Dan Q&A Thread

Because we don’t have one and we seem to be getting quite a few odd question threads popping up over the past few months or so.

All questions that can’t be answered by the other threads should go here.

I’ll start with one, s.MP > KRK FADC > Haoh Gadouken, worth it or not? (Yes I’m talking about the 3-frame link, not a cancel :P)

Originally I thought it didn’t give you enough time for a hit confirm but coupled with a jumping attack I took it into the training room with random block and was able to hit confirm into a KRK with it most of the time and that’s something considering my reaction time is pretty damn slow. If it’s blocked you’re at 0 (should be +, stupid capcom) so maybe there’s a c.LP xx Knee or throw mix-up there shrug

There’s one pretty big problem with it though, after cross-up j.MK it only works on large characters and cross-ups are 9/10 times how you’ll jump at someone.

The one million pound (screw your USD! :P) question is, is it worth it? The only time when that’s a definite yes is if it’d win the round. Otherwise the smart player will be very wary of Haoh and less willing to jump at us, also less willing to apply a lot of pressure in fear of the almighty KRK FADC > Haoh reversal.

Or you can go one step further, add a bit of class with a s.MP > s.LP/c.LP xx KRK combo even though the damage is in fact less :rofl:

Since s.MP leaves you at 0 frames on block, don’t see why it wouldn’t be a good idea to try and mix it up with the Koryuken anyways.

Especially in the corner where you can FADC backwards and still shoot the Haoh. That way if you mess up you should be good.

Guess you could do that as well, part of it comes down to knowing your opponent, are they likely to stay blocking or try poking, teching or even throwing? At the very least a c.LP xx Knee will get you back in for more pressure and if the Knee is blocked the mix-up is still present with KRK FADC > Haoh, if they’re aware of that it gives you a free reign to keep applying pressure.

After a Focus crumple is the extra 7 damage worth it when doing cr. medium kick xx KRK FADC Ultra?

I don’t think 7 damage is worth it personally, but why co c.MK > KRK when you could do c.HP > KRK?

Personally, I’d probably just throw the Ultra straight-up and save my meter for later.

Thanks for the reply, to be honest I totally forgot about c.HP, I guess hours in training took its toll on me >.>.

Yeah although s.HP xx KRK is easier than using c.HP and only 5 less damage (unscaled) but as XHM said just throw out the Ultra raw and save the meter for later.

If you score a Focus crumple and back dash then it’s probably a good idea to forward dash KRK FADC > Haoh to get more damage out of Haoh. Also if it’ll finish the match doing a quick taunt xx KRK FADC > Haoh for the humiliation factor is well worth it :tup:

im thinking about picking up dan lol. only motion chr im somewhat good at is sagat=p

Ooo, never thought I had enough time to taunt KRK after crumple, must put that on my to do list, if I don’t have the meter to KRK xx Super Taunt Haoh of course :P.

Second Question: Not really Dan related but I just got my stick and was wondering what kind of button layouts you guys use.

best taunt combos are either fa crumple taunt krk fadc cr.taunt or fa crumple taunt krk x super taunt x haoh

ive got a madcatz TE but i put my last 2 buttons to no function, so just a 6 button layout.

[media=youtube]nGDig7qW3_A[/media] Around 4:10 of that video :stuck_out_tongue: Only works with taunts that can cancel quickly, #1 and #9 and maybe a few others.

I have Madcatz fight stick (SE) and just use “controller 1” settings, so top row: LP MP HP PPP, bottom row: LK MK HK KKK. I never actually use the PPP and KKK buttons. I also have a Hori EX2, which uses the “stick 1” settings, used that before I got the Madcatz stick.

taunt 5 will work i use it a lot

So glad taunt 9 is so useful. Also I feel weird using the button layout I use. It would take way to long to explain so heres a picture :).


That is weird, you also have heavy kick twice :looney:

Yeah, I use the one on the top right for heavy kick/ultra and then use the one on the bottom left to taunt.

But… what if you want to use Haoh Gadouken? :\

Personally, I would just stick with the standard layout. It’ll benefit you in the long run.

If I want to Haoh I just push the three kicks with my index middle and ring finger. The only reason it doesn’t work with the punches is because they are more compressed together so I just binded a triple punch button instead.

I don’t know, the standard layout seems unnatural when I want to grab or fadc. :\ Plus If I want to taunt using the top left punch and top right kick its like I’m doing the rock hand sign (Literally rocking the taunt :P)

It says Dan Q and A so I was wondering, How did Blanka and Dan become friends?

Apparently Blanka saved Dan’s life once before and Dan started to call him Jimmy and told him if he ever needed help he could count on him. Fun Fact, Blanka’s real name is actually Jimmy. Who knew?