Dark Geese's SouthWest SNK Thread-NEC8 FOOTAGE UP

Update 11-10-07:

I got more EVO World vids coming for SST, NeoWave, and I am gonna still try to track the ones for RB2 and WHP etc.

In addition to this I got a shitload of casuals from my latst levelling up episode in Juarez, Mexico as I have managed to crack the top three in KOFXI there. :yup:

You will see me vs. the top player there too and see him get pised of and start running a train on me lol.

In addition Geese Tower casuals of NGBC and KOFXI (plus me vs. the AI in KOFXI) from a couple of days ago between me and E-Bortion are coming soon. We will hopefully record again this Sunday and upload everything up soon

-Dark Geese

Unholyknight- You wanna start our campaign for getting things going for that website now? We can also use this thread for promotion thereof of that website!!!

I will be at EVO North at the end of the month and can bring the vids to you to encode and put up etc!

Also if you guys wanna arrange something or whatever let me know!!

I know I will be at Planet Zero when KOFXII is released and this way I can use this thread to arrange a KOFXII tournament upon the day it is released…who would be down with that?

wow DG, how you do to be in all places lol, i’d love to go, but my love for SNK fell with all the super fknig plus magic mod KOF cabinets, good luck in your MM with Esteban the best Angel in Mexico :lovin:

I’ll take the luck for I know Esteban is a beast…and yeah I’ve seen some crazy supermodded Cabs man I tell you what :rofl:

:rofl: too, but is frustating and dissapointing, no1 plays but that shit, i play it too sometimes, but i JUST play, theres no point in going deeper anymore cuz if u know a BC combo, just do it again and again or CD for life, i hope to play you someday, maybe you can get me back my love for SNK games :wgrin:

If you play me man I’ll make sure to help you join back on what you been missing.

After all there are plenty AW cabs and other things you need 2 catch back up on!

well AW cabs there are 2 in the hole city, with NW in it, but the sticks sucks, even tho i played sometime, also i played XI and NGBC on my ps2, SS never liked me so idc much about it, but due to lacking of competition i focus more on other games like MB, 3s and Marvel which i play (3s, Super Turbo and MvC2) with some friends

Well this is something I hope to rejuvenate in Mexico or get people interested in because yes I know it is a 2k2 country and other things but why not get people looking in that direction no? NeoWave will also be played on console like NGBC so that will take care of the arcade sticks issue.

thats cool, thanks for keeping the scene alive :lovin:

No prob many anything I can do to pump some more fuel into the SNK scene!

Do you ever head up to the states at all??

last time i went to a Brownsville tournament, but no SNK, now i’m going to a Corpus Christi one in two weeks, but again no SNK, i live on the border with mcallen-pharr, so it’s kind of easy to go to the states when theres money :looney:

Ahhhh gotcha…well the one time to go to Houston will be when KOFXII hits…other than that until I get my SNK Major going I can’t see too much popping in Texas just yet in regards to SNK…:sweat:

But that eventually will change…and with KOFXI and NGBC getting a US release it shall make my job that much easier!

EDIT- Who would be up for a future SNK Major here in Texas? Sir Arthur would you come to one if I hosted it? Why? Because after Juarez it is something in the works with me and NeoPenny for sure.

well i think we can setup something, i’d love to help you, the problem on traveling is that im working and studying at the moment, and my job os paying me the school, but if its near here count me in

Okay keep me posted on what is near for you etc. The thing with the Juarez tourney like I said is that its the last one the current organization is running…

So if things are gonna continue in Juarez I gotta step up and get stuff done. You are more than welcome to join me in completing this also!

Also whenever the EVO East SNK 2007 vids hit I will link them here also.

Here is my latest Alphaism interview-


Garou East vs. South vs. West?


Who would be interested in forming a South Garou team with me to enter this Garou battle???

Also is anyone from the area going to EVO North?

a Garou Team sound great, haven’t played since it came out like in 99-00 lol

i’d love to make a tourney in my area but no1 gives a shit for games, except my friends, we’re trying to make a huge one with some states here in the North of Mexico and South of Texas, i’ll keep you updated on how this goes

Please do and let me know what I can do to help!

Garou Team!?!?!? Southwest!?!? More info?

It would probably be best to contact Emotiongear or the people working with PZ before deciding to throw a tournament. I’m pretty sure PZ will be holding their own premiere for the game like they have with most of the new games they bring in and unveil.

Yeah I intend on contacting Emotiongear etc well before that happens Ranma…I remember he did invite me to come up and said it would be an SNK day thus I thought we could set up a tournament to celebrate it why not right???

Yo Chief…check that thread out I got listed yes…Garou Southwest team thats right!!!

EDIT- For those looking for some SNK action in the area…Me and NinjMai will be playing sme games Saturday…post up around 1 PM if you wanna come play!!

Garou Southwest Team EDIT- So Jermaine are you going to EVO Worlds? I need one more Garou Southwest member on the team to rep the South…so far its me, G.O.T, and I need one more…you down?

As far as the lineup goes for Juarez:
KoF 2002

Games official that depend on attenedance:
Third Strike

and possibly
Melty Blood, GG Accent Core, HNK, Tekken 5 Dark, Spectral vs Generation, the Rumble Fish.