Dante tips

I have been thinking about putting Dante on my team. But, to be honest he seems very intimidating to me. His huge move set scares me. Should I even sent the time trying to learn him, and put on a ghost rider / Hawkeye team? If so, what should I practice with him?

Chances are you wont be using all his moves in a combo, you’ll probably be using 2-3 unless your going for a stylish combo. Definitely you should familiarize with the character first like learning whats safe and unsafe about his moves and then learn how to bold cancel with him. You can start by going to the combo thread and learning his basic BnBs and work your way up from there.

what you should practice with him? NEUTRAL GAME, not combos. Then probably hitconfirms.

you need to know the distances you can fight from and what to use depending on you and your opponents position on screen.

And also don’t fall into bad habits like a lot of other online Dante’s that spam jump S and do raw teleports with no cover (assist or moves like Hysteric or Acid Rain).

Either way though, you’re going to need to learn how to bold cancel (which is not that hard, if you can kara throw in the SF games, then you can BC).
I would suggest going on youtube and look at how other Dante players start the match. Should give you ideas.