Danny Trejo Approved: The Nightwolf Video Thread



Nightwolf is that dude.

CHECK4900 Nightwolf Combo Video 4/23/11

BnB into X-Ray Glitch


Some nice BnB combos and X-Rays along the same lines as the rest in our series…


Nightwolf Combos:


Great video!^

I like the editing. Nicely done and descriptive.


Thanks man I appreciate it!


Nightwolf was so fun to learn. Just sitting in practice mode workin on his combos. Very nice BnBs and then nice chains. with his strength 40% doesn’t take that much. The only down side to him in my opinion is the lack of zoning options. The arrows and lighting are great but the lightning is so easily punishable and the arrows have a long start up and are easily jumped/blocked. Great character to main if you can learn his combos and do a good job getting to the enemy. also… using the EX lightning as a combo starter is always helpful.


thanks for this