Daraku Tenshi: The Fallen Thread

I’ve finally returned here and I find that the 2nd Daraku Tenshi thread has died off, so I’m starting this one.

Daraku Tenshi relased in 1998 by Psikyo, was an excellent 2D fighter known for its focus on realism rather than the extravegent combos and fireballs of its colleagues. The graphics are also beautifully made, all sprites having very fluid animation and movement.

It is also widely believed that the game was released unfinished, as there are no character endings, and the sprites of 4 more once playable characters have been found in the game. I’m currently looking for help in making animation sprites for these characters for a MUGEN remake.

I know SlashCharolette and a few others have match videos on youtube , I’ll let them post them once they see this thread, here are a few of my own contributions to the Daraku Scene.

My Trigger runthrough showing off the boss characters broken abilities:

The Daraku Tenshi Message board I created(gone silent but still open)

and finally is my in the works MUGEN remake. I hope I can find help in this to give the characters endings , storylines, add in the lost characters etc.


Note: This video is old the project’s progressed alot since that video. If you have any ability ,and or want to help with making sprites for the lost characters(based off the ones we have) let me know.

ThrowTheDice’s Tier list:

Rapage tier:

Ruccio Roche

Pros: Absurd combos off of anything, quick moves, many of which are safe, fantastic anti-air, and gets in the red at a decent rate. The Zantetsu of Daraku Tenshi; hes just way too damn solid. Also his Neck Toss Away moves deal deadly damage and can be used to confuse and play keepaway

Cons: His reeling hitbox is screwy and REALLY huge because of the way he bends, so some combos work on him and no one else. I.e. Toraos f+HP, HP, LK, HK. This is a huge boon, as for the first few hits his hitbox is literally moving towards you. He also lacks defensive power due to being easy to get in the Red status.

Haiji Mibu (ARGUABLE)

Pros: very damaging combos, surprisingly nimble, Good range on most moves, Massacre Trumpet is great for messing with the opponent and eats up projectiles, crazy pressure game in the right hands. Great anti-air once you get used to its strangeness.

Cons: Most of his methods of getting in require taking risks, a lot of his moves have long recovery times. He doesnt hit the red until hes got almost no health left. He has a somewhat bad matchup against Taro if he is put on the defensive.

Upper tier

Yurian (not sure about this one, I know she’s fairly high, but I dunno…)

Pros: Her command throw has great range and better speed. Can punish a lot of things without meter; I’ve been thrown in the middle of a HK->HP chain, though it’s difficult. Drop kick and running grab are useful for punishing whiffs from a distance. Very few bad matchups.

Cons: charge motions are awkward for a grappler. Supers give too little damage for too much effort.

Torao Onigawara

Pros: great normal chains that do good damage and have nice setups, flying kick is great for stuffing things and also a pre-emptive anti-air, touch of death super deals the damage and has gobs of invincibility.

Cons: on the slow side, rather linear, not especially versitile.

Middle tier:


Pros: great damage potential, rekka kens which do good chip damage and isnt as unsafe as it looks. Lots of moves have high priority from a distance. Great A -> D -> D normal chain.

Cons: sloooow. Most moves, even rekka kens, can be a gamble. Lack of a quick anything (even his A is slow) means poor defensive game. Middling anti-air.

Harry Ness

Pros: Can do some crazy damage with rockets. One full-rocket super can turn an entire match around. Command throw with good damage and a decent anti-air.

Cons: Hes a grappler: big and clunky. Once his rockets are gone, he’s down to his kick and command grab.


Pros: Fairly speedy, easy learning curve.

Cons: very, very simple. Spend five minutes with her/him/it and youll have seen everything shes got. Dash punch, tiger knee, and flip kick, thats it. Also, transvestite. Not cool.

Bottom tier:


Pros: some fairly high-priority normals.

Cons: crap damage, impossible-to-perform supers which are near useless, overall slow, projectile is laughable.

Wow it has begun again, I haven’t touched this game in forever since the interest died off, not sure if i remember how to play anymore, but I can throw up my taro guide and the Roche guide.

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I’m still interested in playing this game. Let’s get some online matches going on. : )

Dinur found this combo video and Now I am interested in the game again. It looks like there is a guy out there with some finger wizard skills and we need to get him here and into the scene.

Here is the video guys:

Wow I thought this thread was done for. Its good to see it back.

Hey guys,
I’ve been playing DT off and on since February and would love to spar with you all. I’m fairly descent with Roche, Harry and Taro, but I would really like to sharpen my skills overall.
Just let me know the where’s, what’s, and when’s and I’ll be there.

Yeah, we play. Check your PM.

Taro Guide

Taro’s one of the two big men in Daraku Tenshi. His an android made of dead people’s body parts, but just like Frankenstien’s monster he seems to have a soft heart under his exterior. When it comes to his fighting style, Taro fights like a wrestler somewhat but without grapples. his hits are hard but they are slow and he doesn’t have very many combos, but everything he has does have a use.

