Dante: The Demon Hunter Thread


Great stuff no_password. I love how the last video starts in the first post haha. I appreciate that you are putting in time to find and share tech for Dante. I wish I had more time to put in the lab.

I’ve kind of been disheartened lately with Dante and with the game in general. You have to put in a lot of work in order to be effective with him vs other characters. I won’t even go into the pitfalls of Dante haha. Right now I’m trying to put some time into other characters to find a good alt other than Drake. Working on my Coles right now. I won’t give up on Dante but I’m definitely putting him on the side while I learn other characters. It’s sad cause I was playing Dante from Day 1.

We still need to play some 2v2s sometime no_password. Did you wanna feature each others channels on our page? I think a lot Dante players can benefit from your videos greatly.


I know that feeling.
I usually go for combo heavy characters with good movement options and Dante fit the bill perfectly. Its actually the reason I chose him in MvC3 as well. Unfortunately, there aren’t many characters that match my style but Kat looks pretty good with her 8-way dash. Her trash summon system seems interesting and hopefully that will create some interesting combos.

Also, i’m up for featuring each others pages. I hope more people pick up Dante but he’s definitely an all-or-nothing character. You either know what you’re doing or you look pretty free. Though it does make me smile whenever I run into a Dante pulling off empty cancel combos online.


Haha awesome, I use Dante in Marvel as well. He’s really fun. I’m definitely looking forward to Kat as well. I’ve been seeing a lot more Dante’s and I agree it’s great to see them empty canceling. Except I ran into one while I was playing G.Cole (im a real noob with him) and he was tea-bagging constantly. Gives us Dante’s a bad name. I think for most people if they cannot or do not have the patience to learn the empty cancel they will usually not stick with Dante.

The game is still young and honestly I’ve put so much time into Dante I’ll be back for sure. I still use him when I play with my regular 2v2 partner as we’re doing a reddit 2v2 tourney. I’ll be playing with the d.2 dash for sure. :smiley: You never know when it might be useful to avoid a Level 3.


Anyone else notice Dante’s profile pic has changed in PSABR…???


Is there a good way to use dante effectively against opens on block because recovery frames are a nuisance<br>


against opponents on block<br>


How about this dante update coming in?


So… is Dante top tier now?


With the balance patch dante got some changes. But i don’t understand one of his changes:

— Up Square is now jump-cancellable on both active frames

I would be grateful, if someone could explain it for me.


If you noticed, it happens sometimes that you can’t jump-cancel Dante’s up-square (launcher) when you are far from the opponent. That’s because there are 2 different hitboxes, which become active in 2 different frames, and only the first one is jump-cancellable. If you are far from the opponent, the first hitbox misses, so if the second hitbox (on the second active frame) hits, you can’t jump cancel it.

In other words, now you can always jump cancel up-square, regardless of your opponent’s distance. Which I think is a huge buff, since you can now use up-square instead of up-circle from an up-throw, and it makes many other combos on airborne opponents much easier.

The fact that he can now cancel his neutral-square combo on block is probably what will make him on of the best characters in the game. I can’t really say though lol, since people online usually don’t know what blocking is.

Also, reduced cost on supers? Hell yeah. Can now change the facing of his square chains? Oh my god.


I’m not sure but in one of the patches I think it mentioned something like not being able to quickly super the moment you touch the ground after an attack. I think it effected my dante’s empty cancel into level 1 because I’m finding it harder to time online.


Okay but what is this jump-cancel?
If I understand aright it is the jump right after up-square, if you hold the button. But sometimes Dante’s jump was canceling, if you are far from the opponent. Is that the jump-cancel?


that’s what it is. the jump righter after if you hold the button


So in other word, is just a fix and not really a change, right?


I think they made it so u couldn’t use launcher in certain situations (like after a up-throw). I don’t think it’s just a fix, maybe they just realized Dante needed to do more damage on jumping opponents.

It is harder indeed, but at least we didn’t lose it completely like it was initially thought by many.

Anyway, I’m really liking this new patch so far. Much of the broken stuff is gone, Kratos is now punishable (oh god yes…) and characters like Big Daddy and Jak are pretty viable now.


I feel drake should be nerfed. that run n gun is just insane but I’m really liking dante’s buffs. being able to cancel on block is amazing. I’m still sad about my empty cancel to lv.1 but I guess with the decrease in ap cost of his levels makes it easier for me to skip lv.1 and empty cancel into lv.2


Don’t give up on it, It’s just a bit more strict. You just have to do super a tad later, it’s still pretty easy for me :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, his biggest buff was probably the decreased cost on supers. Now I pretty much always have at least 1 bar, I never run out of meter. It may not seem like a big change, but in the long run, it’s huge.


Don’t give up on it, It’s just a bit more strict. You just have to do super a tad later, it’s still pretty easy for me :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, his biggest buff was probably the decreased cost on supers. Now I pretty much always have at least 1 bar, I never run out of meter. It may not seem like a big change, but in the long run, it’s huge.

Sometimes it’s certain characters I can’t pull it off on and then it’s the timing. My hardest time pulling it off is online. It’s weird how they made the timing for the ghetto cancel (up 2 to neutral circle) more strict. I stopped using it once I learned the empty cancel but I sometimes used it in certain situations.


Good Stuff


Sorry guys, been really busy with things and this new forum layout is killing me! SRK has slowed down as far as PSASBR unfortunately so I haven’t been here as much. I have been putting time into Dante again and I’m having fun w/ his changes. And yes the EC into Level 1 timing is slightly stricter now. His n.1 cancel on block is quite awesome!