Dan Sparring Partners

I’ll be honest - I didn’t search to see if such a thread already exists, but I don’t ever recall one. So if one does exist, then I guess I fail at thread-making.

Anyway, I know that there are many other players that play Dan as a serious main. What I’d like to do is use this thread for a little networking. We all have other mains. I use Honda as my (now) secondary. I’d like to find other Dan players who also use other mains in an effort to familiarize myself with other match-ups.

This may all seem pointless until you consider the fact that we can legitimately critique each others’ Dans. Not to mention, I find it extremely difficult to get in more than a few games against any given player in Player Matches, as they either get pissed and leave after an ass-kicking, or they don’t take you seriously enough to stick around after they beat you. Since we’re all bound together by the power of Saikyo, we won’t get all butthurt over a loss to Dan.

So… Post your info, and let’s hook up online! I’ll go first (obviously):

XBL: underrealm
PSN: n/a
Location: Utah (for determining good connections)
Other mains: Honda, Gouken

Please add me on XBL, regardless of your location. If the connection sucks, then at least we tried. May the Saikyo be with you.

XBL:Monkey Cha0s
Location:New York
Other mains:El Fuerte and a horrible C.Viper

XBL: Sugami
Location: Hertfordshire, England
Other mains: Sakura, Seth, bit of Cammy

Unlikely there’s many other British Dans on XBL :frowning:

XBL: aaaa120
Location: New Jersey
Other mains: Abel, Bruce Lee

Added everyone who posted so far. I haven’t been able to play recently due to real life issues but starting tomorrow I should be back on track. I’m usually on during weekdays at night and pretty much all day during the weekends. :karate:

XBL: ClydeByrd
Location: Chicago
Other mains: Zangief, Rose

Sweet. I’m gonna add all of you guys. Sugami, I’m curious to see what our connection would be like… Probably not good at all, but if it were even halfway decent, I’d like to play you a few matches!

Awesome. I play pretty randomly throughout the day, as I work from home. But I try not to be very serious about it until late at night because I could get a sales call and have to drop in the middle of a match. But I turn my phone off at 7:00 Mountain Time.

XBL (currently my 360 has RRoD) and Windows online thingy : Shad Gandel
Location : France
Other mains : Dan
And I suck, too (or more exactly, I play only for fun and don’t really bother learning combos and such).

I’ll add you Sugami once I get my 360 back from tech support.

I had a miracle connection with someone in NYC, felt as if they were in England as well, exception to the rule I feel. East coast looking at 3 bars, slight noticable lag. Central to west coast probably looking at 2 bars (or worse) and horrendous lag :frowning:

Sucks about your 360, Shad :frowning: At least the repair centre is closer to you than to me (Germany). Don’t worry, sucky people beat me too, just need a bit of luck and to stay on my case as my defense sucks major ass :stuck_out_tongue:

No PSN players? :frowning:

Anyway here’s me:

PSN: Pat_-666-_
Location: London, England
Other mains: Sakura, Gen, Cammy

sugami if you ever fancy a game with someone more local i’m Jeemer on live… im based in the northwest although i spend sometime back home in glasgow

i played dan exclusively up until some point in G2 but then i switched to ryu and more later to akuma. i’m a traitor, but I still enjoy the odd dan game for fun :slight_smile:

Traitor! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a friend in Ireland I play a bit, another in Scotland but he stopped playing a while ago :frowning: Doesn’t seem to matter where in the UK you are, as long as your ISP isn’t shit or something the connection should be good :slight_smile:

XBL: apex27
Location: Massachusetts
Other mains: Boxer, Rose

most weeknights, add me up anybody.

PSN: pattybenpatty
Location: Orlando Fl
Other mains: Dan, Dan, Dan

Just sent you a friend request. Lag will probably suck but it’s worth a go.

Come on, gotta be more PSN Dans out there…

Sweet. My weekend is hellaciously busy but I’ll try to get on at some point.

XBL: Swoz138
Location: Milton Keynes, United Kingdom.
Other mains: Dictator, Boxer, Rufus.

Milton Keynes, I’ve been there. Saw Green Day there once :stuck_out_tongue: Can hit me up if you like, my “details” are up there.

XBL: booty clappa
PSN: n/a
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Other: Just play Dan, and i dislike Dan mirror matches.

It’s a shithouse.

Will do man.

He was my second main in home matches w/ frens, but I rarely played him in any online modes until I got up to G2-D in championship. G2-C now.

PSN: street121
Location: Alberta (Western Canada)
Other: Gen, Gouken. Recently started on Abel and Fuerte
Notes: I would likely crouch taunt or jump taunt after every successful attack (or end of combos). Ex) Gadouken, Dankukyaku, Koryuken, Legendary Taunt, sweep, air to air, grab, etc.