Dan Trials #23



Anyone have any advice for this one
its s.MPxxHP.KRK FADC airborne EX Dankick , Ultra 2

were i have trouble is landing the airborne Ex Dankyaku ive done it it evey now an then while attempting it but i would like to get this down more consistanly is there a trick to doing it maybe the tiger knee motion? i was so close to doing it.


aight guys so a week has now past and i’m proud to say I now completed Dan’s Trial 23.

Trial 24 shouldn’t be to bad…

Not only did I complete trial 23 but with doing so I have found my preferred joystick grip of choice so I won double today.
It’s crazy how something as simple as your grip can control the joystick and throw you off, glad I kept with it, found my preferred grip and didnt give up.

I needed this.