Dante vs Zero Matchup



So as the title implies can anyone please help me out with this matchup?

Since Vanilla I’ve hated the Zero matchup. I’d say it was 6/4 in vanilla and now in ultimate its either 6/4 or 7/3 in Zero’s favor of course. I always knew he was a great character in vanilla, in fact a little underrated. But now with the advent of Ultimate I feel like he’s even harder to deal with. People calling him the best character in Ultimate is not a far off claim AT ALL. He can just do too much all while staying relatively safe.

Anywho, with Dante I can barely find any openings period on this guy. Air trick never lets me catch him cuz he’s always super jumped in the air air dashing with buster shots. I can never find a means to anti air his J.H cuz he’s just one giant hitbox. And his buster keeps me on check, not to mention beats my hysteric, from full screen.

I feel like against Zero, I’m just waiting to get mixed up from anywhere on screen from all the lightning teleport nonsense and the extremely unneeded buster cancel buff. The only way I kill him is if he makes an extremely blatant mistake, if its a small mistake he can easily turn that BS into a reset.

So yea any help and tips would be greatly appreciated.


Couple things…don’t start the round with Dante against Zero…it’s just too much in his favor start of the round now. 8 frame fastest normal start of round against his 5 frame s.L plus now he can charge buster at start of round…it’s just not worth it anymore. If you want any chance start of round you have to air dash backwards right when round starts.

Generally you’ll want Dante second and someone else first that has faster normals and preferably gets their own damage off throws easily to compete with Zero. That’s because Dante with meter makes this match much more manageable. Once you come in and have meter turn on DT and use Thunderbolt to shut down his ranged offense. You can take off a 1/3 of his life or more easily hitting him with 3 full screen thunderbolts. Even the chip hurts Zero’s low health. The beam also shuts off his advance guard so feel free to pretty much let it rip. It also shoots at angle that will pretty much shut down any assist call he tries. If you really wanna just get in there or get out of a bad pressure situation, do vortex and fly across the screen. If you hit him with vortex and you stay close enough to him after it hits you can press air S and it will hit him even though he’s behind you and convert to combo. Zero has to really respect you once you’re in DT and I would say the match swings in Dante’s favor until your DT runs out. By that time hopefully you’ll have almost killed him or definitely killed him.

Without DT just try to play the ranged game and use your anti air/ranged specials with assists like air play, jam session, twister/tempest and crystal to keep him honest. Now that hammer doesn’t work as well against button mashing you’ll have to keep that to a minimum against Zero unless you’re on top of him and use it with perfect timing. Throwing out air play and air dashing forward or backward with a normal is a nice deterrent against some of his offense. If you throw out air play and dash forward with air H and it hits you can convert to combo. Use s.M to anti air any obvious jump ins and go for combo. Just be careful of preemptive lightning/raikousen calls.

Definitely have stinger in your back pocket from the long ranged game to help absorb his projectiles and confirm into damage from longer ranges.

Lastly…don’t raw teleport much against Zero. You shouldn’t be doing raw teleports much any ways because good players will punish them. Always call an assist first before porting and generally don’t do it if he’s high in the air above where the assist can hit.


Everything DJ said, pretty much. Or if you want an easier way: put strider vajra in the back. 9:1 matchup in dante’s favour. ^^


I seem to be the only player who uses this but. Million Carats > obvious Pizza Slicer attempts and Dante gets a combo off it. Which makes it Zero has to respect you. Hysterics is good until he gets his buster charged. Acid Rain limits his options when hes closing in on you without assist.

Always use charged air play then dash to start your offense against him. Do your best to limit his assist calls but making him scared of stinger xx reverb shock. Don’t raw teleport when hes above you shooting lighting and busters because buster will auto-correct and hit you out of anything you try. (yes its fucking stupid).

Most importantly if you touch him KILL HIM if they manage to get him out snap his ass back in and kill him. Oh and pick Vajira


I play Zero against lots of Dantes…
The best I can say is… if you’re blocking too much, you’re doing it wrong.
The Dantes that give Zero the most trouble are the ones that hit a lot of buttons.

