Dante: The Demon Hunter Thread


Gents, I just figured out how to combo into level 1.

I was fucking around with up triangle cancels close to the floor and discovered I can cut Dante’s recovery to combo level 1.

Facing right:

Up.Triangle xx back.circle xx down.circle.

Dante will flash air dash in place then land on the floor ready for any action.

So the combo goes like this:
(facing right)
Square Square Square > Up. Triangle xx back.circle xx down. circle > Right Lvl1.

For the bold cancel to work, you need to be really precise and quick with the input. You need to be air dashing the opposite direction Dante is facing. I haven’t been able to recreate the cancel facing the same direction. After the cancel, you need to get the lvl 1 out as soon as possible and it should combo.


Awesome, I was just recording some combos and editing my text file for this guide and noticed we got some discussion going.

First off, scuzzy, great stuff/posts! I added your combos to the combo section. (will add your level 1 super combo but I’m super tired.) Do you mind if I post video examples of the things you’ve added? Or perhaps can you provide any? I don’t mind either way.

I really am enjoying Dante and my biggest problem is getting in on certain characters. In a FFA situation and a character is playing keep away and I’m the only one trying to get in his face to prevent Level 3, it gets frustrating. So far like you mentioned scuzzy I’ve been trying to use Aerial Arbiters. I’ve also been trying to use parry more often, whiff j.f.Square in order to throw off enemies, or just trying to block and evade my way in.

As far as general movement and i’m kind of really liking his Ebony and Ivory/Angel Dash cancels. It has really saved my butt quite a few times. An example would be Kratos Level 3 coming at me in a FFA. I double jump j.u.Triangle, f./b.Circle, Helm Breaker to platform and rinse/repeat. Not always using Helm Breaker of course. I don’t know what language the Kratos player was speaking but I heard him shouting Dante quite a few times during that haha. I am trying to practice more with his movement in order to use this for getting in. I kind of like his j.Triangle, j.f.Triangle to kind of try to get in and use fake outs in the air.

A lot of Dante’s moves are not safe and for me playing in Hawaii it gets a bit laggy at times and leaves me completely open. :frowning: In FFA games it is really hard to pull off flashy combos without getting interrupted. I usually resort to u.Square combos for less damage for the guaranteed AP in FFA. 2v2 allows more room for Dante to pull of his flashy combos. I played a bit with my buddy and he was using Big Daddy. I am convinced Big Daddy was made for 2v2! His ground and pound move is amazing with Dante’s Level 1 or Level 2. It keeps the opponents in place making it easy to get kills with Level 1’s.

I’m tired so I’ll stop before I stop making sense (hopefully that hasn’t already happened).

Let’s level up our Dante game!



More on Dante’s Angel Cancel -

You don’t need to input down circle, although its a nice option select should you drop the cancel.

You can cancel with square to reset dante. This could lead to interesting options for dante that’s worth exploring.

Also, you have my permission to make a video for the combos and this tech. This will give people a glimpse of what dante is capable of.


I do not want to look into tech too much too early, I always have the problem of doing too much labwork/discovering instead of actually playing/getting better in a new game.

Still, I plan to do some research into parry when I get off work, because I think it has the potential to be very strong. Specifically I want to test the validity of parrying during a combo in ffa when another player tries to sneak up behind you, therefore dropping it on one but picking up on the other person. If this can work, and additionally canceling into u/side.triangle, side.circle and to an extent j.down.square, then Dante might have validity as a kind of combo control character, who is incredibly hard for opponents to build meter from, and can start combos safely knowing he has several eject buttons.
His short, braindead combos still build strong AP and you can always do his super ones when the opportunity finally opens. Ideally, if parry is strong enough it can act as a deterrent, with others thinking “nanana fuk dat” and let you do big combos. Of course, projectiles still ruin the day but hey this is all slacking from work theory.

Thoughts on Level 3? It seems really strong and capable of getting lots of kills; I think it gets a bum rap because of the absurdly stupid level 3s like Sack and Sly.

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seems like dante will be a non-lvl 1 character…build meter decently fast, save for lvl 2 then get 1 kill…this is 1v1 of course. or save for 3 bar and get 2-3 kills

This game doesn’t seem like it’s meant for 1v1 given you can’t combo into lvl 1s…


Actually, you can combo into Level 1 via Scuzzy’s method. After seeing his post, I ran to Practice mode real quick and pulled it off on the first try luckily! I caught it on video. I was too tired to run through scuzzy’s corner combo but I will practice it for sure. I totally ignored corner combos after Day 1 either cause I forgot or thought it may not be practical however it’s always good to have. Nice AP numbers there and I like the use of u.Triangle.

I noticed on u.Triangle and d.Triangle if you are directly above or below the enemy you can get quite a nice amount of AP.

Samuel, the Parry seems to be really effective. What you mentioned I actually have been doing! If I notice an enemy creeping behind me mid combo i cancel into a parry to switch targets. It’s really useful although not the easiest to pull off effectively (i’m sure it will come with practice). It’s also good to use his Angel Dash to run out to safety mid combo.


@Samuel: Devil Trigger’s full potential is really only seen in 3v1, but it is definitely one of the best level 3s imo. In 2v2 it basically means 4 free kills for your team.

