Dante...and Bold Cancel Teleport...what do you do to keep it consistent?



I’m sure this is post has been previously posted before, especially considering so many people played Dante in Vanilla…oh well. Anyway, I recently picked Dante up and the only issue I’m having is Bold Cancel Teleporting…Bold Canceling is easy…it’s just doing teleport after Stinger Lv. 2 :bluu:
The inputs I started doing were :d::atk::s: xx :d::s: right after Stinger from Cold Shower. This is working moreso than what I was doing before, which was the Stinger followed by :d::d::atk::s:
After two hours I did it probably 60% of the time…any tips? What do y’all do for keeping BTC consistent?


I use the :d::d::atk::s: method.

I find it to be a lot easier, it’s just a basic plink.

Honestly, and I know this has been said many times; but practice is the key. Especially with characters like Dante.


Plinked BC teleport works best for me. Type B layout on stick, plink L~S with index and thumb.