Dante She-Hulk Reset

So I’ve been messing around with this team She-Hulk, Wolverine, Dante. I’m wondering if this works. I haven’t been able to test it out on live competition only practice.

In Air throw so that opponent is cornered. Rain storm. When the hit Counter reaches 12 Assist She Hulk with Torpedo. Then jump Air Throw again. Repeat. Can anyone else expand upon this? Maybe it works best with other assists? Maybe opponent can tech, double jump, fly, or hit their way out of it?

They can tech

I came across two others. I’ve tried it on people online but still not sure if it’s inescapable.

Using her butt dive as an OTG paired with Jam Session in the corner, as soon as they flip out, I use her AA command grab. Now I know they can either jump forward or neutral. I move She Hulk about 2 steps back and it catches them if they jump forward or neutral. I’m not sure if chars with some sort of double jump or flight have the time to move away. So far it’s been working like a charm. I guess someone with an air Hyper that’s invincible on start can get out of this. Phoenix and Sent come to mind.

Another would be on incoming opponent, I call Jam Session and if they block, as soon as Jam Session is done I use the AA command grab. It doesn’t seem that there’s enough time for one to double jump/ Air dash or fly away from it. I’m willing to play with someone and test it out, preferably with a good Air maneuvering character.

Yeah, these ones work, kinda like X-23’s level 3. If you time it right I think it’s inescapable unless you have an invincible super, but, unlike X-23’s level 3, they can escape these setups by simply taking the Jam Session since she hulk’s airgrab doesn’t combo, so it probably won’t work more than once or twice on a smart opponent.

Just a thought, but if you see them get hit with the Jam Session, could you cancel her anti-air grab into her Legs/Tits/Ass super to carry the combo?

I do use her Emerald Cannon Hyper usually with the Jam Session assist. But I never cancel the AA command grab. With the Command grab i have to wait until the stun is over. With Emerald Cannon I use it as soon as Jam Session hits.