Dangerous Crew ST 2on2 MM

Cole and i will be accepting money matches in st. Format is Singles or a 2 man team. Anyone is welcome and any limit is available.:wgrin:

I am hereby challenging you AND cole to best out of 5 for shots. I love free drinks and you two kids cant hang.

Thank you.

nigga please.

NELSON: Aye JACK BURTON aka GUILE ! Hit me with a private message with your cell number again…I got a new phone and lost ur num. And are You and Cole going clubbin with me this time ? I dont know about all the other fighting game virgins but a playa like me Im out to get BOOTY !


P.S - If you diss me anyone…english please. K Thanks


Mira este, se cree Rick Tyson.

oh nelson you crazy guy

Perhaps Spence and I will take you up on it… We will go over details when we arrive.



I’ll money match both of you individually, 3/5 for $20. :tup:

NKI has a chip on his shoulder because he used to play at More against Tamashima and Daigo and now he plays in a barn against goats and chickens. I don’t think he’s an authority on anything :rofl:

Ok sounds good to me guys. Im hoping nki can set up some team action USA vs. Japan. Free or for money.

Apoc would like to earn the right to play for USA again! Nothing should be given. Let the best prove it.

I’m pretty sure I can find a Seattle person who I can MM you guys with…

edit: Shit, is xrolento Nelson? I thought it was our team vs J. Cole and random scrub, now shit got serious. :rofl:

It looks like it’s only going to be Nuki, Tokido, and apparently Kusumondo (Honda player). Tokido is not really an ST specialist, but Nuki and Kusumondo are.

I don’t have their contact info, but I’ll talk to them at Evo and try to set something up.

no Gian or Daigo?

Negative. :sad:

I would grant anyone a chance to prove that they belong on Team usa, even apoc!:looney:

Airthrow:i am nelson but have been called a random scrub at times lol

NKI:As long as there are some new japanese players for me to bash its cool!:nunchuck:

Hey NKI are you doing any MM’s?

is J. Beasley going to be there for some MMs?


Chun Mirror FT5 for 20?