Taro’s Poking game

Taro doesn’t have any really good pokes to speak of as he has a very short poking range and his slow attacks even extend deeply into his pokes.

Stand A-This is Taro’s standing open hand jab attack, this is also one of his pokes. Its a very short and decently slow move, probably the slowest stand A in the game. You can poke with this but its not going to be a great deal of use as if your close enough to poke you can use a harder hitting attack.

Down A-This is the green guy’s low jab and his low poke. Its better than his Stand A in that it feels faster, but its range is just as crappy and its still means if your that close hit harder. More rewarding moves in his arsenal.

In all if you can try to use his pokes sparingly to maybe mindgame into one of his damage strings. Standalone poking with get him killed, but if you mix them into your strategy they can be helpful.

Taro’s Low attacks

Taro’s got some decent low attacks, they damage well but their range is really short and I haven’t found a way to combo with as they move him back. This doesn’t include Down A

Down+B-This is our monster man’s low stomp. Even though its a B attack it hurts better than a regular B in my opinion. The range is ok, but his range is always a factor. Its not spamable, but its definitely worth using to mix up his hits.

Down C-Taro’s down c makes him do a pose that serves as an uppercut. This move has no range whatsoever!!! Its recover is good so thats plus but its an uppercut with no range!!! The redeeming factor is that it can be used in a juggle.

Down D-Taro best straight Down motion attack. Its a hard and low leg kick. While this doesn’t knockdown it knocks the piss of out of legs. Its kinda like a muay thai leg strike from a crouch. Like all of his lows its not spammable due to recovery but its something I’d say use.

Df+D-Now this is what i am talking about!! taro’s very dedicated in putting his opponent on the ground with his df+D as he puts his whole body into this low leg drop kick. The recovery is on the slow side, but it drops the opponent and forces them back abit. It has decent range since he gives his all to do it.

Taro’s Specials

Taro’s special attacks are what make him great. They are easy to do cause a hella of alot of damage and if you opponent blocks…THEY TAKE MASSIVE CHIP DAMAGE! Taro’s a freaking bulldozer when you use his specials and they also are the root for his few combos. Also they keep him CLOSE to the opponent making his non range having self able to use his lows and pokes when you need them.

Splash Down-QCF+P-This is the starter move for Taro’s chain attack set. He is the only character in the game who has a specific chain attack set and its a doozie. Everything starts with Splash Down in which jumps and body splashes you. Its recovery depends on if you hit as a standalone or follow into his next move…

Skyward kick-QCF+P-Funny that this move is called Skyward Kick when its not a kick at all. Its the second move in Taro’s chain attack set and can only be done at the peak of Splashdown. What this move is a Shoryuken, big man style! It can launch the opponent setting the up for some wicked juggle action if you have a max meter or if not you can follow up with another move in the chain or a separate attack altogether.

Propeller kick-QCF+P-Another oddly named move. Its the final part in Taro’s Chain attack and must be down at the peak of Skyward Kick. This makes our big man launch himself like a spinning missile of doom at his opponent. Now here is the kicker, This move has two ways to work, a launched follow up or a ground grinding attack. If you do Skyward kick but don’t get the opponent in the air this move will have Taro grinding their health down of many hits whether they block or not. The entire string itself is a main stay for wittling down health on most characters except Harry who can grab Taro after the second attack.

Leg Drop-QCB+K-This Taro’s true drop kick. He sails across the screen feet out just like in a wrestling match, but there is a problem. Taro lags in air with this move and its hard to hit with as the hit box is alot smaller than what one would think. You can use it to anti-air if someone is jumping deep and you predict early enough.

Flip kick-DP+K-This is monster man’s dragon punvh motion move. Its got a few good things about it. 1.It can work in a juggle, 2. Its his primary anti-air and its actually works well for that, 3.It wittles turtlers with multiple hits! The down side is recovery. That is what makes this move such a pain is recovery, but its still quite useful.

[CENTER]Taro’s Supers[/CENTER]

Taro’s super attacks are good ways to to do chip damage. They do multiple hits for big damage if unblocked and once in the red one of the become spammable.

Harlem Shuffle-QCBx2+C-This is Taro’s Ranbu. He is basically just going throw his normal attacks in a long single string. It wittles gaurd when blocked and eats life when unblocked, but when his life is red status he throws in a Splashdown at the end to make the pain memorable. Also in the red this over becomes spammable to keep the opponent turtles into a quick blocking death.

