Danielson in need of his Mr. Miyagi

Just as the title says. I’m in need of a teacher!!! I am basically a complete newb starting from the very bottom trying to climb my way up. I am so fragile at SF4, I need someone who is well above average(preferably highly skilled) at this game to play me on a daily basis(everyday) and give me gameplay tips. I’d like to learn how to do all the advanced combos, learn the SF termonology and all the works. I am a fast learner and I listen well.

I just need someone I can keep in contact with and spar with almost anytime I get home from work. Will anyone be so kind as to take me under their wing? I am very very very very kool peeps so if you decide to take on this task you can pm me, then we can exchange numbers, text, talk, get to know one another etc. Or if you don’t feel comfortable doing it that way, I can just buy a mic. Pm me someone please!:sad:

Also, to those who aren’t interested in teaching me and just want to play me. My PSN tag is i_ShotYouDown, please add me. Even if you want to play a bunch of games just to beat up on me, believe me, they will be appreciated. Thanks to anyone who’s willing to help.

I didn’t alter the text, just deleted the extra stuff to make you sound as creepy as I read it…

Remember how Mr. Mayagi had Daniel painting the fence and doing other boring repatative shit over and over until he finally got it?

That’s you, sitting in training mode for hours. Paint that fence.


felt this was appropriate. now go and paint that fence danielsan.

training mode is good to try out new combos.

but he should dive right into it, play people. get on champ mode.

Most japanese players dont have the console version, they just play people until they learn everything, so, sticking to training mode isnt some doctrine to stick by. If he sticks to training mode too much, hell simply get good at training mode.

Heehee, everyone has jokes! But seriously, I need someone good to teach me and spar with as much as possible. I already know from prior online gaming experience that going in training mode doesn’t help you become a high leveled player. Like Necrotrophic said its only good for practicing combo moves and etc. If there isn’t anyone willing to help teach me, i will just be satisfied if whomever at least just add my PSN and play me in lots of games. Anyone?

hadouken the fence

shoryuken the car

Put your PSN in your profile and I’ll fight you, do you have a mic? I’m not an expert but, it could be some fun low level sparring.

Wax on wax off.

But in all seriousness, you’ve got a very passive style of approaching learning SF, and that just doesn’t work, from what I’ve seen. You need to hunt down videos and guides (I suggest Maj’s footsies guide on Sonic Hurricane, even if it’s a little advanced it’s worth having a look at for the matches), and just play a lot. Pick a decent main like ryu or something, don’t make it hard for yourself by picking an intermediate level character, you’ll be stuck grinding away for months.

yeah, you can hit me up for some matches on PSN

Um no.

What a great argument.

Anyway, you can test some other things in training mode.

but, the best way to get better is to actually play people.

Everything I know comes from practicing in training mode after reading or seeing it online.

I practice until I can’t stand it anymore then I quit. When I play games later all of the stuff I practiced comes out on reaction.

Hey where do you live, having a mentor and someone who is playable is highly important. You should be within 1-3 kilometres/miles to have a 4-5 bar connection which is what i only suggest play on. I’d be up for teaching you the game, i live in Australia so playability is a question but i’m up for lecturing/explaining and answering any questions in regards to game mechanics, pro videos and stuff, combos, strategy(i’m nowhere near the best player though, but teaching is learning as well on both parts) etc etc and if i can’t answer i can lead you in the right direction to get help.

people have mentioned it but heres a link to Maj’s Footsies Guide.

Neber, I’m not sure how good our conn will be but… i will take you up on the offer! Even if you are only decent I have to start some where! When shall we begin teacher?

Mayho are you on PSN? You stay like a few miles from me, i think we would have ggs as far as conn goes.

PM me if you ever want to fight on Xbox live.

I’ll play you a few rounds. I’m not a monster at the game, but I know the matches up pretty well. Who do you play? I’m Juicybags, on psn. I normally roll with Balrog, Bison, Chun, and Ken.

state your character.
then go to the wiki.
I can answer questions about basic stuff because basic “world warrior character” 4 is st with auto chain canceling and exs.