Dark Horse Star Wars Comic Thread

Anyone here actively picking any of the four current running Star Wars titles? KotOR, Rebellion, Legacy, Dark Times and the crossover Victor?

I just finished all of the Tales of the Jedi series and enjoyed it quite a bit even with some of the continuity errors it suffered from which I let slide, no one had a clue at the time that there would be three new Star Wars films left to be made.

It was awesome finally seeing the Mandalorian Basilisk War Droids the character Canderous Ordo talked about in the KotOR video games and I really enjoyed Ulic Qel-Droma’s rise, fall and redemption which was told so well I actually cared for the character, felt awesome reading the final pages of his redemption. Reading this series also made me appreciate Kevin J. Anderson’s portrayal of Exar Kun in the Jedi Academy Trilogy novels much more as I felt initially his back-story wasn’t touched on enough to really make me care about his motives as they felt quite cliche even for a Star Wars villain.

I just picked up Star Wars: Jedi Mace Windu and Star Wars: Jedi Aayyla Secura one shots, big Asajj Ventress/ Aurra Sing fan and they are both heavily featured in these. Plan to start reading the Legacy graphic novel Broken as well, trying to catch up the the current issues.

I saw The Force Unleashed graphic novel at the shop today and I plan to pick that up once the game finally drops, I’m currently way to hyped for this game and am trying to avoid as much spoilers as possible lol.

Their SW stuff is good, I plan to collect their Legacy series in the near future along with other stuff.

Here’s the old Star Wars thread:


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I still have a buddy who buys every Dark Horse TPB, so I’ve pretty much read them all (unless something new came out in the past two or three months).

I think the Knights of the Old Republic comic is kind of disappointing so far because it just isn’t very well-written. I found it amazing that the writer of that series had such a rich backstory to work with (both KOTOR videogames introduced pretty cool worlds and characters) but the plotting and pacing just feel so typical. In general, though, I would say that the Star Wars comics Dark Horse is producing today are much improved over the stuff they used to churn out in the past decade or so.

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So what are the best sw gn’s?

I know it’s not a comic but I loved sw: the rule of two.

I would say the best Star Wars comics are Star Wars: Empire volume 2 - Darklighter and Star Wars: Union.

I also think those Classic Star Wars TPBs collecting the old Archie Goodwin/Al Williamson newspaper strips are pretty good. They definitely have a different sensibility than any current Star Wars fiction, but they do an awesome job as pulp adventures - the kind of stuff that inspired George Lucas in the first place.

The Star Wars Tales anthologies were also excellent. Not every story is pure Adegan crystal, but close enough. It was more hit than it was miss.

I also have fond memories of the original Star Wars: Droids, but it’s been a couple years since the last time I’ve read it.

I just read the Force Unleashed. It was pretty good especially since i’ve only seen the movies this one fits right in middle of the story.

Haven’t read any other SW books, but interested tho