Dan SSF4 Trial VIDEO Guide

I am currently in the process of making a video guide for Dan’s Trials. I’m posting this in Newbie Saikyo Dojo, because I figure more people will see it here who might need it, but also in the Dan forum. Hopefully these help, here’s a link to the first video:


Also, if you would like me to make ANY other guide videos, if I can do it, I’ll make a video. Just ask, I can make a trial guide, or a guide for a certain link, or a certain combo, or anything really. I can do guides for any character you request (except maybe Gen, Fuerte, and Viper). If I’m not good with the character, I’ll still give it a shot. So yeah, please request anything you need.

PS: I know there is already a fantastic guide (It helped me through the trials), but I felt that a video guide could add even more help.

I believe DarksydePhil did Dans trials and put the videos up on youtube.

18 and 23 are a bitch to do on a pad. Funny thing is alot of people have a ton of trouble with 24 its actually one of the easiest ones you can crumble them, makes it easier that trying to do it the speedy way.

Although that way only works in the corner. If you fadc instead you can do it anywhere.

That’s if DSP’s account still exists, youtube banned it a bit back :stuck_out_tongue:

He has a seperate DSPStreetFighter account.

Oh, thanks for the tip on 24, I’ll be sure to include that. Also, I’ve seen DSP’s video. I don’t count it as a guide, because he never explains how to do the trials, he just does them, gets pissed, and starts calling the game bullshit. I’d like to explain to people how exactly they’re done.

:rofl: It’s funny because it’s true.

Yeah I think for the more complex stuff there needs to be an input break down as well as an explanation. For example, people new to the combo system won’t be aware of 2-in-1s or even 3-in-1s so while we know that to Super cancel from a s.HK is simply QCF+HK QCF+P those who don’t will be trying to do HK QCFx2+P, which while possible is so much harder to do.