Dan The Man AE 2012 Changes

• Pushback from his close standing Standing Hard Kick has been shortened.
• Close Medium Punch now starts up in 5 frames. This was 6 in Arcade Edition.
• Crouching Hard Kick now starts up in 10 frames. This was 11 in Arcade Edition.
• The combo cl.HK, cl.MP, cr.MP xx EX Dankukyaku is now possible.
• Reduced the height limit on Air EX Dankukyaku (Dan Kicks), a.k.a., how high you needed to be before you could do it.
• Hard Kick Dankukyaku now deals 130 damage instead of 120.
• Dan’s Jumping and Crouching Taunt build meter now. 70 on hit, 30 on block.• Dan’s Super Hissho Buraiken has been altered so that it’s harder for characters to have hits whiff against them. However, the blog notes this buff won’t work if you activate from too far away.
Koryu FADC -> EX Air Danku connects all hits. EX Air Danku deals 250 stun. HK Air danku does 150 dmg.


These changes sound great actually. Faster normals, more combos and making everyones new fav normal cl.st hk even better? Yes please. We’ve got a bit better HK Dankuu now and hopefully Super works right. Taunts building meter would be better if it didnt have to actually connect with the opponent, but oh well.

Can’t wait for this patch.

Not a whole lot there since I dont use the super much but the HK and cr MP is nice.

I hope reducing the pushback on sHK fixes that issue that causes njHP to whiff when you do something like sHK, krk FADC njHP

Doesn’t sweep have 12frame startup in AE? Anyway wouldn’t it be possible to do counter hit sMP, crHK?

I can’t wait to burn my meter on this corner combo sHK, sMP, crMP xx Gado FADC sHK, sMP, crMP xx Gado FADC sHK, sMP, crMP xx KRK

This wont fix that, that is a problem with nj Hp’s hitbox/ other character’s hurtbox, not st.Hk’s pushback.

Those buffs sound neat.
Yeah his super is rarely used but some hits would whiff against various characters.

Pretty sure it’s in the main page, but:
Koryu FADC -> EX Air Danku connects all hits. EX Air Danku deals 250 stun. HK Air danku does 150 dmg.

Can’t wait to use special taunts.

Ill add it to first post.

Id like the special taunts more if they meter built on whiff too :confused:

Psyched on the meter building taunt

True. You can get 60 meter by connecting a heavy attack lol.

Does the reduced the height limit on Air EX Dankukyaku give him any new shenanigans or just make Krk FADC EX Air Danku easier to execute?

I doubt it. Except, I know in the corner you could do ex air dankuu -> Haoh Gadouken on some characters
Perhaps now it will work on everyone, if we can TK Air Ex Dankuu. Itd be a great way to blow up a throw tech, beat some normals, and perhaps some reversals, then lead into ultra.

Im gonna be working in dat fadc ex dankuu tho.

You are. Regular dankicks have the same height limit they’ve always had. EX dankick can now be executed lower to the ground.

Now that I think about it, when doing the farLP -> closeMP counter hit set-up it might be possible to replace the closeMP for air EX dankicks to try for an ultra 2 set up.

i cant freaking wait man.

I like these changes. Looks like Ryu is going to have to be Dan’s apprentice.

The thing that’ll really make Koryuken > FADC > Air EX Dankus easier to execute is that the first EX Danku hit won’t whiff anymore. Before we’d only get the last two hits of the Danku connecting, meaning the timing was really tight because you had to do it early enough for the first hit to whiff so that the second could juggle. Now that you can both do the EX Danku earlier in the air and the first hit will connect, it might be so easy that even I could do it!

My worry is, does the extra EX Danku hit mean one less hit from Haoh Gadoken in a follow-up Ultra?


If they increased the juggle count by 1 each on hit and did not increase pursuit count of U2 it’ll mean one less hit.
If they did not increase the juggle count of the 1st air EX Danku by 1 on hit and simply increased the pursuit count, then it’ll stay the same.

I think the latter will be case since otherwise it will mean air-to-air EX Danku U2 will do less damage from now on. They usually care about those situational stuffs the most.

Holy crap they actually listened to us!

Reduced knock-back from s.HK means doing xj.MK > s.HK > KRK should work on everyone! Also that point blank s.HK > c.MP xx KRK will work on more people (maybe everyone), who knows. s.HK > cl.s.MP is now possible, boom we have a hit confirm into HK Dankuu finally.

c.MK xx Gadouken xx Hisshou Buraiken will now hopefully work!

Finally meter from taunts! Allbeit we have to be really risky and make sure we actually connect with them but it’s better than nothing.

c.HK being a frame slower but still super slow :rofl:

There’s no mentioned of KRK FADC > Air EX Dankuu. The reason it doesn’t work at the moment is because Air EX Dankuu’s first hit has no juggle properties but the second and the third do. And yeah you’ll get 6-3 = 3 hits from Haoh Gadouken in that instance.

What’s the difference between juggle and pursuit? o_O?

You realize how punishable those are on hit right?

I feel there’s a better thread for explaining juggle, airborne hits follow-ups and pursuits.

I re-read it, and my stuffs are wrong. Air EX Dankuu better have Float properties somewhere else or Haoh needs to have increased juggle stuff or it will have reduced hit.