Dan's dashing...



Is it just me, or is it really, really hurting? I play Gen, and I can dash all over the place with ease, but when I’m playing Dan I get clobbered because I underestimate the amount of time it takes to dash in and out of things.

Tips? Suggestions? Anything?


That’s odd. Dan’s dash is the only one that I find useful in the game. Maybe use the training mode to record some of the moves from opponents that are giving you trouble and practice dashing in and out of their reach?

I plan many rounds when I never stop dashing, literally every move is preceded and followed by at least one dash. I find that it absolutely devastates most Rufus and El Fuerte players and jump happy players too.


I think Gen’s dash is a little nicer than Dan’s, but Dan’s got a really nice dash. Best you can do is just go to practice and dash around. Got to get the distance and time right. Get use to buffering things while dashing. It is really just a matter of practice. I find fighting characters like Cammy a lot easier by dashing around. His dash is definitely something you want down.


Dan’s dash is pretty useful, especially his back dash. Think you just need to get used to it :slight_smile:

His back dash can get out the way of most Dragon Punch type moves, think Sagat’s is the only one that catches him (and probably Sakura’s but hers works differently to the rest :P).


backdash -> ex danku is teh best
run away run away IN YOUR FACE


Backdash -> EX Gado + EX Danku is even better :slight_smile:

I land it 90% of the time, hardly anyone expects to be Dan’ed from so far away. NOBODY expects it twice in a row.


it’s only because you also play gen, who has the best dash in the game. i feel cammy is second, dan 3rd. i mean, especially if you look at say, 'gief. (i almost said sagat and 'gief but he gets some bullshit invincibility off it.)

just my opinion.


Gief’s Dash isn’t terrible. Sure it isn’t great but you can buffer 720 on his forward and backward dash. If he had Dan’s dash, with his 720, well, Dan already has enough problems as is against him.

Pressuring people and then uses his backdash randomly can really mess with them. Especially with his Ultra having such a nice dash forward. If they bite and whiff cause of the backdash then you can deal some real damage. It has saved my butt a few times. It also kills me a lot while fighting Roses. For some reason I think I can outrun the Ultra every time, and I never do.


well, I only used gief as an example because, as you said, it isn’t great. buffering 720 out of a dash kind of sucks because what else are you gonna do out of a dash? i myself have never been caught with it.

but then that’s not what this thread is about. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also never said dan’s dash was bad, that I don’t use it as a mixup tool, or that I it’s never saved me. So…where did the 2nd paragraph come from? Unless that one wasn’t directed at me. In that case I’d feel silly. :rofl:


My apologies, the second paragraph wasn’t directed at you. I should have been more clear. I play Zangief as well since I like grapplers and I like his crappy dashsniffle. I was just listing nice things about Dan’s dash in the second paragraph to keep the thread going.

Another nice thing about the dash is it is a great compliment to Dan’s Focus Attack. FADC has really saved my butt from matches I probably would lose without it. Between the good range the FA has and the good range the dash has Dan can really mix it up. Just be careful about FADC when people have Ultra, but you should always be careful when people have Ultra.


Incidentally Dan’s back dash covers more distance than his forward dash, kinda weird since it’s usually the other way around with most characters :stuck_out_tongue:


Well Dan is the #1 Runaway coward.


Lucky for us I think.

His forward dash is great against jump-back-fire-ball Akuma players. I use f.f.df punch (a dash shortcut into Koryuken) against just about any jump happy player. Even if your opponent crosses over you after inputting the command the Koryuken will tag them.


Blah, guess I just need to work on it. I keep mistiming things like FADCs and eating the second hadouken.


Yeah, being a Honda player, I gotta say that I approve of Dan’s dash. It’s actually pretty quick. But I really just use it to run around back and forth in an effort to confuse my opponent.