J.S is your best friend, it stuffs a lot of zero’s jump ins and start combos from anywhere, just be sure to cancel it into that air projectile or hammer EVERYTIME it whiffs.
Just don’t use it as the online scrubs that hit this button all the time and you should be fine.


Zero doesn’t beat Dante in this matchup. It’s actually the other way around. Your just not playing the matchup lame enough. Zero overall can’t be aggro’ed for the most part by anyone since his hitboxes and priority pretty much control all attempts of attacking but Dante does have the range to compete unlike other characters. Even so the lame game is suggested since that is actually Zero’s weakness. Yes he can zone better than most of the cast but he can actually still be zones out.

Air play, charged air play, hysteric, devil trigger, multi-lock, acid rain and million carats (in some rare cases) are ur friend here. Spacing is key. People often forget that while characters like Zero and Firebrand can be annoying because their in the air constantly they cant actually mount a legit offense unless u make urself a target. Pay attention to which direction their going with Zero in the air and simply go the other way while spacing with hysteric. Sooner or later when they realize no hits are actually landing and the few tracking hysterics hit them over time they will be forced to play the ground game. Million Carats is an excellent anti air tool and will counter any overhead bullshit thrown at u and u will get a full combo from it.

But u can’t rely on million carats just in case it starts getting haired out which would mean u would start having to burn meter to make it safe. That’s where the safer acid rain option comes in.

If the Zero tries to zone u on the ground air play and charged air play will be him at an angle. In some cases u can even mount an offense behind charged airplay. Or u can charge air play and sj let it charge for a bit and pewter him from the air. DT shuts Zero down period no explanation needed.

I wouldn’t recommend this but Dante can challenge Zero at the basic range game u just have to be aware of what not to challenge with normals like his j.h.

I play this matchup quite often against someone that can consistently do lighning loops and his combos/shenanigans in general.


Question about this match-up:
Some Zeros like to use his Hienkyaku tele-dash when faced with projectile opposition.
What is a good way of stopping or preventing the dashes from being successful?
How have the dashes changed from Vanilla to Ultimate?


Jab, Reverb Shock or grab him out of Hienkyaku since it has no invincibility.

If he did the smart thing and covered it with an assist, you’re going to have to handle it the same way you handle every other assist-supported cross-up attempt/fake.


j.S xx Hammer or the lightning ball thing. Especially if he’s in the air a lot which most Zero’s are. All you have to do is catch him once and he’s dead.


You can just throw him out of the hienkyaku also.


Just j.:m: xx:qcf:+:m: or hammer whenever you see him the air-dashing around without cover.


Another question here…

Zero’s Raikousen, or “lightning dash”, is one of his main tools.
According to the guide, it actually hits 5 separate times…
but it always seems to happen so fast I cannot seem to time it.

Any advice on blocking Raikousen?
Or how to punish it?

Yes, I normally use Zero myself, but I don’t see that as an excuse to not learn how to fight against him.


Some moves i like doing against Zero are moves like Revolver whenever he does the lighting dash you can use that and if im correct you could even use a Grapple from the ground bounce.Acid Rain can keep him out of the air also Jam Session can chip him abit,You could maybe even use some Tempest if anything else happens you can DT to safety.


i run dante, morrigan, dr. strange. do you guys really think i should hold A1 and let morrigan fight zero in the beginning of the match? she can throw some astral vision fireballs, she’ll have access to dante’s jam session, and she can probably kill the little bastard with a good combo into her tricky dante TAC.


Yeh I dont like the matchup for dante vs zero at all, so laming him out with morri prolly better.


hey, it’s not lame if you’re fighting zero lol. nothing is lame against zero. just do whatever you can to kill it.


If Zero’s too low, the final hit will ground bounce too late and you won’t be able to Grapple after the Revolver. A Volcano jump cancel into Revolver is always high enough, so you can gauge whether or not it will work looking at the heights. Also because of the start up, a well-timed pizza cutter can interrupt Dante before the Revolver’s hits pick up speed.


Well theirs been many times when i got it off of Zero if you time Revolver well enough it can ground bounce if you have enough meter you can even special it theirs a few moves usefull people just need to think any this is saying that not just the Dante player sucks.Zero players online are tourny players plus you have lag so you can’t always say the Zero player will win.