Dang has anybody seen this video of SF3?


I really want to learn to parry like that. His skills are incredible!

BTW does anybody know where i can get cool mugen characters?

I never really thought that people actually posted like this.

I was wrong, ashamedly.

Mugen Characters are found on google, but this is the wrong board for a post like this.

Well they actually do, but this isn’t of an example of it…:confused:

You know, for the longest I always wondered why this forum behaved in what I thought was an elitist, assholish manner to new people. I always thought that it was slightly unjustified. I always thought that maybe I would grow to be different and maybe have a bit more patience with people regardless of of the stupidity of their posts. Now here I am, posting, coming here everyday…and I see stuff like this.

I’m beginning to waver in this resolve. :frowning: Why do you have to make it so hard for me OP? I just had breakfast. I’m supposed to be cheery.