Dan SSF4 Trials Video Guides

I am currently in the process of making a video guide for Dan’s Trials. I’m posting this in Newbie Saikyo Dojo, because I figure more people will see it here who might need it, but also in the Dan forum. Hopefully these help, here’s a link to the first video:


Also, if you would like me to make ANY other guide videos, if I can do it, I’ll make a video. Just ask, I can make a trial guide, or a guide for a certain link, or a certain combo, or anything really. I can do guides for any character you request (except maybe Gen, Fuerte, and Viper). If I’m not good with the character, I’ll still give it a shot. So yeah, please request anything you need.

I have a lot to learn but even dhalsim’s easier trials are bothering me even linking 2 crouch kicks

(SaikyoDan, i hope you won’t take offence of this) ComeAtMeBro you can check the Vesperarcade trial videos on youtube. On that account you will find all the trials with the stick motions beside them so you can also see how to perform them. Also for dhalsim, sometimes you need to hold back when performing a move so that you get the non-extend version.

Yep, capcom design department really screwd up (and then didn’t fix it for super) there, this made me waste over an hour of my time whe nI first started with vanilla - move in trial would keep going red which implies you’ve done that move and need to do the next move, though because I wasn’t holding back (which isn’t explained anywhere in game or in the manual, ever) I was actually doing the wrong move, and one that will never link with what has to come next in the trial. There are so many examples of this it’s stupid.

I hear ya. I did the same thing back in the days. -.-
…but then again, it never says if your supposed to use the far or close version of a normal.

Yeah no worries you guys. I could make a video on Dhalsim’s trials, if you’re still having trouble. If you are able to figure it out from Vesper Arcade’s videos though, that’s cool too.

Well, my problem with the trials are the execution. I know how to do them, I just can’t.
I’ve already cleared like… 95% of the trials anyway.