Dangit...there they go again

Muslim tries to set off car bomb at Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon

They never stop…

Jesus made him fail.

Santa don’t play dat.

damn…the terrorist is right :frowning:


Santa is going to carpet bomb the Middle East now.

Somewhere there’s an imam shaking his head and thinking “Son, I am disappoint.”

fucking crazy religions

at 15 he wanted to jihad or blow himself up

wtf muslims. When I was 15, I wanted to blow MY LOAD on girls and kicked ass in Duke Nukem

I seriously think we could fix the middle east with loose women, booze, and better entertainment

No, no, no. Anything fun just makes them want to kill you.


when I was 15, I was just concerned with looking up girls’ skirts at school, and watching as much late-night softcore-porn cinemax stuff as possible. Other than that, I went to band practice and played video games on a regular basis. Those were the days. I’m seriously wondering if those fanatic types are even capable of enjoying life for a change…doing something fun…or laughing at something (*other than the death of societies and religions they don’t agree with.)

Isn’t stoning rape victims and blowing up pizza parlors fun?

Not even going to touch this one. Too much America DERP in here.

Are you a chick? Get this passive aggressive shit out of here.


If I could I would just lock this thread because nothing intelligent will be said.

well since it was almost to page 2 until you ttt’d it just now, I have a feeling to want it to keep going.

I’m thinking this would work.

…All change is met with resistance and fear at first. Once they get a good look a free porn on the internet, it’s done. The bad side: We may give rise to something even worse than 4chan.