Dante Assist Extenders List

The bulk of Dante combos can be broken down into sections: the initial start of the combo that should do the bulk of your damage and end with an OTG, and separate sections afterwards that start with an OTG and puts them back on the ground, and the final section that goes from OTG to super. Most of those middle pieces can be done in different orders, and are where you’d put what’s been called ‘Assist Extenders’ by rogueyoshi and the like.

What I’d like for this thread to have a compendium of what those assist extenders combos are for different assists, and any notes so a user playing Dante can quickly look up to see what they use with the team they’ve chosen.

Please, post up the assist extender sections of your combos if they aren’t already listed, and I’ll add them to the list. Please also note any details that be needed; Opponent in corner, Dante in corner, affected by hitstun deterioration (HSD), uses wallbounce/groundbounce, fails on small characters, whatever.

Notes for creating your own: df+HH or df+HHH are affected by HSD more so than the other options you have; where possible, don’t use it. Volcano is the most common starter for these sections because of jump canceling allowing you to move sooner that other options, but the assist has to hit pretty fast and be able to connect with an opponent at about normal jump height. Crystal will keep them at about standing height for a long period of time at a very low altitude, but the assist would have to be a lot of hits to give you the time to get in range for a j.S or Hammer to finish the section. Million Carats gives the assist a good amount of time to hit, but put the opponent in an ackward place, about normal jump height right next to Dante; it also causes the most damage and gives the most meter, so when possible, use it. Twister is all but useless, causes a lot of hits, but sends them straight up to a very high altitude with almost no recovery. Heavy rain (air mash H) hits the opponent OTG for as long as you like, but following up is very difficult to control. For finishing up the section, hammer is far better than j.S; hammer’s damage will always be greater after the first hit of a combo because its less affected by damage scaling, and Dante will recover faster giving more time to move into position if needed or longer to use the next OTG attack like million carats. The most common strategy is to use an OTG move holds the opponent until the assist hits, and use the time the assist is hitting to move into position and start the j.S or hammer to finish the combo. There is also the Ryan Hunter method of using the assist to hit during the gaps of prop shredder when opponents would normally recover after a long combo; the last hit always causes a lengthy launch stun that is easily followed up with a hammer.

Tron - Gustaff Flame: call assist, volcano, jump cancel (assist hits) j.S/Hammer

Sentinal - Charge [requires opponent in corner]: call assist, million carats, (drones hit), million carats, j.S/Hammer

Wesker - Samurai Edge: call assist, j.S/Hammer
Wesker - Ghost Butterfly[requires opponent in corner, uses wallbounce, affect by HSD]: call assist, d/f+HH (assist hits) j.S/Hammer

Zero - Shippuga: call assist, volcano, jump cancel (assist hits) j.S/Hammer
Zero - Ryuenjin: call assist, volcano, jump cancel (assist hits) j.S/Hammer

Doom - Plasma Beam [requires corner, affected by HSD]: call assist, df+HH (assist hits) j.S/Hammer
Doom - Hidden Missles [requires ground bounce]: call assist, volcano, beehive, volcano (assist hits), j.S/Hammer
Doom - Molecular Shield: call assist, volcano, jump cancel (assist hits) j.S/Hammer (delay a bit to hit after all of the rocks)

Dormammu - Dark Hole[switches side if air trick]: assist + d/f+HHH, Prop Shredder, [air trick or super jump], Hammer

Ameratasu - Cold Star: call assist, crystal, dash forward, j.S/Hammer

Opinions always welcomed.

Great thread, Toodles!

Here’s another one for Sentinel:
(after something like Volcano xx Beehive) call Drones, Revolver, Fireworks [Drones start hitting], dash up j.S.

In the corner, you can j.S without dashing in.

