DanSC drawing page

ok, from now on im gonna post my stuffs here…


lol ryu in action! i love his round house kick!


Classic feud. Her left braid would look more natural curving the otherway though.
Lol at Ryu owning. Post more, man.

in the Ryu pic, I don’t think his belt ends should be between his legs – looks a bit weird that way.

Liking the Cammy-Chun stareoff. As DFist said, Cammy’s left braid should follow the outline of he body.

Nice work, keep drawing :slight_smile:

i didnt pay attention to the belt and the braid on cammy, now i look at it, it does looks weird lol…

I like this becuase it reminds me of Butt Lord GT!

what is butt lord gt?anime?

An awesome parody of Dragon Balls:
It absolutely had me in tears!

Here’s the page I was refering to:

that comic looks pretty funny, i might read it if i have time, and teh second link is not working…
and here is probably my last pic, my life will be busy from now on, hopefully i will have time to draw…