Danish fighters?


I was seaching for a danish SF group here on SRK but couldn’t find any.
Apparently there are no danes on this forum or maybe they just don’t wanna communicate with other people from the same country :smiley:
Either way I decided to make my own group called Danish Dojo so if you’re danish please join and lets get some games going :slight_smile:


Check out Gamerslounge.dk if you haven’t already :wink:
It’s basically the site where Street Fighter and Tekken fans from Denmark hang out.


Thanks buddy - gonna check it out right away



I’ve been out of little Denmark for about 2 years now, but am moving back this very July. I’d very much love to meet other Danish fighters. :smiley:
I’ll be relocating to Aalborg, so now I bet everyone playable is situated around Fyn / København. xD


I’ll be visiting Sønderjylland, Haderslev specifically, this August. Anybody near that area?


My words exactly. But I guess a list of gamertags and psn id’s on SRK wouldnt hurt either?
Anybody who wants a fight can just add me.
GT: TheCreambun