@Trahh: You can combo into level 1s. Dante can combo into his, as can Raiden, Drake, and Sweet Tooth, just to name some off the top of my head.

Also, I found this airdash tech pretty interesting.


Basically, you can approach with air Ebony and Ivory, cancel into airdash, and then do f+square. However, forward square out of this cancel series gives you the last hit of j.f+ square x3. This hit puts the enemy in long stagger state. You are able to follow up with level 2 easily (forgot to test level 1), or get a free combo. The range on this move is massive, do it’ll be pretty dumb with some good spacing behind your approach.

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I’ve done a least 8 reps of the empty cancel. This might be potentially an infinite off the square stagger. I got… 214 ap off of it? GG infinite into level 3!


Tested it out again. The infinite protection kicks in at 15 hits. Although, it didn’t when I was hitting two opponents. Was probably a reset off the CPU, allowing the ridiculous meter gain. Never the less, there is potential with the empty cancel.


Nice! I’m going to have to try this when I get home. 8 reps scuzzy? Nice! Was it because you dropped it or did it eventually cap off? I’ll see if I can get it recorded. I’ll definitely add this info to the post later. I want to see how many reps we can do. :smiley: I eventually want to get most of the stuff in the thread compiled into one video.

Edit: scuzzy posted his reply of 15 reps before i clicked post.


Probably old news by now, but I realized after messing around for gimmicky set-ups into rear f.square -> level 2, the front hitbox of the scythe also puts the target in the same stagger. So the front hitbox of f.square -> level 2 works and if you know your f. square will land it’s a free level 2.

I feel like scuzzy’s level 1 combo is pretty essential to Dante’s game. I haven’t quite gottten it down consistently, but I think it’s definitely feasible with practice to become consistent. It’ll put Dante up there with Evil Cole and Raiden who all have guaranteed level 1. Completely changes his 1v1 game - good stuff scuzzy!

Also, what grab do you usually opt for? I haven’t really found reason to use any of his side grabs. His downgrab sets up a nice tech chase situation, and if I’m in a corner his up grab combos nicely into up circle -> j.square -> guateber


I usually go for Payoff (Up Grab) into u.Square. I added a combo for it up there however I think the AP gain might be slightly off I have to double check later. How much AP does yours do? If you wanna throw out the notation/meter gain i can throw it up in the combo section.


It’s the upthrow combo from Persona Z’s combo video in the Combo Video post, I don’t want to take credit for it. I can post the annotation for it once I get a chance to watch it again, though credit should go to him.


This is definitely a great find! It’s a lot easier to do than I originally thought and is a very viable and consistent way to land his lvl 1 super.


So Seoul since you already have done the mid-combo parries, do you know if you parry in the air if you can combo after or does it only knock them away?

Unfortunately lots more characters can combo into level 1 so while it is nice to do so it isn’t groundbreaking (Spike and Sweet Tooth can also). I could not get it to work myself, I’d dash away and my down-circle would be fired in the opposite direction. Help a brother out?

Lastly about throws, the amount of knockback and wallbounce on his sidethrow should make it usable only as a 2v2 tool for co-ordinated players, because it looks like many players can get a free super from it.

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Cancelling back circle with square is a lot easier and keeps your char facing the right direction.


You can also cancel with neutral circle. Dante has a pseudo wave dash if you choose to empty cancel later in his command dash. This leads into normals, grabs, parry, blocking, rolling, and of course, supers.


Just had my lunch break and tested out the empty cancel. Oh man I’m loving it. I was tired last night and misinterpreted this. I actually combo’d into Level 1 from an Aerial Arbiter on accident.

Looks like PersonaZ already made a video showing if off. I asked him permission to post but no response yet. I will post an example later tonight when I get a chance that will be more simple. I was hoping/kinda thinking Dante would have to shorten his recovery like this and I’m glad you found it scuzzy.

Edit: Shords and scuzzy i’ll have to try both using square and neutral circle. Currently i don’t have a problem hitting the empty cancel but if I can make it even more consistent why not.


Ah I see. Still tricky to me but with practice comes success.

Probably known to everyone but not posted so here goes:
Level 2 is AMAZING for punishing rolls, on reaction, from pretty considerable distances. Why work it into a combo when they can offer themselves up on a silver platter?
Using Dojo as a measurement, any forward dash towards Dante that does not go past him can be punished from a max distance of it starting around the far edge of the mat with Dante in the corner, factoring in reactions. As for backward dash, it hits very safely if the roll starts from around the center of the first square of mat if Dante is in corner, and can go further with greater reaction/reading.

Edit: Just found out rolls are not universal. The above measurements were done with Sackboy, but if the roller is say, Fat Princess, it looks like you can punish a backdash very comfortably from about the beginning of the last square on the mat.


Sorry didn’t see this! Well I’m not sure what happens when you Parry an aerial opponent but if you Parry a grounded opponent attacking you (you are close to ground), you launch them into the air. This allows you to follow up with jumping square attacks. I’ll have to try out Parry vs aerial opponents and the side throws with my buddies whenever they decide to start playing more…

I just tried scuzzy’s method of hitting circle twice and its definitely easier. Are you still having problems Samuel?