Dan vs Dan ranked match... tied but i ended up losing BP

so i ran into another “fun” Dan Player. basically we taunted our arse off. for 3 rounds… he “won” the first round and i the second… basically, we were sloppy with our taunts and accidentally hit each other. for the final round we were much better and taunted without hitting each other.

at the end of the match, i lost 10 BP and he gained 10 BP… wth… we were tied… his taunting wasn’t that much better… plus i used Taunt 9… he used the finger pointing one…

how was that determined???

(yes, i know it doesn’t matter… i’m playing Dan in a ranked match… i know i’m going to lose…)

It’s simple my dear Watson, you had more BP than him before the tie.

(Why does you playing Dan mean you’re going to lose?)

actually i started with a lot less points than him (both PP and BP)… at least i thought i did. maybe that was player points? i only have like 279 points with Dan and only 600 player points… or vice versa… i never really paid attention…

9 out 10 Dan matches i lose… after most of my hits, i just Taunt… When I play Dan, i play him for opps to taunt… i usually get punished lol… and most of the time… not safe taunts…

Yeah with draws the player with the most points loses them and the one with the least gains them. Though I have no idea if it goes off BP or PP, just like searching for stronger opponents is it off PP or BP? I’m guessing PP.

In a tie game in Ranked, no BP is gained or lost on either side, but the higher-PP person loses a bit and the lower-PP person gains a bit.

As for searching for stronger opponents, that’s based off PP. You can’t search for opponents based off BP, because you don’t know what character they’re going to pick until the game begins. :wink:

Yeah, I thought as much but it could use the highest BP the player has as the marker instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Looked at the replay… looks like I had a little more PP than the guy did. If anyone has interest in watching a taunt fest that was the Dan match, i could try to upload it somewhere.

Double Legendary Taunt or GTFO :stuck_out_tongue:


no Double Legendary Taunt… but it was fun for me to play… lol…



was definatetly saikyo at play.