Dan's "Chuck Norris" Facts

I’ve been thinking about making this type of thread since I’ve made similar Chuck Norris references to Dan on SRKLive.
So tell me, what’s your Dan Fact? I’ll start

“Dan can unleash the fires of hell with a flex…twice”

Dan is so fast, he can run around the world and punch himself in the back of the head.
One time Dan and Mr.T walked into a building and it exploded from too much awesomeness in one spot.
Did you know JFK wasn’t assassinated? Dan stopped the bullet with his teeth, JFK was so impressed his head exploded.
Dan can win a game of connect four… In three moves.
Dan once threw a Gadoken so powerful, it ripped a hole in time and space. Which shot down Amelia Earhart as she flew over the Atlantic.

Edit: Dan is not God tier, God is Dan tier!

Once Dan accidentally put the headband rambo gave him into the washing machine with his white gi.

dan is just dan… nerf plz