Dan Requests for AE re-balance

Even Gen & Hakan have a thread open full of fanciful requests. I saw a few things in the Dan General Discussion, but anyway here it has it’s own thread…insert fanciful buffs below.

My own suggustions are

-Better crouching normals
-Slight damage increase overall OR a slightly better normals again and same damage.
-Dan kicks back to normal, pretty easy to see these coming and have a decent rate of failure need a little more damage for landing them IMO
-Overhead HP? Would be so good if that was a legit AA option. It’s soooo SLOWWWWW

I guess none of these will happen but anyway, we can dream!

If one of Dan’s grounded moves could overhead, I’d be happy (even if it was bad).

Taunts that build meter
Fix hitbox on LK Danku so it doesn’t whiff on some crouching characters (If we got one fix, this would be it)
Revert U2 back to the way it was in Super (at least)
Super Taunt into Ultra resets Damage Scaling
Air EX Dan kicks hit high

Most of these we’re already posted in one of the other threads, but having it’s own thread is nice I suppose.

Guess I’ll copy & paste from the general discussions thread.

Dan needs to be un-nerfed for crying out loud:
Stun back to 1000 (Health at 1050 for good measure),
HK Dankuu back to 150 damage,
Haoh Gadouken cannot be interrupted, trade is fine as long as the bloody thing actually gets released.

Stuff they should have done:
No gimped Haoh Gadouken, full 6 hit juggle from a single hit launch and full 6 hits from any range where it can hit,
Fixed Gadouken vulnerable hit-box so doesn’t punch projectiles,
Fix Hisshou Buraiken to either have a vacuum effect or bigger range so it properly combos in more situations,
Less recovery on Air Dankuu and Air Taunt,
Taunts fucking build meter!

Stuff that would be nice:
Regular Dankuu comboing with c.MP and/or c.MK,
More horizontal range on nj.HP,
EX Dankuu and Air EX Dankuu being able to juggle fully.

Sugami’s list is probably the most likely so far. I use Ultra 1 though as it’s good against projectiles and almost everyone plays projectiles and 468 is a big price to pay for throwing a projectile at Dan on wakeup one of the best things dans got going.

EX Danku untechable knockdown would be so gooooood.

My requests:

–Close mp: less startup, 5 frames instead of 6 so frame traps work better
–Far st lk: less recovery, 7 frames instead of 9 so doing 2 far lks in a row can’t be interrupted by 3-frame normals

–Mk danku: less recovery, 0 frame advantage on block
–HK danku: less recovery, 0 frame advantage on block
–Ex danku: less recovery, 0 frame advantage on block & more advantage on knockdown so Dan can pressure after

–U1: breaks focus at all ranges, slightly faster movement speed, 9 frame startup instead of 10 for faster anti fireball and link off counterhit close hk
–u2: always does full 6 hits

So really I only want a few buffs. The most important are buffs at midrange where Dan currently gets killed (st lk in footsies, pressure after ex danku, better u1 reactions). Slight buffs up close (frame trap, all dankus usable on grapplers, dp fadc u2 damage) and slight buff on defense (just dp fadc u2 damage). That’s all, nothing big! I don’t think he needs anything major.

If Ultra 1 broke armor, I would be overjoyed.

I don’t think he needs anything major, and he probably won’t get anything major. I kind of like being among the dozen or so Dan mainers out there, and the guys at my local arcade can’t stand the fact that I play him. It has nothing to do with “tier whoring” or whatever, it’s just that I’m a selfish OG Dan player. If I recall correctly, the Makoto players felt the same way after everyone heard of how much she’d improved in AE.

A world where everyone plays Dan?

So awesome.

It’s just silly you can Focus absorb Shissou, if it broke armour it’d be a punish for FA abusers if you’re particularly on the ball.

While you’re at it, make Haoh Gadouken a tiny bit faster so that LK Dankuu > Haoh Gadouken in the corner worked on everyone moderately easily.

I think 0 on block for MK/HK Dankuu might be a bit hax, I’d agree with -1, would also mean won’t get thrown or jabbed out of a poorly timed KRK attempt as often. and on EX Dankuu, imagine the frame advantage we’d get from long ranged ones :rofl:

make his super like a KOF super. (first hit should magically place character in front of him for full combo)

Remove all the nerfs from Super to AE is what I really want the most . The nerfs from Hop-kick hitbox changes to trade DP -> Hop-kick scrapped terribly hurts his match-ups .

I think Forward Hop Kicks need to have slightly more frame advantage on block .

Ultra II should take in all hits instead of reduction .

Cr.Short should be 3 frame start-up ( Why not ? )

EX Hop Kicks should cause untechable knockdown to your opponent .

Better air to air normals ( Almost impossible to get in on certain situations . Example : Guile and Chun . Air throws dominate over Dan’s air normals . )

Dan’s hitbox during gadouken animation should be slightly reduced , combos leading to gadouken should less likely drop .

^ Only things I would like . If this comes to fruition then I may consider giving him another try since the depart from Super . ^

I would like his anti-airs to be better. His DP trades too much (not usually in Dan’s favour) and cr.hp is just ass.

He has one of the better DPs in the game, for invulnerability it’s on par with Ryu’s. And c.HP isn’t an AA, way too slow and the hit-boxes don’t really allow for it. Would be nice if s.HK could work as an AA, extend the hit-box higher but you’d still have the problem of getting far s.HK instead of close in some situations.

far.MP works as an anti-air versus Dive-kicks and things. It’s also super hilariously demeaning.

The invincibility frames is useful if you can time it really late. After the invincibility when it’s rising up it will usually trade - more often than any other DP from what I’ve experienced. I found s.HK can work as an anti-close jump/cross-up, but besides that Dan has nothing else. So am I doing something wrong here?

How about making far st.lk special cancelable? Would be useful to OS EX Danku when you hit limbs.

This is basically what I would request. Tired of Dan being nerfed by design. He can have goofy moves and still compete without breaking your back (see: Rufus). I’d also like that crouching taunt to do “block damage” so you could win with that move (resulting in instant Shinkuu Lulz).
The main thing I’d like to see is Dan’s c.HP not take 10 000 years to go off so you’d have a Koryuken alternative (against the likes of CPU Seth).

A good anti air that isnt a trading DP would great.

This one is a wish that will probably never happen or be looked down upon but increase the range of the hado’s just a wee bit. I understand joke character by design yadda yadda but i would love if the fierce hado went just a touch farther for zoning or to even trade with hado spammers.

Of all the things to complain about Dan’s Kouryuken shouldn’t be one of them. MP and HP versions are invincible for 4 frames, just like Ryu’s MP SRK (his HP is only for 2 frames). If you don’t want it to trade time it as late as possible or use EX version.

When I think about it Dan has been getting buffs, that is the trend, issue was he started even more terrible than everyone else in the cast
so maybe we CAN expect a bone or two thrown our way. Im happy with the DP too.

Needs some trickery, he wont be getting new moves so maybe just I dont know more frame data improvements. dan kicks//grab//uppercut//cross up//dankicks//grab