Breathless-QCFx2+D-This is essentially an advanced Propeller kick. Now the great this about this move is that it can be used in a juggle combo to do MASSIVE DAMAGE!!! The problem with this move is if you whif you can catch a combo for free. right in the face. Roche players love to see Taro fail at this move and rape them(well I do anyway…)

Taro’s BnB list
j.C, C, D,D
qcf+P, qcf+P, dp+K
qcf+P, qcf+P, qcb+K
qcf+P, qcf+P, d+P

Written by Helter Skelter from SRK

Ruccio Roche

Name: Ruccio Roche
Occupation: Killer
Age: 16
Height: 5’4"
Weight: 128 lbs
Sex: Male
Birth date: 4-27-1988
From: Unknown

Color Options

Navy Blue Costume.
LP or HP

Red Costume
LK or HK

Moves List

Normal Moves


6.HP - Basic throw which throws the opponent a moderate distance. It yields a specific OTG property that allows you to follow up with 6.HK for extra damage.

6.HK - Another basic throw, but this one leaves your opponent very close behind you.
You can Okizeme/Meaty extensively from this move.

Command Normals

6.HP - Does 20 points of Guard Damage. Pretty crap move, it doesn’t combo into anything. Can be used as an Okizeme/Meaty, but you have 6.HK for that.

6.hk - Does 15 points of Guard Damage. Any move that can be OTG’d (6.HP throw and your Switched Stance Attack, etc.) ,should always be followed up with this move (there’s no reason no to).
This is also an amazing Okizeme/Meaty. You can go wild with this move.

Special Moves

623.LP/HP - Reduces your opponent’s Guard Bar by 20 points.
Not a very useful move if you using it outside of Anti-Air use. Has more priority than Ruccio’s other Anti-Air special moves.

214.LP/HP - Reduces you opponent’s Guard Bar by 35 points.
This is a good move. It can be used as an Anti-Air, Okizeme/Meaty or a combo extension.
This move combos off you 236236.HP super, allowing for more damage and better positioning.

623.LK/HK - Reduces opponent’s Guard Bar by 0 points (dunno why).
Ruccio’s definitive Anti-Air. It can follow up on 214.LP/HP, and can be used in Air Resets. It also combos off the ground.

214.LK/HK - Then followup with LP/HP or LK/HK (LK/HK followup ends in Switched Stance).
Both reduce you opponent’s Guard Bar by 0 points.
This is an attack throw. Regardless of how they look, they are both overheads, and can only be blocked high.
Good mixup potential can be earned from these moves.

Desperation Attacks

236236.HP - Having trouble calulating the Guard Bar lost through this move.
Awesome move, and hit verifiable off a multitude of normals. Can be followed up with 214.LP and either an Air Reset, 623.LK/HK or both in succession.

632146.HK - Reduces opponent’s Guard Bar by 0, because it’s unblockable.
Not the greatest move Ruccio has, but at least its unblockable. I reccomend using it on cornered opponents.


j.HK, 5.HK, 5.HK - does 20% damage and forced knockdown.
j.HK, 5.P, 623.LK/HK - Does just under 30% damage (ends in Switched Stance).
j.HK, 236236.HP, 214.LP, 623.LK/HK - Does 60% damage and knockdown.


I just wanted to bump this thread and let people know about some interesting Daraku Tenshi developments.

Firstly the Daraku Tenshi forum created by LeeChaolan and mentioned in the first post now has a very active membership. There is a lot of info there about strategy, the storyline and beta content. It’s well worth checking out. Also we play the game online on a US server every single Friday from 9pm EST onwards. We’re always looking for new people to play with so anyone interested is very welcome. Full details can be found at the forum.


Secondly one of our forum members Thor has relaunched the Daraku Tenshi website. It’s a really impressive looking site with lots of info already there with further updates to come.


Also we are planning to have a Daraku Tenshi online tournament very soon. Full details can be found at our forum including a thread for signing up. While of course we would be very happy to have some new forum members if you want to take part in the DT tournament and don’t want to join the forums then if you could please let me know the username you use on Kaillera.

Hey guys, would you happen to have a fba .ini file for proper training ? We are a few French players to go casual on this one, that would be nice for acceptable practice :smiley:

Thanks and catch me some time for a few fights !

Editing the .ini file? Is that like with infinite time, health and supers? I kind of doubt that anyone from the DT community (aka the linked website) has anything like that since everyone seems to play only on MAME. fba emulation of DT is missing some graphical effects (black screen transition during super freeze) and the sound is off and distracting (everyone sounds like chipmunks).

I just wanted to mention that we at the Daraku Tenshi forum are about to have our second online tournament. Everyone is very welcome to participate. We’re expecting at least 10 people to take part and if you’re a Daraku fan you won’t want to miss this event. There’s a prize too: an original Daraku Tenshi soundtrack CD.

The tournament will be mainly held using MAMEHub but Kaillera can also be used if necessary. Although the tournament will begin on Friday 16th December if people can’t make that day it’s possible to schedule matches for another day. Full details can be found in the forum thread. If you’re interested please either post in the sign up thread or message the Daraku forum admin LeeChaolan at the email address mentioned.