Dante technical/help thread

I’ve been seeing a lot of threads asking the same questions lately. This sub-forum isn’t exactly up to date so I can’t blame them. I’ll be answering a lot of the frequently asked questions in this thread and maybe share some stuff you all didn’t know.

Q: How do I cancel Stinger? Specifically into Air Trick (Teleport)?

A: You want to do Stinger > Bold Cancel > Teleport. An easier way to do this and my preferred method is to do Stinger then Down+Attack+S then Down+S. The way I do it is this:

:f::h:, :d::l:+:s:, :d::s:

The timing isn’t that strict and you can essentially mash :d::atk::s: and the Teleport will probably come out if you’re new to learning it. This is one of the most important things to learn with Dante, so practice up.

Q: How do I “get in” with Dante?

A: One way to use Air Play (j.:qcf::m:) then airdash forward and j.:h:/j.:m:.

Another way is to tag someone with a Stinger on block or hit, bold cancel a teleport after Stinger connects while calling an assist, then teleport. You can add more to this mixup by airdashing (or airdashing twice if you’re in Devil Trigger) then doing your air normal, or not doing one at all and going low.

Another tool for getting in is Hysteric ( :qcf::h:). You can usually dash behind the missile cover to get in the ideal range. It’s generally safe since there’s quite a few missiles and they home in. If you think your opponent is gonna rush you before Dante finishes shooting all of the missiles, cancel into Devil Trigger. Now you’re in a neutral position while the missiles are still homing in which allows you to teleport behind them for mixups.

An easier way to get in is simply calling an assist then teleporting just as the assist reaches them to hit the opponent. Common assists for this are Doctor Doom’s Plasma Beam, Strider’s Vajra H, Sentinel’s Sentinel Force (Drones), Magneto EMD, and Akuma’s Tatsu. Assists that put them in a lot of hitstun are better because you can mix them up a few times before the assist ends.

If you’re in Devil Trigger you can use Vortex (j.:qcf::s:)as a way to get in on zoning teams. It’s got invincibility from frames 10-38 and goes across pretty much the entire screen. It also ignores advancing guard and has a huge hitbox and ignores hitstun decay. That’s not all, because it is also +10 on block. The rest of the cast should be glad Dante doesn’t have this move all the time. You can also TK it similar to Sentinel’s Hard Drive.

Stinger cancelled into Reverb Shock ( :qcb::l:) cancelled into Fireworks is also a great way to get in and pushes the opponent into the corner. Fireworks makes this blockstring +2 on block, but faster opponents can retaliate from the right range. If they pushblock this it’s practically unpunishable.

Q: What’s the best combo to do after Hammer or j.:s:?

A: j.:s:/j.:qcf:l::l:, :dp::m:, JC, j.:m:, j.:h:, j.:qcf::l:, 44 :s:, :h: (Clay Pidgeon), :f::h:, :atk:+:s:, [:d::d::s:], j.:qcf::l::l: :dp::m:~:m:

Only do the bracketed part if the corner isn’t near enough to do Hammer. If too far away you need to teleport and do a Hammer to knock them down. Doing j.:s: instead of Hammer causes a flying screen since it is technically an air combo (st.:s: was used in the combo and no hard knockdown has been used yet) leaving them very far away from Dante.

Q: How do I get Sky Dance to do a ground bounce instead of a hard knockdown in the corner? How can I be sure which one is going to happen?

A: To get a ground bounce you have to be at a reasonable height compared to the person getting hit by Sky Dance. Being too high above them makes the person hit the ground before you and you won’t have time to do Beehive. You’ll still be in recovery. You want to be as far below them as possible. If you Beehive them after the hard knockdown the ground bounce will not reset.

An easy way to get the ground bounce is to do Volcano~Beehive, wait until they’re falling back down from the ground bounce, then do 44 :s:. The more you wait the better. The sooner you do it, the more it’s likely that it won’t work and you’ll be behind them, making the Sky Dance do a hard knockdown instead.

If you want the hard knockdown, basically just do the 44 :s: as soon as you possibly can.

If you do mess up and got the hard knockdown instead, don’t worry. You can IAD (instant air dash), j.:m:, and put them back in the corner. You can then do your normal finisher on them with time to spare.

Q: How do I do Cold Shower after a level 3?

A: You want to press your dash buttons as soon as you can after Dante puts his sword away. If you did it right it will look like Dante never even dashed and was right next to the person after the level 3 ended. It has to be done extremely fast.

Q: What is the Dante Grapple reset?

A: Comboing into Grapple then using the untechable knockdown to do a mixup on someone that’s very highly in Dante’s favor. If you have a low assist like Wesker or Felicia this is unblockable. More here:

14 seconds in demonstrates it.

Q: Can I use Dante on anchor? What are some strategies?


That should be everything for now. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask here. I’ll probably add it to the OP if it’s a very common question that I missed.

Q: What’s the easiest way to perform the Stinger > Bold Cancel > Grapple?

A: The easiest way I’ve found is to do :dp::m:~:m: midscreen, backdash, st.:s:~:h:, :f::h: [release :f: as soon as possible], then :atk::s:, :qcf::h:[delay]:h:. Doing it from the Beehive removes the risk of Stinger crossing up and getting a Jet Stream to come out because you are farther back. Release :f: as soon as possible to eliminate any chance of a :dp::h: coming out. More or less, you want to release whatever you used to input the move as soon as the Stinger hits, then do a :qcf::h:. It’s still possible from :df::h::h::h: :f::h: but it’s very spacing dependent. Besides the spacing it is the same concept.

why do some people use j.:m: rather than j.:h: (to start the combo after an air dash)? what’s the difference?

j.H and j.M for what? crossups? I just do whichever one. They’re both pretty ambiguous but it seems like j.M crosses up a little faster since you have to be pretty low for j.H to cross up.

