Dan Trial 18


I can’t hit with dankukyaku. I can do easily jump HP, Crounch MP, Koryuken, FADC but I NEVER strike with dankukyaku. It’s my last trial with Dan, I found trial 23 much easier. I need help, PLEASE.


you gotta do the HK Dankukyaka after the fadc in a fluid motion


Thanks for tip. So I have to input dankukyaku AFTER FADC (animation), not while he’s running?


yes skip to 1:55 mark to see trial 18.


I tried again but I never did it. It’s worst then Viper 22 for me, it’s crazy LOL. I’ll try to make fluid motion like you wrote and I’ll watch the video again. I got pad & arcade stick, I’ll focus on stick for this one. Thanks a lot for your help.


Grind it out in training mode, so you can see where you fuck up.


I always tried shoryu fadc danku apart. I was too close to Dan LOL. I took a little distance (like combo requires because it starts with Jump HP cr.MP) and I did it second try. Now I can do that fk danku wd my eyes closed LOL. Thank you again for your help!


congrats man way to go! Dan is the Future :smiley: