Dan Strategies and Match-ups



Since most strategies and tricks are matchup-dependent, it makes sense to group the two together. Discuss anything useful in actual matches here, from specific tactics, to character-dependent move counters, to overall gameplans. The more specific you get, the better. It would be greatly appreciated if you took the time to test out everything you plan on saying in training mode to make sure that it works and to provide some numbers for stuff like damage and dizzy amount.

I’ll update this post as info comes in so no one has to scan thru xx amount of pages for info.

Looks like Sakura is Dan’s Rival.

General Strategies

Balrog (Boxer)
C. Viper
Chun Li
E. Honda
El Fuerte
Fei Long
M. Bison (Dictator)
Vega (Claw)


Space saver.


Just to have my say: Dan is at least C-tier from what has been shown so far. Prima mentioning him as F-tier aka Bottom Tier seems waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay off.


It’s just not possible to print out a tier list, it was an uneccesary addition, IF that tier list was true now, it wouldn’t be in a month anyways…


^ Agreed. And is Dan rated F because he’s actually F, or because Prima is assuming it?


He is indeed not bad at all. qcf+lk in air is pretty good, ground qcf+k can combo and looks pretty safe on block and he can damage quite alright.


I think they’re just assuming it, it’s not like Dan being F is the only thing weird about the list…


Well it wouldn’t be weird to the average person that knows some stuff about SF. It reminds me of the kids that thought Dan sucked because his “adoket” was weak.

Actually, fuck all this comparison shit. It’s weird to me too! :looney:


When I said weird, I was just meaning “weird compared to the other tier list” But yeah, for the averade player, Dan being bottom is like Ryu having a Haduken…


I’ve unlocked Dan, and went through training in order to familiarize with his movements, and I’m wondering if the taunt movement is useful for something.
And the super taunt, I’ve seen a video where he exits the super taunt into his normal super. Does the person linked the two movements, or if the opponent attacks you while taunting, he turns it into an attack?


maybe he pressed punch just after he pressed HP+HK? But I assume you mean he cancleled it to ultra, which is it’s only use aside from being epic. Taunts are used to piss off your opponent, nothing else :stuck_out_tongue:


Dan is not F Tier, thats a load of crap. He has plenty of ways to deal damage. His special moves mostly seem to be safe on block. His koryuken looks solid. His ex moves are good. He can combo into ultra with or without a FADC. And his ultra can be used as a counter move.

I dont know why peopel are sad he cant combo koryuken xx FADC -> ultra. Hes not ryu, hes not a defensive character. He can combo ultra off of an ex gadouken, and most likely in a combo after an ex gadouken xx FADC -> ultra. It makes sens with his potential play style.

If you guys want to stay on topic in here I think the best thing to do is figure out a way to handle Sagat and Ryu as those are two of teh most important matchups in the game.


Against Blanka if he does Ultra out of no where, you can react and do Dan’s Ultra to beat it.

Also, why is the Dan general thread locked?


Because its been replaced with the stickied threads.


Man am I dissapointed. I’m trying to bait people doing super taunt to do ultra when they react but this people have not seen a SINGLE Dan before! They guard the taunt super! Aww…


This gave me a few chuckles.


Well maybe they don’t want to risk it you know; maybe they feel like there is more to the taunt Super than what is seen.


I’ll say this… I’m not so concerned about tiers, but Dan’s damage ratio (even on a full ultra) is kind of disappointing. Maybe it’s because I was fighting Zangief.

the “throw” characters are the matchups I’d really like to see some tips on…


Zangief has 1200 lifepoints, the average lifepoints of a character is around 1000.
His full Ultra should do around 450 damage MAYBE more or a little less, so on Gief that should be like taking off a 1/3 of his lifepoints. Maybe you saw him do the 50% ver.? In that case, around 25% of Gief’s lifepoints were reduced.
Sorry for the complicated maths BTW.


The damage does seem a bit low compared to other ultras.

Me too. Every blocked Dan Knee results in a SPD.