Hmm…I hesitated to post it here(because it’s a video),but I would like to present you a video made by a friend(done in 3DSmax and Photoshop):

i hope the link works correctly(Lycos will surely remove it,so take it while it’s online :smiley: )

Please comment :slight_smile:

ed:woops,you should take the video by this folder :sweat: http://membres.lycos.fr/alex99z/hpbimg

:eek: Now that there shit was tizzight!!! It was nizzice!!! Furthermore, it was cool to watch!! What program(s) did you use to make that? I want to check it out now.



Having just finished a class on animating in 3dmax, I rather admire it.

Ask how long it took him, and if he could posts shots of the model used maybe?


Hehe this is really cool. I like the fight scene where he kicks up the chair and kicks it at the other guy.

he he cool little animation, but the movements seem a little… i dont know… stiff?, but it looks good non the less, but some of the movements looked mechanic in a way, he doesnt flow so to say

great coregraphy, and animating 3d studio max is… a pain, great character though:D

Thanks for the replies guys ! :slight_smile: ,yes he has done it with 3DSmax and also Photoshop,hope I’m not wrong 'cause he’s going to check this page :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way,here is his Deviantart page,I thought to link it in the first reply but finally…