Dance off between Cole and Taunt

Anyone have this uploaded somewhere? That shit was hilarious.

Cole wins… PERFECT


o shit Cole’s a popper, I got even more respect for him now :open_mouth:


watch cole’s breakdance in evo 2k4 twice as better

Ok seriously I’m uploading my version tonight.

If I had been there while this happened, and not been sick, and not had a bum toe, I would have joined in on this… :sad:

I guess there’s always next year!

p.s. Nice moves Cole! :tup:

i find it convientiant that the runtime is 420… also i had no idea who these dudes were… but they were entertaining thats for sure…

Ok here we go. This is my version uploaded in HD.



I want to see Jason Cole dancing on the DogFace show :lovin:

Taunts a beast! Dude was mad fluid.