my cake. :rofl:

  • No rolling taunts, but given the HP+HK taunting, that’s probably a good thing.


  • I noticed that close HK is a rather high kick. How is it for anti-air?

  • How many frames does it take Dan to get airborne after inputting a jump? To me, he seems to hit air rather quickly.


EX dankicks is hotsauce, but the damage is crap; weird tradeoff.

he DOES however, do a lot of stun damage; his normals do more stun in more than a couple cases, especially with his hard attacks.

if you’re ever going to FADC HP koryuken, do HK dankicks afterwards for the last 2 kicks to juggle and some extra stun damage.

I’m forgetting a bunch of stuff, but i’ll post it as i remember it.


Its not very good for anti-air, at least when i’ve tried to use it. It remidns me of cammys ST close roundhouse, very situational. His crouching fierce is okay as an anti-air.

If you’re gonna ration of your super meter. ex dankus is great, its safe on block. ex gadouken -> ultra only works in like oen spot so I dont bother with it. Theres no point in using ex Koryuken unless your low on health. The fun part, is you dont really need to use ex moves to do well. His lk danku sets up some rediculousness. You can get your opponent to block a lk danku and then you can follow up with a couple of things:
-dash backwards
-uppercut (to stuff command throws, but its risky as fuck)
Basically you make a ghetto 50-50 off a blocked danku. You can go for teh grab right away which doesnt really put you at a disadvantage. Or you can dash backwards and punish the opponent if they whiff a move.
You can actually save your super meter, because j.HK, cr.HP xx super taunt xx Ultra is dan’s most damaging combo. It does good shit.

I’m kind of pissed that ex dankus dont travel through fireballs, but oh well.

Also. standing MK is an awesome poke.

And yes, in air LK danku beats almost everything.

His j.mk crosses up well. Hes basically can be played as a rush down monster.

His gadoukens work fine for negating projectiles and thats really it.


Ok someone needs to confirm this with me, make the opponent block a st.MP xx QCB+LK.
If you back dash once and don’t move it puts you in the perfect spot to throw out an ex gadoken -> ultra. someone confirm that the distance works to combo ultra. because that would be one hell of a setup that you cold hit confirm.

Edit: I tested it out. It only works in the corner. Still could be of some use.


Dan has 1000 lifepoints and good stun-
The info seems to be from the Prima guide, so they could be off by maybe 50 points.


It looks like QCB+FK will miss most if not all the hits on a crouching opponent in a combo. Say for example cross-up MK -> s.HP xx QCB+FK. Seems like ex daku is the better option as all of the hits connect, or just the LK danku. But s.HP xx QCB+FK is the best combo to do after a crumple.


I went through a Metsu Hadouken with Dan’s Ultra yesterday on “reaction.” It was sweet, though I wonder if it would have worked had I done it later…