Dante Tutorial: Understanding the Character

Dante’s Bread and Butter (BnB):

(starting series), j.h, air play, j.h ~


  1. In order to maximize Dante’s damage and meter gain all starters should convert into j.h, air play, j.h ~ (hence bnb).

  2. Post j.h, air play, j.h ~ Dante can continue into three different combos that all generate no less than 2.0+ meter.

  3. The starters j.s and the hammer are restricted to branching off into one out of three of the listed combos (gun loops).

  4. The numbers listed in parenthesis indicate in order (damage) (hits) (approximate meter gain). This occurs three times. One for meterless, million dollars, and devil must die.

  5. Each combo listed is consistent and almost universal. The timing for each combo have slight differences for some characters due to their hitboxes and fall speed.

  6. The combos listed are all midscreen or midscreen to corner. No corner required making them non-situational.

  7. Last but not least Dante’s damage values for the dhc glitch (jet stream~crazy dance) are also listed as a seperate combo in each section. This thread is based on his most consistent damaging and highest meter gain options so his other dhc glitch (grapple) damage values are absent.

Dante’s Best Combos:

*** Combo 1***


  • j.h, s.m, s.h, stinger, volcano, j.h, air play, j.h, s.h, s~h~prop shredder, air trick, the hammer, volcano~beehive, back dash, s~hh, s~hh~stinger, the hammer, volcano~beehive (618.500) (50) (2.30) (793.000) (77) (2.25) (1.051.000) (55) (2.25)

Combo 2 (acid rain loops)


  • j.h, s.m, s.h, stinger, volcano, j.h, air play, j.h, s.h, s.2h, s~h~prop shredder, acid rain, acid rain, s, j.s, cold shower~stinger, the hammer, volcano~beehive, volcano~beehive (664.200) (62) (2.60) (838.700) (89) (2.55) (1.096.700) (67) (2.55)

  • j.h, s.m, s.h, stinger, volcano, j.h, air play, j.h, s.h, s.2h, s~h~prop shredder, acid rain, acid rain, s, j.s, cold shower~stinger, the hammer, volcano~beehive, jet stream~crazy dance (675.700) (68) (2.54)


  1. s.2h is responsible for allowing Dante to better align himself under the character during the prop shredder launch. Because of this two acid rain reps are guaranteed midscreen.

  2. The character must make contact with the upper portion of the prop shredder in order for it to launch (the margin for error is practical).

  3. Due to strange inconsistencies with prop shredder launching against Dr.Doom, Haggar, She-Hulk, and Zero I suggest using one of the other combos. The combo is also difficult on Captain America but it is consistent.

  4. The damage model above is based on both reps having eight hits each. The actual amount of hits that make contact can be a little bit less or a little bit more causing the damage to fluctuate.

  5. Two variants are listed below that build more meter and do more damage (the latter guarantees a third acid rain rep midscreen).



Combo 3 (gun loops)


  • j.h, s.m, s.h, stinger, volcano, j.h, air play, j.h, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh~stinger, air trick, the hammer, volcano~beehive, volcano~beehive (696.400) (72) (2.99) (870.900) (99) (2.94) (1.128.900) (77) (2.94)

  • j.h, s.m, s.h, stinger, volcano, j.h, air play, j.h, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh, s~hhh~stinger, air trick, the hammer, volcano~beehive, jet stream~crazy dance (707.900) (78) (2.93)

  • j.h, s.m, s.h, stinger, volcano, j.h, air play, j.h, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh~stinger, air trick, the hammer, volcano~beehive, volcano~beehive (671.900) (60) (2.75) (846.400) (87) (2.70) (1.104.400) (65) (2.70)

  • j.h, s.m, s.h, stinger, volcano, j.h, air play, j.h, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh, s~hh~stinger, air trick, the hammer, volcano~beehive, jet stream~crazy dance (683.400) (66) (2.69)


  1. Gun loops is the most difficult combo Dante has due to a number of things. The combo is dependent on the distance between Dante and the character, their hitbox, and fall speed. Combine that with both height and 1-2 frame requirements for linking S in order to manage and maximize the reps and it becomes obvious.

