Dark Dante Glitch (Useless [?], but I'd love to see it reproduced)



So the other day @ NCR, I was Dormamu, opponent was Dante. I do a stalking flare, then teleport over to cross up. Dante does a j.S to try to catch me, but is too late and I block it. Next out of habit, he does df.CCC (Ground Guns, also blocked).

At this point, stalking flare starts to catch up to Dante. At the exact moment stalking flare touches Dante, he cancels into Prop Shredder.

Now here’s the funny thing:

Dante dies (lifebar is gone and death sound is played), but he still manages to get the prop shredder off , after which he collapses and disappears.

Anyone ever see something like this? It seems like Dante’s move cancels have some kinda of “hardcoded” quality to them. Man marvel is so broken.



Never seen it before o-o


I’ve never seen this glitch happen, but this isn’t the first time I’ve seen something very strange involving Prop Shredder. On a couple of occasions, I’ve had the X-factor pause negated by Prop Shredder. As in, I X-factored and simultaneously did Prop Shredder, but X-factor did not cancel my move nor did it momentarily pause the game.


Yeah the prop shredder XF glitch happens sometimes. Sucks cuz it basically means you’re going to get hit and you wasted your XF doing it.


Weird, never saw that glitch before… I wonder if this kinda stuff affects all non-super/xfc-cancellable moves (eg flame carpet)