Sentinal - Charge [requires you in corner]: call assist, cold shower, s.L, Hammer
Akuma - Tatsumaki: call assist, volcano, airdash j.S
Akuma - Tatsumaki [requires corner]: call assist, volcanco, tk volcano, j.S
Akuma - Tatsumaki [requires corner, ground bounce]: call assist, volcano, tk million carats, stinger, bc volcano, beehive, j.S

ugh… he has so many… ill post more when im not so tired.

you can actually use wesker’s jaguar kick assist with dante also. Midscreen or corner , just do cold shower+ assist into j.S/hammer.

cold shower+magnetos hyper grav assist into j.S/hammer

With ammy you can call assist dp+M jump S xx qcf+L xx qcf+L
With sent you can call sent qcb+L xx H jump S even midscreen, works well after beehive
call spencer aa wire dp+M jump S
There’s tons of assist dp+M jump S, here’s the ones I know-Haggar Spin, Shuma eyeballs, Zero srk, ryu tatsu, akuma tatsu, Chun legs, Iron man beam, doom beam, dormammu dark hole
With missiles you can do pop shredder+Missiles super jump qcf+L xx qcf+L land dp+M jump S(works midscreen) or Call missiles dfHHH-fH xx A+S S dp+M jump S(corner)

Hulk - Gamma Wave: [Corner required] Call assist, j.:s: (delay to avoid knocking them back into the Gamma Wave)
Hulk - Gamma Charge: [Corner required] Call assist, Volcano, j.:s:

Phoenix - TK Shot: [Corner required] Call assist + Cold Shower (4 hits), j.:s:

Sentinel: Charge, anywhere.Call Sent> Rain Storm>Land>Hammer/J.S
Sentinel: Charge, Corner,after you used your wall bounce.Call Sent> Cold Shower>Stinger>BC>J.S>Hammer
Sentinel: Charge, any where. Call Sent>Forward Throw>Teleport>J.S>Cold Shower>Prop Shredder
Sentinel: Charge, any where. Call Sent> Million Carats>Revolver>Grapple>DHC glitch

Tron: Gustaff Flame anywhere: Air Grab> Call Tron>Rain Storm(4-6 shots)>Land>5S>Charge shots>Prop Shredder
Tron: Gustaff Flame anywhere:Call Tron> Volcano>J.S. Affected by HSD. Doesn’t work when HSD is very low.
Tron: Gustaff Flame anywhere: Call Tron>Volcano>Tk Revolver>Grapple>DHC glitch.

Trish: Low Voltage anywhere:Call Trish> Volcano>J.S. Affected by HSD. Still works but becomes very tight,
Trish: Low Voltage anywhere:When your groundbounce is dead.Call Trish> Cold Shower>Jet Stream or Cold Shower>6C BC> Jetstream in corner

Wesker: Samurai Edge: Airgrab>RainStorm(2 shots)>Wesker>5S>Charge shots>prop shredder.

Phoenix: TK shot anywhere: Call Phoenix>Volcano>J.S. Affected by HSD. Still works but becomes very tight,
Phoenix: TK Shot anywhere: Call Phoenix>Volcano>TK Revolver>Grapple>DHC glitch.

Zero: Ryuenjin corner: Cold Shower>Stinger>Call Zero>Acid Rain. Uses up your wall bounce and is not affected by HSD. I think Eviltoaster has a way of doing it without using up the wall bounce.

You can, with Gamma Wave midscreen, call assist super jump S later you time it more hits you’ll get, can be a bit tough.

Magneto - EMD Disruptor:
(Anywhere starter) j.H, airplay, j.H + call assist, land, s.H, s.S etc.
(Corner ender) On grounded opponent, beehive, stinger + call assist, bc, j.S

Zero - Ryuenjin: (cornered) Cold Shower, assist call on last hit, Stinger, bold cancel, (assist hits), Acid Rain, S or Volcano, j. S. - Does not use up wall bounce when Zero is called early.
Zero - Ryuenjin: (cornered) Assist call, OTG Volcano, (assist hits), jump cancel Million Carats,
Zero - Sougenmu + Ryuenjin: (cornered) Cold Shower, assist call on last hit, Stinger, bold cancel, (assist hits), Acid Rain xN, S or Volcano, jump cancel Million Carats or j.S. Does not use up wall bounce.

