Daredevil: The Thread Without Fear!

He dwells in eternal night — but, the blackness is filled with sounds and scents other men cannot perceive. Though attorney Matt Murdock is blind, his other senses function with superhuman sharpness — his radar sense guides him over every obstacle! He stalks the streets by night, a red-garbed foe of evil!

When I was younger, in my adolescent ignorance I always passed this guy off as a Spider-Man clone. What I mean by that is, often times Spidey and DD would team-up, and DD was prone to battling Spideys foes regularly. However, I recently picked up issue #105 of volume 2 on a whim and I’ve been absolutely hooked ever since. Fast-forward to now and I’ve read and re-read Frank Miller’s entire masterpiece of a run, and I am currently saving for the Bendis omnibus. Ed Brubaker’s pulp/noir style of writing is superb, and has flowed flawlessly from where Bendis left off. I’m proud to say that this is THE book that keeps me coming to the comic shop each month.

Any other DD fans out there?

DD is cool and I plan to read his series in the near future.
I like how his series is self contained with very to do with the major crossovers over the past few years.
Lady Bullseye arc looks awesome though.

Daredevil is too good. Easily my favorite super hero, and my favorite ongoing as well.

Daredevil is one of the few titles(along with USM and Iron Fist) that I buy in trades, because it’s so good that waiting for months to finish an arc pisses me off. That said, I’m a arc behind so I won’t be reading up on Lady Bullseye for quite a while. :sad:

Great series though, definitely one of the most consistent titles out today.

I’m looking to get into DD and I heard that Frank Millar’s ark was a great place to start. Anyone know the name of the trades?

I feel the same way. The fact that DD is not included in say, Secret Invasion, makes the book more down to earth and realistic. I just read issue #111 last night and I gotta say that despite her costume and name both majorly lacking in originality, I’m still pumped for this new villain.

Daredevil Visionaries : Frank Miller Vol. 1-3 chronicles his entire run from #158-161 and #163-191. And if you can’t find those, the run is about to be reprinted in 3 new trades starting in November, I think. The first of which being Daredevil by Frank Miller & Klaus Janson Vol. 1, collecting Peter Parker, The Spectacular Spider-Man #27-28, and Daredevil #158-161 and #163-172.

I’ve been a Daredevil proponent for years now. It’s the one ongoing title I still buy on a regular basis. I’ve pretty much halted everything else and wait for the TRADE, BABY, but I still buy DD (and CRIMINAAAAAL!!!1) every month. I don’t know why, really, because I still buy both of those in TRADE, BABY regardless. I guess Daredevil’s basically the only ongoing comic I am willing to buy twice. I used to have a huge chunk of the Bendis run, but I ended up giving it away to an impoverished buddy after I bought the TRADES, BABY.

It’s just criminal how many great years of consistency Daredevil has had. The comic hasn’t been bad since it the Marvel Knights launch. Most other series, like Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, X-Men, etc., have their dry periods or random bad crossover ideas that take up too many issues and fuck up the flow. Daredevil’s been very stable.

And all that Frank Miller stuff holds up after all these years. Possibly the pinnacle of '80s Marvel.

Brubaker Daredevil is gdlk. Can’t get any better than that on a monthly basis. I actually have to make a huge comics run soon. I haven’t read anything in two months.

All I need is my daredevil and deadpool. Sad the only time they really got together was in that dd/dp annual in 1997. And still one of my fave comics to date.

I’m not alone. ;o;

Marvel owed it to DD after the years of suck following Miller’s initial run and his brief return for the epic Born Again arc.

DD is too strong. Definitely one of the great Marvel properties, although the movie killed it chances of going mainstream, the comic work alone is still better than most other solo books.

Recent stuff from a few months back


You can tell because they essentially pulled a OMD, in getting rid of his wife but did it in a way, that doesn’t completely suck or cause people to hate the character.

just make a movie from man without fear, give it a dark feel, different actor, and im happy

been reading DD too i love it the only weak point i have from this (if you call it a weak point)
is the fact that everytime i see Matt i see Ben Aflek other than that this comic is too good

I’d rather see a ‘Born Again’ movie, but they’d probably just fuck it up.

Do you mean Lark’s portrayal of Matt looks like Affleck?

No i mean everytime i see Matt i see Ben beacuse of the movie just like everytime i see Tony Stark i see Robert Downey Jr.
its a curse

id rather see an introductory movie like 'batman begins’
rather than an established movie like ‘batman & robin’

lol daredevil yellow as a animate movie would be dope as fuck to me.

I just prefer Born Again over Man Without Fear as far as the stories go, but yeah you have a good point, MWF would make a better movie because it’d make the character more accessible to people who don’t know DD.

I agree, and the animation could mimic Tim Sale’s art like The New Frontier animated movie did with Darwyn Cooke.

i am trying sooo hard to not buy this


dare devil is cool. he has an enhanced sense of smell in the comics,but not as good as wolverine’s.