Dangerously Cheesy: Yale Threatens Student for being too Skinny


Get this girl to a McDonald’s quick!!


she doesn’t look unhealthy. 90 lbs for 5’2 doesn’t sound unhealthy either.

i remember working with a girl who had trouble gaining weight and actually put on more weight when she was eating healthy as opposed to tons of junk food. dunno why :wonder:


That’s like my (not)soon(enough)-to-be ex wife’s size and weight. WTF? There’s a ton of Hispanic and Asians about that height and weight. I remember in one setting it took THREE girls to accumulate the same weight as one of my huge muscular male friends.

Crazy shit. :tup:


bitch needs meat and cornbread…she aint trying to do shit…probably in the bathroom with her fingers down her throat after she eats three on them


lol I’m calling BS on her not being able to gain weight. There is an obesity problem even in these malnourished places in Asia when they get American fast food. This stuff is absurdly toxic.

She’s 20 now, but it will still work. Obviously it won’t happen right away, but give it a couple of months, and then she’s never be able to get the weight off. Alternatively, if she works a couple of years 60-70+ hours a week the weight will come on too. And that’s probably her future if she doesn’t become a teacher. May we suggest investment banking or law? Heck I bet even programming can do it.


I’d fuck her.


If this had been about a fat bitch, best believe I’d have heard about it outside of an SRK thread.


If she don’t wanna eat that’s more food for the hungry folks.

How can one man handle all those sevens?


1st photo was far better, comparison to the giant plush bear on the couch, crazy eyes meeting cute quota, no teef

But if Yale (more like some jealous white-bitch whistle blowing/snitch) rather have chunky women who eat more than they study, they fuckin up.

Obviously you would have to have a before picture to compare to, with you used to be “fit and healthy weight” now you’re skin and bones. Where’s that one before the threats on assumptions and anecdotal evidence without the other half?


Why the fuck can you chuck someone out of Uni for weight anyway?

Shes taking history classes not sumo wrestling.


look up “ectomorph”.


What a cutie pie.


Half of SRK has already masturbated to this pic.


She’s so cute wtf…ima cry if they expel her


At work, there’s this 95 lbs 5’3" Malaysian girl… Nothing unusual. Frances Chan doe, 10/10 would hankey pankey.


for real. eating ice cream and cookies. sounds like some stupid shit a bitch would eat in order to try to gain weight. lol. i have no idea why women act so fucking retarded sometimes. you go to fucking yale, figuring out how to gain weight and stay healthy shouldnt be that hard. if she said i was eating chicken, spinach, yams, and cornbread for dinner every day, and 3 eggs for breakfast, plus hitting actual weights at the gym, not cardio bullshit, then id be like, oh yeah, she was trying to get it in. fucking ice cream and cookies. bitch, are you 12. lol

yeah, 5’2 and 90lbs is scary under weight now? thats crazy. one of my first puerto rican ex’es was about that, and although she did seem twigly compared to her thick sister, she was sexy as fuck naked, and was fairly fine health wise. she was a light eater though, but still, i never thought once, damn baby, you bout to die. lol. when i look around in my day to day, i see mad asian chicks with that type of body type. i dont know, i have my preferences, but 5’2 90lbs doesnt seem crazy to me. just maybe a girl who doesnt eat a shit ton, but not one on her way to dying, or has an eating disorder.

she dumb for letting yale punk her like that too. you go to yale, you didnt figure out how to deal with this besides stress eating to try to gain weight through ice cream and cookies.

no shit BMI is not the only way to measure, nor is it really good. what is this 1972? havent we known BMI is garbage for like forever now. as someone who got into yale, i would think that she couldve figured out bmi can go eat a dick.

not to be redundant, and i dont want to shit on her too much, cause yale did her dirty, but seriously, ice cream and cookies. loool. it goes to show you, you can be smart at some things, but fucking completely moronic about other simple shit. i think it just frustrates me in general because women never seem to do health or build their bodies properly, like ever. they want hot bodies, but dont wanna lift weights outside of a weight that they can curl like 60 times, and would be pointless to use in squats. they wanna gain weight, so instead of healthy balanced meals, like this dumb girl, will just start cramming garbage in. the list goes on


Fuck I eat the most fast food imaginable and manage to gain none. even the protein overload don’t help sometimes lol.


Fix’d :tup:

Hey I know facts and reading aren’t your strong suits, but try thinking before you post although I know that’s asking a lot from you:

I’ve been 5,4 and 115 lbs since high school so my sports coaches recommended I take creatine which helped me get to 120 lbs lol. I’ve had a hard time gaining weight and I probably eat a much healthier diet than most people, I eat about 3000-4500 calories a day, take whey protien powder, and used to take a weight gainer too all of which didn’t help much. If a school tried forcing me to eat because I looked too skinny I’d go talk to a lawyer ASAP and see if I could get a nice pay day. I’m surprised she put up with the school’s tests and demands for as long as she did, also I’d raise hell asking why none of the fat bitches are getting the same treatment not that anyone should in the first place.


lol no you wouldn’t get a pay day you stupid shit. And yes we all know you’re a midget twig that can’t even do the hadouken motion. Stop embarrassing yourself like you do everywhere you go.


lol, being an ectomorph doesnt mean you magically never gain weight, and if you scarf down 6000 calories a day and stare at the tv 5 days a week, you wont turn into a useless blob. if you want to, you can. its that easy. i dont need the definitions of some psychologist from the 1950s to tell me that eating more and lifting weights if im skinny will help me gain weight, and if im fat, eating less, doing cardio, and lifting weights will help me lose weight.

im sorry, but i doubt you were cramming in 3000 calories a day from healthy balanced meals, taking whey protein, and lifting heavy weights without seeing gains. are you telling me that the nutrients and ripped muscle fibers magically disappeared from your body every day because you are an “ectomorph”. yes we all have our genetic differences, and some things come naturally to others, while others struggle a bit more while putting in more effort, but ultimately gaining muscle, getting fat, or getting skinny arent things that are magically trumped by body definitions from some american psychologist from the 1950s.

if you can eat 3000+ calories a day, while taking whey protein powder, and lifting weights (progressively getting heavier and heavier. not just whats comfortable for you) without solid gains, then you need to go see james randi and see if you can get a million dollars for being superhuman. im sorry, i just do not believe that.

youre talking about ingesting the caloric intake of that of body builders, plus protein powder, and i assume working out, and you still have a significant problem gaining weight. are you just doing all cardio for hours a day in your yoga pants and no weight lifting like a real man. lol