Sentinel - Drones: Assist call, OTG Million Carats, (assist hits), j. S or The Hammer or dash up Million Carats again.
Sentinel - Drones: (cornered) Cold Shower, Stinger, Bold Move, assist call + Sky Dance, (assist hits), j.S. - Still experimenting, but this will reset ground bounce if you’ve used it already with Killer Bee or Beehive.
Sentinel - Drones: (After Killer Bee or Beehive ground bounce) (optional st. H +) Assist call, Reverb Shock, Fireworks, (assist hits), j. S. - easy combo to j.S after easy mode combo with Killer Bee. Works best if not cornered.

Video of all the above.


List of DP Assists that allow you to Stinger>Wall Bounce>Assist>Acid Rain loop(aka more than 2 reps) and give you enough hitstun to do it even at the end of long combos.

  1. Captain America: Stars and Stripes(da best, puts em so freaking high lol)
  2. Zero: Ryuenjin
  3. Ryu: Shoryuken
  4. Morrigan: Shadow Blade
  5. Hulk: Gamma Charge

List of assists that allow you to Stinger>Wall Bounce> Assist> Acid Rain(<2 acid rains) and are not affected by HSD

  1. She Hulk: Sommersault

  2. Wolverine: Tornado Claw
    List of assist that allow you to Stinger>Wall Bounce> Assist>Acid Rain(1 or more) but are affected by HSD, making them not work late combo.

  3. Chun Li: Tenshokyaku

  4. Viewtiful Joe: Uppercut

  5. Spiderman: Spidey Sting

  6. Thor: Mighty Strike

I don’t have Jill nor do I plan on purchasing her so if someone could try it out for me for the sake of completion, that’d be pretty cool.

All attempts done after

  1. J.S>Cold Shower>Stinger and
  2. Full Combo> DHC into Trish Round Harvest> Tag Dante> J.S> Cold Shower>Stinger

to see whether they were affected by HSD or not.

I’m pretty sure this is not true. You can do cold showers way late in combos and still link Reverb Shocks the same way. Not to mention it’s an infinite by itself. Cold Shower is probably the best way to let an assist hit since you can call the assist during the move, because it doesn’t count as a special. Volcano however is affected by hitstun scaling, but I think it has a minimum hitstun amount so you can always combo Beehave after it, so with fast enough assists it works fine. Also does more damage/meter gain than the OTG guns.

Worth noting, Beehive is 3 frame startup, fast move.

Was a little bored and curious if Dante was Joe-compatible, so I rec’d his shocking pink extenders.

Corner: j.S + Joe, tiny pause, Twister

Midscreen: Joe, low Reverb juggle -> fireworks.


Whoa those are damn stylish.
Do you have a midscreen one that starts from OTG? Joe, df+HHH, reverb?

Well put, I completely see what you mean. I’ll take that line out.

You’d want to do…

Knockdown, df+hhh, joe->reverb. Gotta call joe right before the reverb.

Cold Shower -> reverb can be tricky on some characters, though(I don’t think it works on fat characters at all), so it might be easier to just do knockdown, volcano->beehive, small pause, joe->reverb(so it juggles low).

pretty sick mercurial good stuff

Spencer - Slant Shot
(call assist) Volcano (assist hits) j.S it might be possible to connect hammer but i haven’t tried yet will test later

(off of a jump S or Hammer starter) volcano jc j.h airplay j.h (call assist while falling)s.h S superjump cancel (assist hits) j.S into whatever bnb you like

also with doom i do volcano instead of df.hhh just because of scaling but you have to really delay the volcano

Thanks, I do try.

Any special requests for assists to toy around with? Easy enough for me to put something good together.

Heh, I’d really appreciate a reliable mid-screen on using Phoenix - Trap. I can do corner with million carats, (trap hits), j.S, but a midscreen would be nice.

Plasma Beam doesn’t require the corner. Knockdown, call Doom, delay, volcano jc. j.S. Timing is tight as fuck though.

Stylish, and beautiful.