Dan The Man AE 2012 Changes

Crouching yes, Air not so much but that’s not the point. Point is that regardless of circumstance we can still get meter from taunting :razzy:


If cl.HK’s pushback is smaller, to allow for another close move as a followup, and cl.MP has been sped up…

Close HK on block into close MP is an absurdly good frametrap that’ll catch people mashing jab/short for a counterhit.

And a counterhit close MP links into Shisso Buraiken.

Hee hee hee.

We top tier now

Dan the man gonna get ban

And I finally get my wish.

I dunno why you’d consider doing dp fadc air ex danku, what a waste of meter. If you have three bars and you’re hit confirming, do it into ex fb fadc u1 or ex fb fadc close hk combo. If you want to combo after dp fadc, do ground hk danku 2 hits or neutral jump hp.

Anyways yeah the changes are nice, they basically just buffed his already good up close game. Imo the most important change is faster close mp because it means he can frame trap 3-frame normal characters better now. In conjunction with less pushback on close hk this means he can close hk, close mp where the close mp is now a perfectly timed frame trap in addition to probably the most time for hit confirming of any confirmation series in the game.

The other changes are mostly about how much damage you do if you actually get a hit in. I look forward to 275 dmg 500 stun build-2/3-bar move-the-opp-half-screen-toward-the-corner and stay-in-their-face close hk close mp xx hk danku bnbs. That sounds pretty nice. Or for 2 bars, close hk cr mp xx hp fb fadc close hk close mp xx hk danku for 400 damage and danger of full dizzy in one more combo for most chars, that sounds nice too. The buff to super and taunts seem irrelevant from a practical perspective. Naked instant air ex danku could be ok depending on how it works exactly, but I figure it’ll mostly just be for early antiair lp dp or antiair dp trade to juggle air ex danku instead of juggle ex dp for like a tiny bit more damage. Better sweep is the only mid range buff listed but it’s so minor as to be whatever. And I can tell you this, if I get a close mp counterhit I’m still doing u1 or another combo instead of sweep every time. Again I already thought Dan was good up close, but sure, this makes him scarier.

That said let’s not overreact here. Unless there are secret buffs that helped him at mid range like the better ground ex danku post-hit advantage we all wanted, he’s not gonna improve enough to really move up in the tiers much, especially with basically everyone else getting buffed too. But yeah, he’ll be more effective at what he does, and that’ll be nice.

I wouldn’t poopoo the super buff just yet. Imagine landing a j.HK > s.HK hit confirm on the last round with full meter, c.MP xx Hisshou bam, game over :3 Might not happen very often but it’s pretty cool nonetheless, I’ll be looking into all the different new super combos.

Looks like I’ll need to do an Arcade Edition v2 video :rofl:

I dont get the taunt meter thing if I jump in the air and taunt does it build meter or I have to risk my life and jump at them at taunt? If you actually have to jump at them it hardly seems worth it…big punish for a few meter points. I was kind of hoping that if I am being zoned long range I could just jump/taunt build meter till they get sick of it and come after me

As it’s written now, he’ll only build meter if it hits or gets blocked. It probably isn’t worth it but it gives you something for your trouble lol.

you have to actually hit them/make them block the taunt. it doesnt work on whiff. if it did we would be getting so much meter it would practically negate zoning hahaha

lol definitely not worth it :expressionless:

If I cant get in with Jumping heavy I doubt I’ll get in with jumping taunt

Well we don’t know for sure that it won’t build meter on whiff, afaik the translation was just that it built meter on block and hit.

It doesn’t really matter if it builds meter on whiff though imo. I mean do you guys feel like you ever have meter problems? I don’t. If you’re far away you can build meter pretty well with gadoken, jump back instant air lk danku, or ia lk danku over fireballs, and if you’re close, all of Dan’s combos and pressure strings build meter well. The only way I’d use taunts to build meter was if they built more meter per unit of time than gadoken and air lk danku, and that doesn’t seem likely to me. It’s a cool idea as far as fitting well with Dan’s character though, so that’s good.

The reason I don’t care much about super is that I just use meter too often, ex danku in footsies and combos and fadc combos are just too useful imo. With the super buff it sounds like you might just be able to do close hk cr mp xx regular super instead of taunt super to u1.

Just throwin’ this out there:

I wish Super Taunt was QCFx2 + K, because my execution sucks and I don’t want to get Hishou instead.

DISCLAIMER: I have no idea what I’m talking about.

Saikyo Crusher always trumps bare Hisshou :rofl:

I do like EX Dankuu, also love doing KRK FADCs when fishing for Haoh opportunities and the odd EX Gadouken but there are times when I have full meter and being able to hit confirm into Hisshou would be kick ass. I also love hearing Dan go, “Urararara~ BURAI~KEN~!” :rofl:

(We’ve all been there Specs :razzy:)

I never never had meter problems with Dan before with Danku’s great meter build. AFAIK jump-in heavy attacks build 30 meter on block to begin with. But I know I’m doing a lot of crouching taunts.

I burn mine fairly quickly, especially compensating by using EX danku all the time over the others, for speed, combo’s and just surprise factor. Though I cant FADC I would if I could, dont mind the odd ex dragon as well when Im positive I know what they will do. EX dragon seems handy against Oni & Akuma too.

Oh well buffs are good is Dan above Hakan now?

I wonder that too. Hakan also got some pretty good buffs though (starting out oiled is amazing).

uhm i would learn to fadc before i kept playing online, really a complete 100% necessary for Dan

Well, learning to FADC is a necessity if you want to improve your overall game.

all happens to quick. I can FADC KINDA but I cant FADC whether I hit or it’s blocked it’s kinda FADC and yeh it hits… dam if it misses lucky, I also never played shotos heh. REALLY think the Ryu & Ken apprenticeship helps with Dan play, and Ive never played Ryu or Ken as Ive always been 100% Bison.

Thousands of Noob Ryu/Kens out there noob Dan ATM. Judgement more important than anything.

Rumours are there is still a few more changes to come out, dont think we can really expect much though, got a bit so far.