  2. There are reps that consist of four and six shots listed above on purpose. This is because some characters require one or the other (Amaterasu, Iron Man, Modok, and Sentinel require six due to a fast fall speed). Some characters who can be looped with shots of four can also be looped with shots of six.

  3. The maximum amount of reps possible max out at seven but the seventh rep is character specific due to the nature of how some characters float in combos (ex. Tron, Hsien-Ko, and Wolverine). Six reps of either four or six shots in each is universal.

  4. It’s important to note that five reps with six shots in each is a little bit better in damage and meter gain (negligible amount) than six reps of four in each. Something to think about in practical application.

Combo 4 (anti air)



  1. Dante has a number of different options from anti air situations but this combo is the best one due to being independent of spacing or height requirements.

Dante’s Tools and The Metagame:


For example Stinger has projectile cancelling properties. It will beat all beams clean and still hit.

  1. Iad J.h
  2. Air Trick
  3. The Hammer:
  4. Stinger: This move has projectile cancelling properties (ex. it beats all beams clean and still hits).
  5. Devil Trigger
  6. Air Play
  7. Drive
  8. Hysteric
  9. Reverb Shock~Fireworks
  10. S.h~Weasel Shot
  11. Jam Session
  12. Million Carats

this is good shit SU. also did your internet die or something because i never see u online?

Thanks. I have even more good stuff to. I ended up losing internet access right before that Evo online tournament. Not sure when ill be back online but I should be back to the tournament scene soon.

Remember those tier discussions we had before the game came out. Now actually sitting down and playing in the lab with pretty much everyone I believe Dante is the best in the game in S+ tier if I had to make one right next to phoenix.

He has the second best damage and meter game right after Dark Phoenix but its non-situational. His metagame is so good imo as well but ill update that later. He doesn’t need resets, you can always justify burning a lv.3 due to meter gain. He doesn’t need assists to boost damage in combos to kill characters 1.100.000 or less. He isn’t a liability for any team regarding synergy, doesn’t need x-factor, doesn’t need corners, and he has two of the best assists in the game that for turtle or aggressive application.

I’ve been trying to tell people Dante’s the best character in the game since day 1… most people are starting to believe it now. Lol.

Looking forward to finished product and helping out if I can, keep it up.

Thank you SSOSSOOOSOO much man!!
You don’t know how much it means to me finding out the stinger beats projectile!!! Man, i dont have the game, hell, i don’t have a system at that. But i love dante since he was created in dmc n i play him in every team i try(mostly middle position)
I was so looking for a move to beat mags beam instead of teleport all the time… Thanks man, beautiful find n info bro… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
This helps alot!

Same on both accounts. If we go by DMC4 ranks, I’d put Dante in SSS tier.

lol yea. looks like you proved me wrong. because i remember me saying something along the lines “dante will be figured out quick and he will be ass” lol. but yea, good stuff homie, can’t wait for the finishing product.

I think this is a good thread for me to put this concern of mine. I use Wolf (barrage)/Dante (jam)/Akuma(tatsu) with Akuma as my anchor. I feel that Dante is really holding me back (like I’m using 2.5 chars) because I am unable to utilize more of his tools. I can do his bnb (not the fancy one of course) and I really only use jam, air play, killer bee, qcfH and qcfHx2 (forgot their names lol) and of course teleport. I have problem with a consistent qcfx2 (1P side) (let alone DP motion x 2, goodness…) which is 1 of the main reasons why I’ve always been weak with the SF series.
What do you think I should practice next at this point because I really don’t know. I was considering using a new char too so if any of you think I should, which should I pick up that has some similarities in terms of assist type (jam session specifically) and playstyle (being able to kite AND pressure).
Thnx in advance.

Dante will continue to hold you back until you learn an advanced BnB so that you can kill/badly maim all characters, and chip out or BS reset whatever survives. You need to use strong combos to be efficient with your meter and ensure you’ll get hit less. Also, use reverb shock, a LOT. It’s his best poke, and it’s something like +2 after fireworks cancel. Learn to use all the other specials too. Purple ball in the air is amazing too.

Godlike stuff man, thanks a lot for this. I don’t have very good execution but screw it this stuff is totally worth the time in the lab to get into muscle memory. Quick question, what’s my best way to get into this bnb from a dhc glitch? When I’m catching somebody in a low floaty state, dhc glitch or not, my stinger is throwing the other character to the other side and breaking up my combo.

