Dante is Marvel vs Capcom 3's most complex character (so far)



Capcom: MvC3’s Dante Has Record Setting Number Of Special Moves - News - Gaming Union

Yet Trish is Killian’s pick. Should be interesting to see how everyone else turns out, if they’re gearing for a lot of variety (move wise) across every single character. It’ll certainly make slimming the roster a lot more meaningful, and individual characters a lot more defined.


Yeah, Trish is my pick too. She has a lot of things that make her deadly on point and on assist. Of course, we haven’t seen either’s Level 3 so that could be a factor in the future.


Why didn’t you post this in the Dante thread? Or the Trish thread?

Also, the number of moves a character has does not make them more complex.


I would deffinately think S. Kill’s right! Lol… In case anyone’s interested, these are the moves that I’m aware of so far, at least that I know the inputs for…


This probably should’ve been Gen Dis more than anything. I don’t think it was enough of a big deal to post in a Character Thread.


Well, it covered both characters so I wasn’t quite sure where to put it! And no, it doesn’t make them the most complex in the final version of the game. But as things stand thusfar, having a wide variety of moves in development is a sign of a lot of things. Watching gameplay videos and seeing how the character’s progression, knowing the range of tools they have at their disposal, set a nice bar for our expectations to be held at.

Now they just need to release some actual decent videos for the two characters, and we’ll be set! Last time we saw Dante Skrull, Doom, and Deadpool got a little too much air time.


Demon Dash is uploading vids. He’s got 4 now, and I think all of them have Trish in it. Plus, we got a rare Felicia sighting.


He doesn’t change weapons for the followup to 236C, the rocket launcher has a bayonet/grappling hook on it.

Does anyone know the inputs for any of his devil trigger only moves? Might only be the one flying dash/lightning thing, but I have no clue how it’s done.


Oh very nice, I’ll have to check it out!


Ah, cool, I was just emphasising the fact that the move is a harpoon and not a rocket…


I hope he ends up getting a special move that makes use of his Spiral gun somehow, just so that he would have had all his devil arms and guns from DMC3.