Dark Chuck-E-Cheese Rises


Someone bring a console.

Soda sometimes.

2am is close.



I would like to come thursday Dec 17th please.


Is this in the South Bay area? I’d like to attend these starting after Christmas if they are. :slight_smile:


Weekly List


  1. Parker
  2. Nu
  3. Tim
  4. Marcos
  5. Daniel Tran
  6. Lamerboi - Not attending
  7. LPN - Not attending
  8. Pavo - Not attending
  9. Boy of Joy
  10. Jared - Not attending
  11. James - Probably not
  12. John Choi
  13. Mini Champ - Thank you for always telling me you’re not coming. You will stay on the list for that reason alone.
  14. Hiro
  15. Ramin
  16. Vance
  17. Ricky Ortiz
  18. Terry Kineda
  19. Flip Champ
  20. LB



List is subject to change at anytime.


Hey so what times do these start? Me and a couple North Bay heads would like to come.


We begin between 7 - 7:30 P.M., and we end at about 1 A.M. typically.

I forgot to mention, this is in the South Bay.


Can I get added for next thursday?


since i have 4 spots left, I’m going to have to see who’s asking to go. Regulars get first priority, so I won’t have the list finalized until Wednesday.


i would like to come
me+ 28 guests plz.


AHEM… we also play Jackie Chan :encore:


i might suggest 16 peeps as thats divisable by 8, just a thought.


don’t worry I just edited the shit out of the first post.

also I just renamed Thursday session from the Pit Boss Throwdown to The Catalina Wine Mixer, Pavo encouraged me.


whooooa, there’s a thread for this now. Count me in next week :smiley: I missed out tonight due to finals…but I’m all done with it next Tuesday :smiley:

…bout time I learn Jackie Chan lol


I can bring a ps3 + a small non-HD TV


how small, will it fit on the left side of the kitchen island thing w/e its called


am i still considered a regular? i’ll be able to make it next week. i had to work the past two thursdays and i’m taking a brief break from sf4 to get some things done in order to graduate next semester. i’ll bring soda and chip in money for food.


very small, yes it should be able to, if not i can find an even smaller one lol. i forget the actual measurement on it, but its been used to play on plenty of times


You’d be considered a regular, so you get first priority, hence you’re on the list! 3 spots officially left!

And damn you Jackie Chan mother fuckers. shakes fist

Edit: Wth motivated the new title for this thread?!


You’re getting better! :lol:


Since Jeff is willing to bring an extra setup, that makes 18. I don’t know why I completely ignored your post. My bad dude =X