Dante Changes in Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3



Any changes you find to Dante in Ultimate please post them here so they are easier to find. I’ll keep this post updated as new info is found.

Slight hitbox nerf st.:l: harder to anti-air
Likely hitbox nerf on st.:m:. No longer seems to hit near Dante’s feet
Hitbox nerf on st.:h:. Vertical range has been decreased a lot

Smaller hitbox on :qcf::l: divekick
The inputs for all of Dante’s rekkas have been changed
Examples:Hammer is now done with J.:qcf::l:,:l:. (use to be J.:qcf::l::qcf::l:)
Beehive is now :dp::m:, :m: ( was :dp::m:, :dp::m:)
Hammer lost its invincibility :frowning:

Dante can triple jump during Devil Trigger
Dante can now double dash during Devil Trigger
Dante can build meter during Devil Trigger (To Be Confirmed) [Hopefully it is :D]

:f::h: BC Volcano BnB still works but the timing is tighter.
:df::h::h::h: xx :f::h: (Stinger) wallbounce in corner is a bit higher than it used to be. Bold Move j.:s: seemed to almost always cross up.
j.S/Hammer BnB requires instant Volcano after the knockdown for the airplay, j.:h:, land :h: to combo, and even then it’s very tight. If you delay the Volcano even a moment, it won’t work due to the hitstun deterioration timer.
After a long combo you can no longer end with Beehive into Jetstream they fall out during Jetstream

Overall Dante does less damage

People would contributed: Sycho, Lowhighkang. Richard Nguyen, XplosionFish

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Was Dante REALLY that broken they had to nerf him? It wasn’t like it was easy herp-a-derp wolvie combos, playing Dante in MVC3 is no different from playing C.Viper in SSF4. High risk with high reward. Feel free to comment, I’ll be asking my friends that went to Evo who also play Dante to tell me if they notice anything. So I’ll relay it back here.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Dante gets nerfed (cause he’s actually pretty ridiculous), I just hope that they don’t mess with his combos and playstyle too much (which is fundamentally amazing which is why it’s gonna be so hard to nerf him without wrecking him).

They could get away with nerfing things like hammer or some of the reverse hitboxes on his normals without causing too much fuss, but touching anything else is gonna be really tricky if they don’t want to change what makes him…Dante.

I hope that a hammer nerf and maybe some hitbox nerfs are all he gets.


Nah C Viper in SSF4 had her obvious weaknesses, Dante in MvC3 is the closest you will get to having no weakness and I can see why Capcom would want to nerf him. High risk would be the likes of Spiderman, Dorm, Sentinel, Skrull or Iron Man that have very slow normals and a high chance of getting punished easily whenever they attack. In comparision to them Dante is a low-medium risk character even if you stick to his day 1 b&bs.


My friend has the NERVE to tell me that Dante has drawbacks to using him and he shouldn’t get nerfed… All that being able to hit behind him with his normals stuff needs to get outta here… The main thing that I hope they change is that you are able to tech roll after getting hit with his AIR S… If that one thing changes I think people wouldn’t abuse it as much… just my opinion of course.


So…how does dante get in if Teleport is too obvious(which it can be unless you’re in the corner or using an assist), jump H doesn’t hit from behind for the cross-up? Jump in hammer?, that’s like the only viable option because of it’s +frames on block.

And I base the idea that dante is high risk because of his low health. Plenty of characters can do 900k with a 1 to 2 bars. Dante has to DO WORK to get real damage. Bold Cancel this, super jump cancel that. Cancel the special to do the variant of that special. Drop one of dante’s combos and it could cause you the match. If you drop a wolverine combo, “big deal, I’ll just dive kick my way to a reset.”

Nerf Jump S? It’s horrible on block. I’d see that being an issue if Dante players were cancelling it into Hammer ALL the time. Let me get to my point though, Dante needs to get nerfed immediately, I mean he’s so out of control winning all those tournaments. Who’s Phoenix? Who is pre-patch Sentinel?


Dante has plenty of herpaderp stuff. It’s just masked by an execution barrier that’s not even neccessarily required as long as you have strong spacing and good assists to back up your projectiles and teleports. His execution is not C.Viper hard unless you get into like charged shot loop based stuff which apparently was removed from the game any way. The typical bold cancel volcano stuff isn’t easy but not really that difficult compared to like the link based stuff in SFIV or pretty much anything in Guilty Gear.

I don’t even see why people complain about his air S. It’s garbage and it’s funny that people are still scared of that move. His hammer is at least 3 times scarier than that move and the only reason I can think of why the average online player doesn’t use it is the slight execution barrier revolved around it. Hammer is cheap for so many reasons I’m not even going to list them but long story short it makes Dante’s air S seem like Hsien Ko’s launcher.

If you drop one of Dante’s combos it’s the same shit. Oh I dropped a combo as long as I have Tron or Haggar assist I can mash on them while teleporting and coming down with another mix up. Just watch Richard N play his team for a few matches. Dropped combos are basically resets for his team.

The whole point of Dante’s teleport is you’re supposed to use an assist+hysteric (preferably projectile assist or fast horizontal assist) or multi shot to set it up so you don’t get air thrown and poked out of it all day. Hysteric and Multi Lock also have anti advance guard properties that keep them locked down for the teleport but do just little enough block stun that you can get a mix up going easily after the teleport. If you’re not using assists followed by hysteric or multi lock to set up your teleports you probably have Dante as your anchor or are probably using Tron/Haggar as an assist where it won’t actually matter then.

