Dante tutorial



Im using dante,vergil,hawkeye and im lost on how to get in and use my assist to get in for dante.im not to good with him but im tryin to learn the basics of how to use dante.


Triple Arrow assist teleport nuff said


it helps if you put them in to block stun beforehand use your normals about a character length away if the block it input the next

normal in the magic series then use stinger + assist and teleport you should cross them up and if they’re on the ground arrows

should hit netting you a combo on your dissent. Use jump m or heavy to confirm as you fall down from the teleport. If they block it

you should be able to do standing light to reverbshock in to fireworks for safe chip or go standing light then heavy in to weasel shot

to try and set up an other stinger + assist tele mix up. Another way to use the arrows is to dash over them as you call them using

airplay before so also helps if you want to get in on some one who’s grounded and about air dash distance away.

You have to understand people will chicken block the shit out of you and try and air throw you out of you teleports if you go for raw

arrows + teleport to often once in a while on a good read is fine but don’t spam unless they’re free to it lol another good opportunity is

when you get a knock down and the opponent is in a situation where he has to roll on wake up dash back call the assist then teleport

you’ll get a high low mix up teleport and do jump m as you fall for high or press nothing and immediately press crouching light for

low oh and you can call the assist during volcano beehive portion of your combo for a bit of extra meter and damage and there’s a

combo extension that uses rainstrom to otg then call arrows to link a hammer to knock them down again dose not work too late in to

the combo and timings a bit tricky but it is practical with enough practice you can also do this to set up combos after air throws at

jump height. One more thing look up bold canceling and master it everything written here depends on that lol