Dante Tutorial: Understanding the Character



Hey, thanks a lot for this post. I learned a lot. :slight_smile: I got to practice it for a bit and did it in a few matches today at a tourney here in SoCal. :smiley: I was still getting a little familiar with hitstun deterioration about the loops starting from different knockdowns, such as Haggar assist, so sorry for dropping it quite a bit. :stuck_out_tongue:

My first match starts at 1:13:49, and second at 1:26:45, and so on. But my execution sortaaa lowered by my later matches… Hhaha but yeah, most of my matches are archived there where trying to do the gun loop.

Hahha, but thanks again for posting! :smiley: Builds a lot of meter for my Phoenix. :stuck_out_tongue: And Dante and Haggar are BFF’s by the way. :slight_smile:


From what I saw, you did well that tournament. Seems like the new team is very strong, I’ll do better so we can have some grand Dante mirror next time. ^_^b


Whats the trick for getting air trick after a pop shredder, is it bold cancelled?


its a jump cancel just press down down up+Special


Hey, everyone. Love the thread, and have only been playing mvc3 for a little over 2 weeks, and am just now really getting the hang of the game engine, and am working on dante’s really good BnB’s, but I am having trouble with getting the prop shredder after j.h air play j.h s.h s.SxxH prop shredder to fully connect so I can teleport and do the hammer. It only seems to hit 2 or 3 times, then they recover and block the rest, or recover and bounce out. I know it has to be my timing on hitting S after the gun shots, but I have tried everything I can think of.

Anyone have any tips or anything?

My execution is good enough to handle dante the right way, and it sickens me to see Dantes online who just do the most basic barely any dmg/meter gain combos with him, so I am determined to play him to his full potential. Thanks a lot in advance, and thank you S-U for this thread. It’s a godlike reference point for learning his loops, and an awesome jumping off point to build my own combos off j.h air play j.h


If you’re using J.S/Hammer starter, it doesn’t work.

If not, then wait a wee bit after the charge shots before pressing H


Thank you for your reply.

Im just doing the basic :l:,:m:,:h:,:f::h:,:s:+:atk:, :f::d::df::m: j.:h:, :qcf::m:, j.:h: s.:h:, s.:s:xx:h:,:s:

But it’s the last :s:, that starts prop shredder, that won’t fully hit so I can either teleport, or start acid rain loop. I have tried waiting a bit, and either it does the same thing, or it just does st.:s:. Also, I have a ton of problems getting the charge shots to hit after launcher in the corner. They always get launched a tiny bit too high for the bullets to hit. I’m sure I just gotta alter my timing on one part of the combo to get it to work, cause sometimes it will, but then I can’t do it again on command.

However, I have had some moderate success just messing around in training mode with :l:,:m:,:h:,:f::h:,:s:+:atk:, :f::d::df::m: j.:h:, :qcf::m:, j.:h: s.:h:, :df::h:(mash), :s: (prop shredder), and that seems to work extremely consistently in the corner, especially for acid rain loops. So I may just work that alteration into my game if I can’t get the timing down 100% for the other variation.


5M>5H>3HHHH>Cold Shower is a good alternative both midscreen and in the corner. You need to airdash the second J.H though

You could try delaying the J.H after airplay in the first combo and going directly for 5S>Charge Shots>Prop Shredder instead of doing 5H>5S


I’ll mess with that tonight, thanks again for the reply. I’m starting to work out the timing kinks, and am getting more consistent with it.


i was wondering if i could obtain sum help learning dante where i can get better with him message me on xbl if you can help me out NGB 2 Sliick


This thread is hot man, I always thought the gun loops were impractical but now that you’ve broken it down, I’m hitting them pretty consistently. I’m about to make a tutorial on the gun loops cause It’ll definately up dante’s metagame big time. It won’t be as in-depth as anything you have in the first post but it should outline the fundementals.


I cannot for the life of me figure out what I am doing wrong when I go for acid rain loops… I get the fire tornado or to killer bee almost every time, can someone help me pinpoint exactly what I’m doing wrong? I tk the first qcf, I wait till the last hit of PS, I’m truly at a loss here.


On the first BnB, why is that your backdash seems so short? Also, I’m having trouble getting the stinger to connect after the second rep of the gun shot loop. Anyone know how I might be able to remedy this?


Merry Christmas! Here goes the Dante UMvC3 solo E&I loops I would do a while back. Sorry for sketchy quality. It works after hammer as well. I have to record some other stuff to.



damn… i miss vanilla dante.


The one thing I never got about those loops is how many times you should press H during the gun shots and when to hit S. Is it the same as in Vanilla or is it changed? Is it character specific at all? I would like to work on getting Dante back to 2 meters built per combo if I ever really want to get it.


any advice on how to consistently land cold shower>stinger>teleport consistently? i can land the stinger its just idk how to get the teleport directly after



thanks braaaaaahhhhhhh


In this game its best if u do reps of 6 shots. The amount of reps u can get is character dependent but all of the fall in 3-5 reps. 4-5 for most characters. Tiny characters you can’t get past two so its not worth it. In this game its a lot easier because its less about timing and more about letting them float before u shoot for each rep. It’s also the best damage and meter gain option from hammer.

after air play j.h has to hit late and s.2h has to be used to maximize reps. It’s also how u do the traditional bnb on tiny characters where s.h misses.