Dante on Pad

Long story short, bold cancelling probably makes Dante one of the hardest characters to play on pad. I find all of his combos to be pretty reasonable to do consistently except Bold Cancel to teleport, which I get like %30 of the time due to the difficulty of simultaneously pressing the face buttons on 360 (even though I have big hands/fingers which gives me a decent advantage).

But aside from that, my question is if there are any notable Dante players that rock pad? I play Dorm/Mag/Wesker and Dante/Mag/Wesker covers a lot of Dorms more annoying matchups.

Tanx in advance.

My friend Pedro plays on pad. You can usually see him on the tnt stream. I Know it took him a few months to get bold cancels down though

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It can be done consistently on pad, just practice it after a neutral (as in no combo) Stinger over and over again and you’ll get it after a couple of hours. Just getting comfortable with the input made it alot easier to do since I would rush to do it everytime in a panic, just hoping it worked each time. Try to do it as slow as possible with it still coming out, and you may realize you’re trying too hard.

Try this motion after Stinger: :d:+:atk:+:s:,:d:+:s:

That’s what I do on pad anyway, and for me, it makes the teleport BC cancel easy-peasy.

Yeah I’ve tried using that motion. Tbh the biggest problem isn’t the input itself from a neutral position, it’s getting the input properly after mashing guns to OTG them high enough to get stinger. Going from the mashing position to the position to get ready to stinger bold cancel is the part I have trouble with. I get it pretty consistently from neutral, it’s just getting it in the combo that’s really hard =/

Also, what Atk button do most pad players use for the bold cancel? I use H which might be why I’m having so much difficulty.

I use L+S for bold cancelling myself.

I’m a pad Dante player as well. It’s not really that hard. Bold cancelling and stuff is just harder in general for new Dante players to pick up. After enough practice you’ll be messing up the Volcano input and accidentally getting Crystal. Then after practicing that you’ll be good enough to do it consistently.

For Stinger > Teleport I do :f:+:h:, :d::l:+:s:, :d::s:

I think its just because your learning bold canceling. you could make one of your triggers light so that you press the trigger and launcher at the same time. It’ll take an hour a day for about 4-5 days to get it down.

I already set one of my triggers to L, as I used to play Zero, so that’s amazing advice. I’ll hit the lab as soon as I get home after work. Appreciate the input once again lol.

I’m a Dante Pad warrior myself, I do bold cancel teleports all the time. It started hard, sure, but now it’s actually one of the points in my combos that I have no problem getting consistently. To be honest, I drop my valcano-JC-j.H-Air Play-j.H much more than I do the BC teleports.

Anyways, just get in there and keep working on it.

Try :d: :d:+:atk:~:s: after Stinger.

I play Dante on pad and I can bold cancel, but I can’t do Stinger --> BC Teleport. I decided that since it did negligible extra damage and was character specific (I think?) I just wouldn’t bother with it.

When I originally played Dante in Vanilla, I played him exclusively on pad. Bold canceling is definitely doable, but I must say it also contributed to my eventually “letting him go” until I could play on stick. The required motion wasn’t necessarily so much “difficult” as it was annoying (as far as BC teleports go, that is). I don’t know why, but anything 22 (down, down) related just pisses my thumb off. So having to do something in addition to that particular input meant that, if I wasn’t focused, my hands didn’t really want to do it lol.

Also, Stinger -> BC teleport is a basic requirement for pretty much any decent Dante combo, and isn’t character specific.

Really? I’ve seen the teleport not put you in the right position sometimes (like full screen away) so I assumed that it was character specific. In any case, my Dante BnB does about 700K. Even with the little bit extra, it still wouldn’t be enough to kill and thus I don’t think it’s super important. What I do think is important to learn (which I haven’t done yet because I’m lazy) is resets.

You’d have to perform the BC teleport waaayyyyyy fast to get that to happen with any regularity. You’d also have to be starting combos with your back almost literally to the wall. Which, just from hit confirming into volcano, H, air play, etc etc, should pretty much never be the case.

The only thing that “ought” to happen every now and then is that you end up getting a bold cancel without Trick.

I play rpgs on stick. This should be a walk in the park.

Are you going back to neutral after that Down L+S before the next DownS?? Or is it more of a Down L+S,S

Lol using Pad on Xbox wouldn’t that be ridiculously hard.I don’t really have any tips except getting a Fight Stick im no a Xbox player but i can relate to the intensity to using one.I think the best thing would be Practicing.Which is why i play of PS3 im not being a fanboy or anything im just noting that one of the reason why i had gotten PS3 was because of this reason too.Although i which i played for the fact that many tournys are played on Xbox.

Ive been playing dante on pad for about 3 days, Its super easy to master his bc from his stinger.

For bc to teleport, you have plenty of time to buffer an attack+down then s+down, just dont try to mash it. once you figure out how incredibly easy it is your dante will be swagging.