Dan's Evo Representative!?



So who went to EVO to prove to the world that Dan is a viable character? There are 1040 players participating in the SF4 tournament. Surely one player must be rocking Dan right?:looney:


That would be my logic. But since I’m not there I can’t tell you :sad:

I would hope someone is spreading the gospel of Saikyo.


I can’t stream the feeds here but I am being told a player from Japan showed up on a mission to kick ass with Dan and he did just that, including against a number of Ryu players.


Where are they streaming the feeds? I want to see this!


I would have played him there but i was broke this week…


I don’t think anyone. There was Dan From Japan (who did not play Dan, Sadly). All i saw was a sea of Rufus, Ryu, Akuma, and Sim’s.

No love for the man in pink. =*(


Tis a shame. I just beat a scrub with Dan and heard him raging over the mic.

I could imagine that in front of a large audience…


Funny how that goes, you lose new message! “great Dan”.

you win new message! “YOU CHEAP PRICK, I would roll you with insert character here, quit fucking insert x strategy here, I would fuck you up if you didnt do that.”

I think only once, did I ever, get a “good dan” message after I won a match, the rest have come off losses as I think to myself they would not have sent that message had they lost, because they would be too furious they lost to a “joke” character.


I watched the stream all weekend - Not one dan :frowning:


I usually get friendly messages, but I’m only playing at G2 level, so I imagine there’s less “emotional investment” from my opponents ; )


I always tend to send a “Behold the glory of Saikyo!” if I win.

or “You’ll never crush my Saikyo Spirit!” if I lose.

I tend to get lots of positive replies after those, or demands for rematches. :smiley:


i was @evo and not even in my pool or when i was walking around did i see one dan player. i never saw a vega player either but apparently one made it to day 2 semis.


If I had the cash laying around id go for the hell of it next year wouldnt care if people thought I was horrible or not, Dan needs to make an appearance and at least win one round of one match, I think I can handle that, oh and legendary taunt.


No one has ever done well or bothred even using Dan at evo have they…The most famous Dan match is Air’s Ryu getting destroyed by Wang.


Will there be any Dan in attendance at this year’s EVO beside myself?


ya me but not happy about fadc uppercutt…


Im gonna be subbing Dan after Ultra drops, but id be glad to meet others who share the struggle. Also if theres a team tournament im all about an all Dan team.


Hell yea, I’d be down for a Saikyo Team.


I’ll be there, probably not gonna play Dan unless reasons. Still not sure on who im going to main yet.


Team Dan at EVO?