Dan's Safe-Jumps

I know that I currently don’t main Dan since I think AE Dan isn’t good (EX Meter using whore for not much damage imo) but with insults aside , I wanted to talk about certain safe-jumps that we can all discuss . Since I quit playing him I wanted to let in on some of my safe-jumps that worked in Super that MIGHT work in AE .

Against Sagat

KRK -> FADC -> Hop Kicks -> Jump-In Roundhouse

Normal Cast ( Not Sagat/Cammy/Blanka ) [ Side note : It even makes Ryu’s DPs whiff ]

Super -> Back Dash -> Forward Dash -> Jump-In Roundhouse
( Switch Back Dash and Forward Dash around if your in corner . May have different results with Ryu DP but atm I lost trail of thought and forget any other information in corner . If this still exists in AE , please take this to the lab and experiment ! )

Discuss :slight_smile: ! I had fun playing Dan seriously , but since they gave him nerfs while making Viper and almost every low tier getting no nerfs , it was rather severe for me . Thanks Capcom for nothing :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: !

nerfed? Some of his normales have insane frameadvantages in AE o_O

Yea but imo the frame advantages doesn’t help since it pushes Dan back far away and getting back to frame trap situations without being + is tough . His frame traps also seem to only end up using EX meter for EX Hop Kicks and it throws away the respect meter of KRK FADC . U2 inv. losses make Ibuki match much harder , and now that trades to hop kicks and hop kicks doing less damage , it’s not too scary to deal with anymore . The normals hitbox didn’t seem that much better or if anything changed from Super and still doesn’t have the air normals to cover his slow arc jump and avoid the air throw from people like Guile , in which you may have to use EX Hop Kicks AIRBORNE to avoid getting thrown ( Making an assumption , could be wrong ) , since majority of the air normals get stuffed .

Anyways I don’t really want to go off-topic , just wanted to know peoples safe-jump setups they had planned . If you want to knock in some sense to me or something with Dan buffs , I’ll be over at Peaceful Jay Stream sometimes and we can talk about it . From what I see as an overall consensus , the buffs/nerfs for Dan is just playstyle preference thing where some people will benefit , others won’t . With that said , the changes doesn’t happen to be my type of cup of tea , but even then there is no excuse to give Dan some nerfs and NOT NERF VIPER or low tiers imo .

Another safe-jump I wanted to point out that I’m definitely positive someone posted in other threads is the toward throw -> well timed jump-in roundhouse . Of course it has to be timed right and could be a problem to some people .

Dan nerfed in AE ?


Dan is far away better then super or vanila.

More combos, more damage(dankyaku got nerfed but you have more combo arsenal in AE) Better pokes, great frame traps.

On topic

Better Safe jump is from a back throw, a jump in weak kick.

You can follow by a OP KRK or another back Throw and some mix ups.

Jump Weak Kick is one of the Best crossup in this game!

I haven’t noticed him getting any better pokes other than far st.jab , close st.short and cr.strong getting slightly faster . I still prefer Super Dan over AE Dan .

While the ambiguous cross-up short is a safe-jump it’s not really one where you will be safe after it and apply pressure . The opponent can just mash DP and even the fast close standing short can’t really stop it . However it’s something not to sleep at since it can’t be auto-corrected by most characters , so it is a neat trick , and on top of it being an attack from short , the hitstun is limited compared to forward so you can get a throw out faster than usual . So yea the advantage is it’s somewhat ambiguous and the setup afterwards have to be reacted quick if your blocking , but the downside is that you won’t have many + frames on block .

there is a safe jump after a forward throw, (exept against 3 frame reversal owners) walk a little forward then jump and land a hk right before landing (but not too late) holding guard will make whiff reversals!

is there any other safe jump set up?

i saw this on a youtube dan safejump video