Comparing him to Sentinel and Phoenix is relative especially since you can put him on a Phoenix team any way and funny enough Dante’s best successes as of late have been when he’s on a Phoenix team. He’s also been at least within the top 8 to top 3 of most majors and is regularly picked among a lot of the regular top players on weekly streams. Pre patch Sentinel was already dying as he got started any ways as people were regularly counter picking him with She Hulk and Ammy and shutting his terrible mix up options down with lame out or strong rush.

Phoenix of course is Phoenix because you don’t really even have to know how to use the character since the dumb ass fast meter build in this game even when you get hit allows her to get 5 way too fast. Once you understand the concept of Phoenix you just throw 2 good characters on top of her and you’re a legit threat at tourneys. Dark Phoenix is too easy to achieve and the fact that she’s too easy to achieve makes it so you can pretty much any 2 characters on her team that are already good and then they become retarded.



ugh, pretty much.


LOL. Yeah that stuff was like before he added the super cheese to his team. 2 minutes into the first video…


Or just fucking anywhere in the next video (of one of the recent WNF’s that he won)…


Random OTG combo into Haggar reset that you have to deal with into more BS. Makes Dante hella easy to play and you can still do that with typical assists it’s just a bit more risky since other assists aren’t invincible. Haggar no longer giving hard ass knockdown should make things less stupid but you’re still going to be able to swing that Haggar assist and get juggles off it very easily im sure.


Face it, Haggar assist makes anyone with a move that crosses up easy to play. Haggar Zero/Wolverine is just as dumb, and you can bet Haggar Strider will be the second most bullshit thing you’ve ever seen (nobody can be more bullshit than XF3 Dark Phoenix though :p). Phoenix (and XFactor) have also gotten pretty big nerfs, so it’s not like Dante can play the “build meter to win for free” game anymore.

J.S is pretty bad, so Idk why it would need to be nerfed lol. The only problem with it is that it cancels into hammer and hammer is broken (remove some invincibility and make it not +20 on block and it’ll be fine).

I wouldn’t mind the reverse hitboxes on his air normals being trimmed down though. J.H litterally hits half as far behind him as it does in front of him. You don’t even have to space that crossup, the game does it for you. Other than that it just bugs me when something hits when it looks like it shouldn’t have.

If that isn’t enough, they could just lower the base damage of some of his normals (and Volcano. That shit does massive damage for a single hit). He’d get less out of scrappy little hits and have to depend almost entirely on his combo enders for damage (well, more than he does now. You wouldn’t be able to get away with just day 1 shit for damage).

With that the combos stay intact, the mixups stay, the zoning and rushdown stay, ect. It all just becomes slightly less rewarding (which is fine given how effective it is). It sucks that other characters would get more damage for less work, but the OPTIONS Dante gets for his work would still give me incentive to play him (and his work isn’t as difficult as people make it sound).


Plus Phoenix on top of that makes Dante ultra easy to play because you don’t even have to play to win anymore in order to win unless the opponent gets lucky on DP. LOL.

He could definitely stand to get a slight nerf on the speed of his s.L or the invincibility of his hammer and still be very competitive. I doubt they’re going to mess with his teleport speed/recovery since he’s kinda supposed to be character that can do whatever he wants with the issue of being frame trapped if people get in. Which is a big IF if you space him well with assists any way.


HM. I have no rebuttal. Thanks for shedding some light on possibly…why dante could be nerfed. but i still don’t think he’s out of control like some people are saying.


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quick combo question.
Does groundbounce(from anything)>>Backdash S~HH still work?


Why not just change the idiot aa factor of some of his normals (s.l, s.h, s.s)? Don’t rape his COOL / FUN play style, rape his boring / uninteresting one. Make it so his boring style is less viable, change the bounce on air qcf+l, make it so you have to execute to play him correctly…I would even accept the hammer nerf, just don’t change the things I find fun him cause of the admittedly idiot stuff he has that could be easily changeable.

p.s. Like why change the Charge shot loop too? :frowning: ANY REASON TO PLAY DANTE AT ALL ANYMORE GAWD
/rage quits dante


Honestly, I’m a little dissapointed in some of his changes as well, but I still think Dante will be good. Same with Magneto, Storm and a few others…you just have to work them in a different way. I still think Dante can be effective.


I agree he’s def. not easy mode, and I’ve been trying to tell everyone I use Dante against that but they never agree and just go ‘‘uhuhuhuuuh Jump S???’’ I go ‘’-_-’’ but Dante is not THAT hard (Viper ssf4 hard lol) He can be tough to play, but as mentioned he does got some derpy stuff. You can spam hammer all day and go through everything…Insane range…With Assists (Hagger) crazy as hell, he got some pretty abusable easy specials etc. Eh maybe I should pick Hagger up…Tbh Im against people that can’t Mix things up by themselves and have to use mashable Invincible assists, im glad they are nerfed tbh

Also didn’t jumping S get a buff?

Also ''Dante with the Devil Trigger going can triple jump and air dash twice in a row.

New change to Dante, what will that change? seems cool though, he’ll be a beast in that mode (Which he already was). So far I haven’t heard much about his nerfs, can anyone update me? Apart from Jab/normals being faster or slower.


I heard there is more start up on j.S but as far as I know it hasn’t been 100% confirmed yet.


doesn’t really matter either way. Just kills people who randomly do j.S>nothing.