Dantes brother Vergil could he be an option

Ok i thought about it some time and figured out that VERGIL (Dantes Brother) might be an option for a hidden character! im not saying that he will be in the game.
I just think that he would fit in the game very well, cause he had awesome moves in DMC3.

They could make a super when dante and vergil are in the same team and when one of them are fighting the last opponent you make a super and both are standing near each other and holding guns and when the final shoot have to be done they say together JACKPOT like in DMC3 on the last boss

So i would like to see him in MvC3.

what do you think about it, tell me your thoughts will it be a good or a bad idea
make some suggestions

DMC sucks

2 is already to many

No sir, DMC definitely does NOT suck.


  1. This is gonna get locked. Put this in the wishlist thread.

  2. Yeah, he’s def a possibility.

would be awesome if it happened, but as was noted DMC has 2 characters in allready. and on top of that the only playable vergil had a pretty complex control scheme, would prolly be difficult to implement.

He’s technically is an option because Capcom hasn’t confirmed him as dead or alive, all Dante did was kick his ass and he teleported somewhere iirc(could hopefully be a character in DMC5 too lol)

At the same time, Vergil would probably end up like a clone character, and since Dante is already in it, keep absolutely no hope alive for this character.

That will be all. Would be pretty nice if Vergil was involved in one of Dante’s supers but only as a side/unplayable character…

Why am I posting in a “what if” thread…

Well he would play like spiral(spirit swords)… with a mix of something else. Anything to the degree of characters interacting with each other during their triple hyper combos is a no-no. Any way i would love it if vergil were in it. Anyone seeing a trend with Capcoms list? Ryu, Chun. Felicia, Morrigan. Dante, Trish. 2 of each series? or… will they add a third to each?

I think they’ll add a 3rd to each, or at least a 3rd to SF.

yea… the SF characters cant be just 2… that’d be blasphemous.


1.) One thread for each character, just like the SSF4 subforum. Open a 2nd one and get infraction points. Do NOT open threads for unconfirmed characters. This includes characters you “wish to see” in MvC3

Read the rules or get infracted. They are stickied up top so i don’t know how you people are missing it.