Edit: After putting 2 and 2 together I realized that you use stinger into teleport in combo#1, I suspect I could try stinger > teleport > hammer > volcano > j.h > air play > j.h > into bnb from a low floating state. I’ll have to try it after I get the ground bnb together. Forgive my noobness, right now I’m trying to get my max damage bnbs down and figure out how I’m going to get from likely situations into them.

This thread is amazing. Thanks so much Something-Unique. I’ve been playing Dante and having trouble getting combo’s down, but this really helps. Cheers man!

Edit: I’ve been having trouble landing the standing H after the air play ~ j.H ~ s.H. I always seem to whiff it. Am I just not hitting H fast enough or do I have some timing issues? Thanks.

I’ve been having trouble launching after the prop shredder in the Combo 2 (Acid Rain Loop). Is there a way to guarantee that I will launch them?

A good BnB should be added when you use S.L, S.M, S.H as a anti-air. I run into this situation all the time and I know there must be something stronger without using devil trigger to get that knockdown. Can someone please enlighten me.

Typically people usually follow up with launch then SJ.M, Double Jump, SJ.H, Killer Bee, Land, Reverb Shock xx Fireworks xx Million Dollars.

I don’t like the idea of using my ground bounce already and I really need that knockdown so I can get some Bee Hives in. There must be a more damaging combo.

Here ya go

good stuff OP

These are nice combos but it’d be cool if you also listed some combos that work when the opponent is airborne. That’s one of the thing many of the high tiers have in this game. The ability to convert a hit on a grounded or airborne opponent into big damage. More of the time when you land hits on an opponent they are going to be airborne and sometimes because of the game works you’ll have to resort to air throws just to get people out of the air.

Sorry for the super late response to the thread. I’m more of a lurker than a poster and I’m rarely ever at srk other than the front page. Anyway thanks to those who like the thread.

I made some stealth edits to the opening post as well as added some videos. Added Dante’s best anti air from s.l, s.m, s.h at the request of vesperarcade from this thread. I plan to upload three more videos this weekend and that’s pretty much it before I start editing the metagame section.

This thread is less about “nice combos” and more about Dante’s foundations. The important thing to point out for those that didn’t catch it is regardless of grounded or anti air situations Dante’s combos will always convert into one of the three listed combos in order to maximize damage and meter gain. Dante’s most common anti air situationsc are a result of s.l, s.m, s.h vs. airborn opponents, or j.s/the hammer. Both vids are provided on my page and a description is provided for both here (though the hammer/j.s vid isn’t linked here). I’ll add a third less common situation over the weekend.

I also have Dante’s strongest bnb (which is a true just frame) this weekend. I would never use it in an actual match but I will edit into the first post among other things just from completion sake.

Good work sir…but I guess my question if…cause i’ve been told and done a lot of reading that you had to go from Stinger > bold move > volocano (or the DP+M move) would I be wrong in what I’ve read in the past? I ask…because in the combo transcripts it doesnt show the bold move written in…so is it a given, like it’s supposed to be common knowledge or is it just completely omitted and I can still continue the combo?

Any help would be greatly appreciated…Its just I tinkered with Dante before like when the game first came out and such and new basic stuff…but then I came across the “bold cancel” tutorial on Youtube. I just got a fight pad too so that hasnt really helping too much either lol But there has to be an easy way to get that cancel to be consistent. I know with the Stinger you get a decent amount of time…but can I buffer any directions or anything or buttons…sheesh!!

Hey, thanks a lot for this post. I learned a lot. :slight_smile: I got to practice it for a bit and did it in a few matches today at a tourney here in SoCal. :smiley: I was still getting a little familiar with hitstun deterioration about the loops starting from different knockdowns, such as Haggar assist, so sorry for dropping it quite a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first match starts at 1:13:49, and second at 1:26:45, and so on. But my execution sortaaa lowered by my later matches… Hhaha but yeah, most of my matches are archived there where trying to do the gun loop.

Hahha, but thanks again for posting! :smiley: Builds a lot of meter for my Phoenix. :stuck_out_tongue: And Dante and Haggar are BFF’s by the way. :slight_smile: