Dante/Vergil/Strider vids



This thread is a collection of videos showcasing the insane synergy of this team…

This thread is not complete…there is still more to be found with this team, so Please feel free to add videos of the Following:

Dante level 3 xfactor combos: ToDs with meter, ToDs without meter, ToDs in Devil Trigger
Dante Strider Resets and Mixups
Vergil Round Trip glith combos
A detail explanation of Vergils RT glitch
Vergil Strider level 2 xfactor combos
Strider combos with 2 assist with and without xfactor
Strider level 2 combos with Dante and Vergil
Strider Dante/Vergil tag combos after wall cling…?











[media=youtube]clr8iqFoh-c[/media] these will miss on certain characters, use volcano

Clocks, how do they w0rk? Strider Hiryu Discussion thread
Dark Slayer Style - The Vergil General Discussion Thread





[media=youtube]eqi2HdWItnQ[/media] (should work off of helmbreaker too)


[media=youtube]n9b8Th1tCx0[/media] (combos with crystals)








Strider may Cry by [ER] MCZ Richard Nguyen:



Might I recommend putting up the Richard Nguyen Strider Bird Bomb/Formation C XF3 combo?



Thanks for this. I’ve got all these videos favorited on youtube now. Gonna attempt that dante /vergil in the first video.


Good stuff.


I love this team. I’ve been running it for the past few weeks now. Dropped Zero May Cry for it. The Strider vids help me out a lot since my 3 week strider is still garbage. Dante is my main character though and I have some BnBs that outdo the ones posted with him on point and some sick resets that I didn’t see here. I’ll try to get around to posting them once I’m done being raped by school. I should be able to get around to it after Thanksgiving.


good shit i havent seen this combo…

you can do l m h crh forwardh s m dj h s land bomb orb orb s m dj h s land bomb orb orb gram (l) wall cling l m h s land orb gram (l) orb viajra dog slide for a corner combo


instead of the wall cling gram (l) legion


this is relevant here too i guess:




Guess this goes here


The videos in this thread are extremely helpful but it needs more info on mixups and set up. Neutral game in general is what makes this team so broken. I would also like to see what sort of resets you guys know.


What do you guys think how this team match up to the all the current top teams right now ? mainly morridoom,mag/doom, other vergils, etc. ?


For matchups ive always said Vergil/Vajira is a straight counterpick to Morrigan, calling strider and doing crossup teleport after they throw a fireball to messup their unfly input means their fireball gets the full recovery and Vajira punishes it, at which point its a matter of just catching her on the way down and avoiding missiles to get the full combo.

Against other point Vergil teams its going to be pretty even as expected, what you have above them however is that your team is more optimized, Vajira is better than a beam assist because its single hit and you cant jump out of it. If they have Vergil on anchor always save XF for Strider because he has a terrible MU against Vergil 1v1.

Its also quite lucky that Strider goes about even with Doom in a 1v1 fight, because this will happen alot in competitive play, and id advise anyone to know this matchup inside and out, because it will make or break a good % of your games.

I cant really account for like, every top tier team out there, but i wouldnt worry about bad matchups at all with this team, it in theory has the tools to deal with everything out there so long as you are willing to work things out properly.



this channel has a separate section for dante, vergil, strider, and dante vergil strider as a team…

thanks to all those who posted up their sick combos and strats for this team and characters…


Any match videos? We should try and get some to help with ideas. This is an insanely top-tier team that people are sleep on IMO.

That’s sumbrwnkid and Alukard playing it. Two great players.


Agreed. Any top players playing this team? I only know MATH who sometimes posts here playing it to at a good level. Most players seem to have dropped this team a whileee ago. I wanna steal some techhh!


Shady K plays it on the regular and at a very high level. Says it’s his favorite. If you subscribe there hours of him playing it vs some top players and going neck and neck with Fchamp. It’s easily the highest level play out there with this team.

There’s some footage vs X-ray. I’ll be at a tournament tomorrow playing it. Hopefully I can get some good footage.