Long time lurker here. Question as to resetting Dante’s ground bounce; Am I aiming for the hard knockdown or ground bounce when I use Sky Dance? As I haven’t been able to reset his ground bounce limit, (I TK the Sky dance after Million Carats + Drone Assist). Thanks in advance.

You’re aiming for the ground bounce where they fly away, not the one where they hit the ground without flying away. Also you don’t necessarily have to TK it. I know I don’t. You just need to be somewhat lower than them.

I also use j.:m: against small characters and for characters that have short crouches. More reliable I think than j.:h:.

Is there a secret to avoiding getting punished when DHCing into Dante’s Devil Trigger? It seems like when I have been DHCing a character out and bringing Dante in like that, I always think he should be able to block after he comes in, but I get hit. And yet, in this video:

We see Dante Devil Triggering in and blocking Wesker’s level 3. Is this a case where you need to use Bold Cancel blocking to make that work?

I usually just hold back and it blocks for me. Block during the super freeze and it should be okay.

Lol, maybe I am just forgetting to hold back.

Not sure if this is the proper thread to ask this but what bad-matchups does Dante have. I haven’t really played him since the early days of vanilla so need to get an idea of the things he has a hard time with again.

In response to R4NS0M and/or new Dante players:
Dante doesn’t really have matchup where he’s completely shut down, but you should be more wary of other characters that have very good normals and good teleports/mobility (Vergil, Zero, Strider come to mind here).
Dante can zone and rush effectively, but don’t get over zealous; they’ll eventually those you out of your bad teleports, and can get around (or beat) your zoning.

Patience and mastery of his neutral game is gonna pay off in spades here, and knowing what to expect will also help you.
I.E. Avoid AirPlay when Strider is involved, avoid zoning against Hawkeye, keep on the look for bad teleports an punish accordingly, Stinger into Bold Cancel teleport is a very good tactic with an assist (I should know, momo bodied me with it) and other stuff you’ll pick up as you practice.

Keep it practical also- while volcano into revolver is fancy, it isn’t the greatest combo starter ever. Learn (and stick with) MH Stinger Bold Canclel -> Volcano for combos.

Stay Positive! Dante is a hard character to master, and it can be frustrating, but sticking with him helps In the long run, trust me.

-Dante has no disgusting matchups, just ones he should be more aware and careful.
-S tier and A tiers (check the list here) should be treated with extra care (especially Zero)
-Dante can Zone and Rush, but be careful who you Zone or Rush.
-Know your matchups and their specifics.
-The four P’s to learning Dante: Patience, Practice, Practicality, and Positivity!

Whew, that took longer than I expected.
Ah well. Keep it SSStylish!

I personally think Dante doesn’t have specific bad matchups except Zero (devil trigger helps a lot though), but there’s a couple of assists that do nerf his game a little like Trish’s Pekkaboo ,Hagga’s Lariat, Strider (forgot the name), and Hidden Misiles to some extent.
I recommend snapping any of these asap.

Thank you Girthalicious for the helpful info. His versatility is big reason why I want I think
I should add him to to a few of teams. Good movement, great assists, and damn good DHCs. Dante has all of it.

And I kind of figured he wouldn’t have and terrible matchups due to his options.

To the training room!

Is there a video to the j. :s: / hammer combo?

I haven’t touched the game since Vanilla MvC3, so I’m having a bit of trouble acclimating back to his BnBs,
Not sure how to keep the combo going after the Air play in the beginning of the bnb, the stand H,S after landing seems to want to whiff all the time.
Any tips for making that easier to land? or should I do killer bee combos?(not sure if Sky Dance can reset the ground bounce used by the killer bee.

If they always pop out before j.S, Slightly delay the j.H after AirPlay. The timings a bit tight, but once you get it in your muscle memory, it should be fine.
Sky dance will always reset the groundbounce, even if it doesn’t put them into one. If the opponent is ground bounced by SD, that GB you reset just got used.
If the opponent goes flying out of SD, you can (in the corner) link Volcano->Beehive to get (guaranteed, regardless of wether a GB was used before) a GB.
Using cr.H after j.H (but befor S) can be tricky to learn at first, but will make landing that S a lot more consistent.

Bracketed moves are optional:

MH Stinger -> BC volcano, (M)H AirPlay, j.H land (st.H or cr.H), S.

That should be your basic combo starter, and what you do from there depends on what your bnb is. (I recommend clay pigeon -> prop shredder)

Also, Using killer bee early tends to do a bit more damage, but you’re really just trading off meter gain from saving that GB for ~25k damage. (so meh.)

Definitely appreciate this thread, I’ve gotten most of the Bold Cancels down except for the Air Trick(Teleport) one.

I’m having trouble with coldshower->stinger->BC teleport. Sometimes I’ll end up teleporting before they hit the wall, making any follow ups impossible.

Is there any method of ensuring that the teleport always comes out behind them? I have no problems with S->upshots->stinger->teleport, but I want to learn the cold shower version so I can put them back in the corner more easily, and also to save my groundbounce more easily for assist extensions.

do two shots of cold shower.

You can also plink the teleport to give yourself some time. I had a question myself though.

How tight of a link is Rain Storm to Volcano? I’m trying to do the Acid Rain Volcano link into j.S (Airplay whiff) Rain Storm Volcano xx Beehive Million Dollars. For the life of me though I cannot get the Volcano to combo when I land. Any tips?