Dan vs Balrog

Hi guys, i was wondering if anyone could help out a bit in the matchup Dan vs Balrog. Yes I seriously play Dan,and this matchup has been very bad for me, mostly due to balrogs damn jabs.

as you may or may not know cr jab beats pretty much everything dan has, and after a blocked dankuu which is where most Dan’s start their mix up game, cr.jab stuffs all options. it beats another normal (cept st.mp which only works close) it stuffs any version of dankuu, it beats grab, if dan backdashes balrog has enough time to headbutt while he runs away, and it ussually allows balrog to block the reversal.

Aside from that, any other tips?? Im also having trouble with footsies, as dan’s st mp, mk, and gadouken dont cut it versus balrog. And i also tried using focus more to beat rush punches, but then i get hit by torpedo. Can torpedo rush punch be punished on block? Please respond, thanks boxers.

well ur going to lose generally if u actually try to fight balrog outright dan is a joke character for one so his hitboxes are kinda crap ur gonna lose most close range fights against balrog if u wanna win u have to hit and run alot play defensively and punish blocked dash punches when appropiately and i believe his low foward and snuff out non ex ones if timed properly i think you can koryuken them too if u can time it but mostly hit and run don’t fight too aggressively

also remember that he can be thrown out of all of his ex punches and his overhead punch abuse that

Although Dan excels with the “in-your-face game” I don’t think it’s too useful in this match-up. Balrog is mad good at playing this style as well, so the only low-risk way you can attempt to get damage inside is with an fadc’d srk. If you can scare him out of pushing buttons after a blocked danku you can pull off the usual mix-ups. Ex-danku is great for armor breaks too. Imo a lot of guess-work is required for this fight so build meter before you try anything.

First I know Dan’s a joke character but hes who im best with, I suck with everyone else. Online ive got 5000 bp with Dan and not much witha nyone else XD But the matches i really care about are offline.

So in this match up, I should be trying to get a life lead and then backing up? not so much my style, but if it works then I will try it. Thanks.
Also, how can I punish the blocked dash punches? It seems to me they are unpunishable on block, they just can be interrupted.
And another (not exactly matchup specific) trick, how can I be less predictable. I feel like I get read much too easily.

dash punches can only be punished based on how close they were when blocked like u can’t punish a max range one usually cuz u just get the tip of the glove but deep ones can usually be punished with koryukens or jab combos or w/e

also if u add me to XBL ill play with u to help you practice if you like i like to think im a pretty good rog >.>

Aw that sucks because ussually I get hit at max range. but ill try punishing deep ones with koryuken

sure we can play online sometime, ill add you next time im on, just want to let you know sometimes my connection is wack.